SARAVANAN MEENATCHI……. Natpum kaadhalum…… Epi 2 Contd


Hai guys. First of all iam soo sorry. Pls enna manichidunga. I went out and I don’t hav net there. Athanala than ennala nethu upload panna mudiyala. Sorry. Then,Thank you soo much for ur lovely support. Unga comments la padichi seriously I got emotional. Thank you soo much guys. Love u all. Unga favourite Saravanan Meenatchi ungaluku pidicha maathiriyae namma ooru style la varum.

Getting into story……..
Meenatchi’s family get ready to go Chennai for looking the girl for Tamil. Meenatchi, Shanthi, Vaithiyanathan, Tamil board the train in Thirunelveli. It’s a very sweet and soothing night train journey. Meenatchi is seated in window seat and her black hair is trying to steal her beauty by continously peeping on her face. Meenatchi is fond of journey. She takes out her ear phone and sticks it in her lotus ears and switches on the fm. Its Radio Mirchi. Not soo often she hears music but when she does she gets strangled into it. “ Neenga Naan Raja sir ketukitu irukinga with me Saravanan and epo manathai mayakum paadal ungalukaga”…….. These words brings a smile on her lips because she is a die hard fan of Ilayaraja.
Mannil Intha Kaathalanri Yaarum Vaazhthal Koodumo
Ennam Kanni Paavaiyinri Aezhu Svaranthaan Paadumo
Penmai Inri Mannil Inbam Aethadaa
Kannai Moodik Kanavil Vaazhum Maanidaa
Mannil Intha Kaathalanri Yaarum Vaazhthal Koodumo
Ennam Kanni Paavaiyinri Aezhu Svaranthaan Paadumo……plays.
Meenatchi closes her eyes with the divine touch of music. There Saravanan removes his big head set and also closes his eyes enjoys the song in the studio. Ilayaraja’s and SPB’s magic……

Nextday morning….
Saravanan wakes up early and leaves because of his urgent work. Meenatchi’s family get out from train and reaches a hotel. They board it and gets ready for visiting girl’s house.
They all reach Soundarya’s house. Raja sekar and Sharadha welcomes them with great respect thinking that they are groom’s family. Raja sekar and Vaithiyanathan shake their hands. At the moment they were left with no clue that this start is going to be a lifetime’s friendship. Meenatchi enters the house coincidently with her right leg stepping first into the house. They try to introduce themselves but Sharadha shuts them by saying that she would bring the girl. She calls Soundarya. Soundarys comes there in a well dressed chudidhar. Brightness of Shanthi’s face goes down seeing her in chudidhar.

Tamil who is never used to it is just starring at the floor in a bit of shy. Shanthi without any hesitation asks Soundarya to go nd change her dress into a saree stating that pudava thanama ponnuku azhagu. Sharadha blinks. Soundarya gets irritated but still she goes and changes and comes with typical coffee. Meenatchi taunts Tamil to look at her. He looks up. Stunned by her beauty. She holds his heart in the first look. But Soundarya doesn’t seem to have any reaction.
Soundarya demands five minutes of separate talk with him. They both go to terrace and start talking. Mean while Soundarya get to know that he has studied just 10th std and goes to top of her anger. She quickly comes down and shouts at everybody that they wantedly hid the truth and is trying to cheat on her. She also shouts at Sharadha for bringing such a proposal. All get shocked.
Soundarya explains that Tamil is just 10th std. Shardha hears it and joins Soundarya and shouts.
Commotion starts. Raja sekar tries to control them but they are non stop.
Shanthi: you ppl only called us after knowing everything but y r u creating a scene?

Sharadha: U told that the boy has studied B.E but now changing the story upside down.!!!! Pattikaatanuku padicha ponnu kekutha.???
She continues this how u ppl survive in kallidaikuruchi? By cheating on others. U r praising urself as very respectable people. Is this ur respect.
Tamil hearing this gets raged and raises hand on her but is stopped by Vaithiyanathan. He tries to explain that something has went wrong but they r not ready to hear. Meenatchi who is trying to control the commotion asks her parents to leave. Before leaving, she explains we said all things to our broker and we ppl wont cheat because even if enemy enters our house we will treat him with respect and not like u ppl. First pls try and get to know what happened. And Ms. Soundarya with good character and manners even if u r IAS ppl will never respect u. My brother is not well educated but he ultimately knows respect and his character is gold. Iam sure u will once get to know the value of character.
Meenatchi leaves. Sharadha and Soundarya sounds iriked. Raja sekar wonders with her words. At the entrance he calls Meenatchi and asks sorry for what all happen. Meenatchi looks at him bland and leaves.

With in a moment another car comes and they states that they had come from Thirunalveli to look Soundarya and the groom is B.E., Raja sekar asks them to come on some other day saying that the situation is not good today. They leave. He goes inside the house and shouts at saradha and soundarya for their mistake of disrespecting a good family.
Saravanan returns from work and hears all this. He laughs and feels pity for the family for falling in the mouth of this market rowdi sisters!!!!!
Saravanan then announces that he is departing to Thirunalveli that night for some cookery show.

In train……
Meenatchi’s Train ticket is confirmed a bit late and so now she has to take seat in another coach away from her family. She sits and the train starts moving. A man is now running towards the train with his luggage. Its Saravanan. Without knowledge he boards into Ladies coach which is next to Meenatchi’s coach. Meenatchi watches it with widened eye. Once he got into it the ladies there starts fighting with him. Meenatchi hears the noise and goes through the midcoach connection. She goes and stops the ladies fighting with him. Saravanan looks at Meenatchi.
She explains them that he boarded in hurry. She then brings him to her coach and asks him to get down and go to his coach in next station. But his mind is just blocked. She goes and sits in her place. Saravanan also follows her. She stares at him and is about to scold but within that a voice is heard that come dude.( Vaa machan) Its Shah who is sitting opposite to Meenatchi. Shah asks him for being late and Saravanan tells him everything but shah counters him saying that he would hav boarded it intentionally.Saravanan beats him. Meenatchi looks at it and smiles a bit. Saravanan says to himself that I thot today will b boring but god sent me an excellent company!!! Shah says he catched his mind voice and warns him not to flirt with her because she looks dangerous. But Saravanan is not ready to hear. At the moment TTR comes for checking and gets bribe from a man for alloting seat. Meenatchi sees this and taunts TTR heavily and warns him that she would complain in Police. Ttr says no need and returns the bribe and goes away. On watching this Saravanan swallows his saliva and drops his idea of flirting Meenatchi. Shah laughs at saravanan. She then spreads her blanket and goes to sleep. Saravanan turns on other side. Once she slept he just went on watching her……….with ear phones singing in his ears……

Thankyou guys. Hope u all will like it. And my exams are nearing dears. So I will not be able to write it for Next month. But I promise once I return then there will be so many twists, love and comedy in it. All the best for all those who are having their exams….. Bye

Credit to: Tamizh

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  1. Hi tamizh. Am happy to see someone writing a fan fiction in saravananmeenatchi. Even I used to watch it when senthil ,sreeja were the couple. Now I stopped watching. Anyway you keep updating whenever you find time. Your ff seems interesting. All the best for your exams. Do well.

  2. Semma tamizh i luved it

  3. Tripthi Arora

    romba nalla irunthucchu pa!!!!

  4. Superb yar… waiting for next episode

  5. Yeannaeaku pudaecha serialloda ff in telly update. Thanks tamizh keep going

  6. Super story line….

  7. Superb tamizh all the best for your exams

  8. romba nantri saravan meenakshi ka ff ku …….romba nalla irunthu tamizh……… Lovve to see someone writing ff on saravanan meenakshi. All the best for the exams tamizh… I will be waiting for next update soon………….

  9. wellwisher (ww) swadarsh fan

    Thalla soothathu………… samma ya………. actually i have commented smthng for u in the before epis pls check it…………

    n will terribly miss ur ff…………. all the best…… do well…….. come back soon………..

    1. Thanq soo much sweety for ur support. U read all the SM ff. Next will be uploaded after my exams. Tq. I am Tamizhini. Studying 12th. Chennai based girl. Enaku namma oorum tamilum romba pidikum. So only different ah SM ff ezhutha try pannan. Tq. Bye.

      1. wellwisher (ww) crazy swadarsh fan

        oh okay di……….. all the best for ur exams……….. mine gets over this 28th march……. ICSE board……… all the best di. do well. waiting for ur return………..

  10. Superb…….. All the best for Ur exams…………

  11. Hai Tamizh neenga eludunadhu padikum podhu kannu munnadi nadakara madhiriyae iruku eluduradhu niruthadinga

  12. semaya irukku bro sema writing skills pa ungalukku………

  13. All the very best for ur examination.tamizh u belongs to?n which class r u studying?

    1. Iam in 12 th dr. And tqqqq.

  14. Superda keep it up

  15. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    nyc to read sis..don’t stop..i am the bid fan sm part1 and madhurai..idhu rendumey sendil srijha odadhu..i really love their and u also…for giving a nyc stry lin..all d bst for ur xams dr..may god blss u…

  16. me too in 12th tamizh… all d best, do well… i love ur ff a lotttt… i just cant describe how much i love the old sm in words… tysm for writing this ff 🙂

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