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Saraswatichandra 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant consoling Kumud and asking her not to worry, they will get Saraas soon. He gives her a napkin from his pocket and Saras’ phone falls. He gets tensed. Kumud wipes her tears with the napkin. She gets Badimaa’s call. Badimaa asks her is she outside. Kumud says yes, I came to market. Badimaa asks is Saras with you. Kumud says no, he went to office. Badimaa says I called him but could not talk. Kumud says I will make him call you. Badimaa asks is Saras fine. Kumud says yes. She ends the call and cries. Prashant says I m sorry to speak in your family matter, but I think we will get Saras, so why to tell them, they will be tensed being far, lets go home now. He drives the car.

Prashant comes to meet Saras. Saras sees him and fumes in anger. Prashant acts cool

and says few days more, then you will be gone from this world. He says I have a news for you, your Kumud, no no no, my Kumud have got much weak now, she needs my support every moment, Saras says I will not leave you alive. Prashant says you don’t know what I can do. He shows him the message from his phone sent to Kumud. Saras asks do you think she will believe this. Prashant says I have many ways to make her believe, she will cry in my arms for your death, your wife needs me now, I m going to her, you can understand. He smiles and leaves.

The inspector talks to the guard about Saras, the guard tells negative things about Saras. He says he is mad, he fought with his wife and went from here. Kumud keeps calling Saras. Prashant comes to her and asks about Saras. She says no. He looks at the wall. She says I always had strength as everyone was with me, but now I m feeling very lonely. He says you are not alone Kumud ji, I m with you. He wants to hold her and she gets a call from Amit. Amit says we don’t know about him, did you check his status update, She says no, he does not use those things. He says he just updated, check it. She says fine and checks it. She reads that he wants to be alone, don’t know when he will be back.

Inspector asks the other women too. Kumud says this can’t be Saras, this is lie. He does not tell personal matters to the world. Prashant says but that message and this status update, I don’t understand why is he doing this. The inspector comes and asks Prashant why is he here. Prashant says she was alone, so I……….Did you find about him. Inspector says we did enquiry and came to know Kumud and Saras had fights, so he was tensed and left. Kumud says nothing such happened between us, I know him very well, he can’t go far leaving me.

Prashant says fights happen between husband and wife, it does not mean he leaves home. He asks about any message. Kumud shows him the message. Prashant shows him the status message. Mahesh comes and sees the police. The inspector reads the status update.

He says its clear that he left home because of the tension between you. Kumud says I know him, he can’t do this, all this is a lie. The inspector says lets wait for some days, he will come back once his anger cools. They leave. Kumud says all this messages is a lie ad cries. Saras can’t do this, he can’t leave me alone, Saras and Kumud can’t be separated every. Prashant hears this and makes a Majnu face. She says where are you Saras. Saras looks around in the godown and tries to get up. He is unable to free his hands and legs. He sits by much difficulty and Prashant comes there.

He holds Saras’ collar and asks why don’t you get out of Kumud’s mind and our lives. Saras says so you did not win Kumud’s trust, you won’t be able to do anything. Prashant says I m doing, I brought you so far and Kumud is with me. Saras says its your misunderstanding, Kumud will be mine, so forget her. Prashant says I won’t, how will you save Kumud in this state. Saras says I will save her. Prashant asks but how, I will make Kumud sure that you went very far from her life. Saras says even if we are far, we stay near. Prashant takes a rod in his hand in anger and beats at Saras’ neck. Saras closes his eyes and his head falls.

Kumud cries and says how can Saras leave me alone being annoyed with me, no, he can’t do this. The inspector comes and says we don’t have any news about him, but we got his car, where you saw him last time, its on the road, no accident mark. Kumud asks then where did he went, he wanted to tell me something, he was coming to take me. Prashant comes and she says we got Saras’ car. Inspector says we will inform if we get any news and leaves. Kumud says where can he do leaving his car, something happened. Prashant says no, message and site update. She says I won’t believe it, he is in problem, he did not go being annoyed, I m worried for him. He says calm down.

She says no, don’t know how is he. He says don’t take tension, everything will be fine, he will come back soon. He says police is doing their work, shall we go out and find him. She says yes. He says lest go. She says yes and goes with him. They come to that same road and see. She says no one is here. He says it’s a silent place. She sees a man and shows Saras’ pic asking did you see him. The man says no, sorry. Prashant also enquires with some people. Kumud says where to find you Saras now.

She comes back home. Prashant also walks in and thinks if you feel weak, you will come to me, so I m making you more helpless every moment. He says Kumud ji and says I brought food for you. She says I don’t want, thank you. He says you did not eat anything since morning, please have it. She says till Saras comes, I can’t eat. He says if Saras was here, would he let you be hungry, please have it. He serves the food in the plate and brings to her. He stares at her and she keeps the plate back. She leaves. He looks on.

Saras frees himself and stands holding his neck in pain. He rotates his eyeballs and says Kumud………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bad….bad…bad…..episode series…. Sometimes kumud gets kidnapped and sometimes Sara’s….it had been better before they got married it was AWESOME before there marriage and now it is AWKWARD………

  2. no bad episodes,it will be good to see how saras unite with kumud,nyc serial

  3. Ravan kumaar Sorry!!! I didn’t mean to hurt you….i was just saying….pls don’t be so rude…forgive me…please

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