Saraswatichandra 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud’s mother doing the puja in the morning. Saras and Kumud stand in the puja and smile seeing each other. (Really cute)
She gives the aarti to everyone. Ghuman is jealous and asks Kumud where she was yesterday night. Kumud does not understand. She gets tensed and says I was in my room. Ghuman says I came to your room but you were not there. Everyone are shocked. Ghuman says she was having headache so she came to ask medicines, but you were not there. Badimaa looks at Kumud and Saras. Kumud keeps quiet, and Ghuman smiles. Badimaa says you should have seen her in my room too, she was with me when you visited her room. Badimaa saves her. Ghuman says maybe and leaves. Saras and Kumud stand facing each other.

Vidyachatur says its so hot, Badimaa says even

the power is going many times. Gyaan sings some shayari. Badimaa says you sing very well, don’t sing else rain will come. Gyaan asks are you complimenting me or not. Badimaa says Saras is looking for someone. She asks him, he says he needs water. Kumud also searches for Saras everywhere. Badimaa sees Kumud too looking for Saras, she smiles. Yash’s mother taunts Badimaa. She asks Kumud to help Kumari in kitchen work. Badimaa says Vidyachatur lets go upstairs. Saras is in the kitchen looking for Kumud. Kumari asks how come you are in the kitchen. Kumari jokes and understands that he came for Kumud. Saras leaves.
Kumari tells Kumud that Saras came to kitchen just now, Kumud says Badimaa is asking about you. Kumud and Saras see each other (after a long wait of 2-3 minutes. LOL!!)
O piya plays…

Kumud gives him the drink and smiles. (Kumud looks much beautiful in simple makeup)
Saras smiles too. Kumud’s mother asks Kumari and Yash to throw some water on the shade. Saras keeps on watching Kumud and keeps smiling. Kumari asks Saras and Kumari to help. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and pulls the shade looking at her. They smile seeing each other. Kumud feels shy and looks down. (When will Saras say yes to marry her, this remains to be seen)

Music plays… They work together. They take water and throw on the shade, still looking and smiling at each other. Ghuman sees them and feels angry. Vidyachatur tells Saras lets go and see the land for school. Saras leaves. Ghuman comes to Kumud and taunts her. Kumud replies her hard on her face. Ghuman thinks before you change Saras, I will separate both of you.
Yash’s mother jokes on Gyaan. Kumud asks her Saras. Vidyachatur and Saras come back. He says they met someone on the way. They have seen the land, its good. Sunny gives come paper to Kumari to pass it to Kumud. She giver her, Kumud reads the message and gives it back. Sunny gives it to Saras. Yash sees them passing the chits. Yash changes the chit. Ghuman watches this and smiles. Kumud and Saras smile and read the messages. Yash comes to Ghuman and says your work is done. She says smart, your work will also be done.

Saras is waiting for Kumud on the roof, She comes there and he hears her payal sounds and feels happy. O piya plays…
He feels every single sound of her payal with his heart closing his eyes and thinking about her, how he saw her the first time.

He says he knows its you. She asks how. He says when I did not even see you, and saw Kusum, I knew its was not you. She says I remember. He says your payal’s sound, your feeling, she keeps her hand on his lips, he sees her and feels her touch. Saras smiles. She moves away. He says what is this, you asked me to come, and now you are quiet. She says I did not ask you to come, he says I have not written the letter, you asked me to come. They say we did not call each other, is someone playing the game. She says maybe anyone is seeing us, I m going. He calls her but Kumud runs away. She meets Ghuman, she says she has written the letter. Kumud says did you write it. Ghuman taunts her. Ghuman asks her why you are doing this. Ghuman says I don’t want you to come in my son’s life.

Kumud and Ghuman in a verbal cat fight. Kumud says nothing can break Laxminandan and Vidyachatur’s friendship.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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