( A story of kkb, yhm, matsh, ipknd….. Mixture of all)Hai guys this is tamizh…… (Tamilians pls read without losing it)Today iam not going to start any ff. I just want all your comments and support. I know here many Tamilians are there and all r eagerly producing their ff and commenting others. So i thought why not lets take one step further!!!!!!

How is my idea guys???? What is your opinion about it.??????

If u ppl like my idea then please comment. And encourage me.
Not only tamilians also all other languages brothers and sisters and sweet friends pls comment.
I promise u ppl that u will come to know about our culture and surely enjoy our style too. Just once try nd explore ours please guys.
So all pls comment. Then lets decide our main pair.

As of now iam thinking of writing ff for our very own SARAVANAN MEENATCHI!!!!!(old) who r now the real life couple, if ur comments r positive. So pls suggest your opinions.

This is just a temporary intro…….

A beautiful vaithiyalingam temple is shown. A girl with flashing maroon pavadai nd sandal thavani ( half saree) goes into the temple with pooja basket in her hands. Her legs has a glittering silver anklet with muthu manis all over which makes a blissful noise. Her hands are covered with dazzling golden nd maroon glass bangles. She swiftly holds her skirt with her left hand and bends down to touch the entrance of the temple. Then she swarms in adjusting her soft silky hair towards her ears and the jasmine flowers in her plates ie pinnal spreads throught mesmerizing every one. She reaches main sanadhi and rings the bell. Slowly ger eyes and ears and lips r shown. She is the one and only meenatchi…….

Guys read it nd pls do comment. If its not nice then ill discard the idea.

Waiting fr ur rplies…….

(Since most of ppl are watching kkb, ipknd, matsh, i wrote this story is a mixture of all so that my post will grab your attention. Pls comment.)

Credit to: Tamizh

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  1. Excuse me
    In this forum you can only write about lib with other Hindi soap operas but you wrote a Tamil soap opera. Please bring kkb as the main story

    1. There r many hindi soap operas going on!!!!! So for a change pls try our tamil style. I hope u will like it.

  2. Stupid Indian’s do stupid things

    1. Who r stupid here????? Can u pls explain??

    2. Mind ur language

    3. Yara pathu stupid nu sana goiyala we r tamilans kkk mind it…

    4. Thanks for your comment ji… Engalku valikalaye… (We don’t bother it)

  3. Really nice,,,,how many tamilians,,,,romba happy,,,,,sema idea tamizh,,,,,saravan meenatchi,,,,sema intro,,,,

  4. Great idea tamizh . I just luv the old pair senthil nd sreeja bt i hate nw.pls continue its gud

  5. please continue we r all here to support u

  6. semma intro pls continue waiting for nxt part

  7. Sema… Super .. Tamil ff… Loved it

  8. Hi .y don’t u write but the latest saravana meenachi as I found it is really nice

  9. Superb. Naanum tamizh than. Waitin for ur next epi.

  10. nalla iruku pls continue

  11. hey tamizh… nice intro… enakku senthil srija pair romba pidikum… pls continue pannunga..

  12. Sama intro pa ana nama Tamil film intro Mariya iruku meenachi thu so koncham different ah try panunga bcs allarum Tamil na ipdi thanu irukanga atha nama mathi katalama pls…. Ungaluku virupam iruntha …. But ithuvum super ohhhh super pa in my family all r SM fan… So pls continue …. Tamil always Rockzzzzz….

    1. Oh sure i will. But ena than naama modern aanalum namma epovum namma tradition ah vittu kuduka maatom. Tats y i wrote like this. And pavadai thavani ya vida oru ponnuku azhagu enna iruku!!!! But in this ff surely namma bharathiyar kanda puthumai pengal maari than meenatchi.

      1. Kk but I don’t want modern I want different but I love this ff bcs this is saravanan meenakshi so nenga epdi elthinalum na itha padichita irupa…. And thanks for writing the Tamil serial ff… This is the 1st time in telly update Tamil ff … Tamilan enga vanalum kalakuvamla….

  13. Really prd of u.Even i thought abt this but i had doubt on whether it will work or not. Keep going. “YENNAMA NEENGA EPADI PANDRIGALLE MA……..:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P

  14. Hey superb pa…. I’m big fan of SM when senthil and srija act as lead pair… I miss them…. And I also like & support ur idea of writing fanfiction for tamil serial.

  15. Excellent.. Idea yaar ….even I’m a big fan of SM…go on…waiting for yr update…

  16. Superb idea… I luv this..
    old saravanan meenatchi is the best couple in Tamil…. Carry on with this ff… All of u pls hear this…. Whatever b ur language……and culture…know the fact… Tamil culture and language is first and best… It might sound different for foreigners (other language ppl) … Bt facts shud b accepted…
    Please bring a mix of ishra couple with saravananmeenatchi… It ud b super awesome….. I m sure.. All will love it….
    Go with it…v r here to support and giv ideas….

  17. Naanum tamizh dhaan…
    Yhm and sm mix panna nalla irukkum…pl… Nxt episode kaaga wait pandren….. Yhm ishra couple um sm couple um join panni indha ff a continue pannunga Pl…

    1. Hai meeru. Tq fr ur comment. But idhula ishara va mix panna tamil oda originality poidum. Then matha ff maari aagidum. So very sry. But ill try to cameo ishara in this. So lets enjoy our own.SM……

      1. Tamizh… Ishra va neenga kallidaikurichi ku kootitu pongalen… Anyhow… I need our old saravanan meenatchi… Miss them a lot…

  18. wow great iam also tamil but iam from Srilanka. i like old saravanan meenakshi but i hate new SM.

  19. great thought ya.. waiting fr ur next episode..

  20. Hey guys yhm serial than tAmila kalyanam mudhal kadhal don’t mix SM with yhm.y Tamil youngsters stop watch Tamil serial it’s more crying and dramatic sequence.not romance so much.but Hindi all r ulta.each and every scene even it’s not good they potrays well.more romantic and good BG music and hero heroine eyelock.pls follow something like that and some comedy too.

    1. May b u r crt dr. But now many tamil serials tone hav changed. Its becoming good. Just that we r not watching it.

  21. I love only ABHIGYA…

  22. Hey nanum tamil than ishra venam arjun priya va join panuga …………..

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