Saraswatichandra 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud saying Saras about Pramad and Kalika. He asks what. He says I came to tell you Pramad was going out, but what were you saying, tell me. She changes the matter. He says enough and starts going. She stops him. He says enough, no more lies. He leaves in anger. Kumus gets tensed and thi nks she made a big mistake.

Scene shifts to Sunny:

Sunny sees Kumari and Kusum worried. Kusum says I don’t have the courage to talk to mum. Kumari says I thought they will agree to send us to meet Kumud, but.. Kusum says if there was something else, Didi would have told us. Kusum says we cannot go there if they don’t call us, but when I call Kumud, I feel like she is hiding something. Kumari says it means she is making excuses. Kusum says I want to go there

and see myself that everything is fine there, but how can I go. Sunny says there is one person who can help us. They look upto him.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud thinks Saras understood everything, now I won’t be able to hide anything from him. She thinks of his Saras’s words that he will hurt himself if she gets hurt.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras in in full anger walking on the road and he thinks about Kalika’s and Pramad’s affair. Kumud thinks Saras will not listen to her. She thinks what he will do to himself. She runs and goes to his room but could not find him there. She asks Murakh Das about Saras. He tells her that Saras left in hurry. Kumud worries about Saras. She looks outside the house and hears the Mandir’s bell and thinks its you Saras. Saras is in the Mandir ringing the bells continuously in anger. Kumud runs towards the Mandir and comes to him. She calls Saras but he does not stop. She calls him again and he stops and turns to see her.

She says I came here to take your help, don’t tell this to anyone, promise me you will be quiet. He says I won’t be quiet now, you have to stand against this lie, you have to show Pramad’s reality to everyone. He says I just told you no, but Pramad is insulting you every moment. Kumud cries. He says why are you bearing all this Kumud, tell me why, where is your self esteem. She says you broke it. She says I trusted you more than myself but you broke my heart, you have hurt me and you are asking me where is my self esteem. He says why are you bearing my mistake. She says its my mistake, you told me no, but I asked you to come to me. She says you were not mine, so why did I dream about you, I tried to change my fate, and this is my punishment.
Kumud says Pramad’s proposal came for me, before yours and what was in my fate, that happened, but I fought with my fate and this is it. Saras asks why, you can go back. She says why, because Pramad drinks wine, he can change. Saras says he cannot, he has an affair with an other woman, how can you bear it. She says I know everything. Saras says how can you forgive him for this. She says everyone makes mistakes, even we did mistakes, and if you think I should forgive you, then why not Pramad. He says you did not wait for me, fine, but why did you marry in a hurry. Kumud says I did not flow with emotions, my relation broke one day prior to marriage, I would have been like that crying, but I decided to marry Pramad because my dreams shattered but I had a duty.

She tells him that you asked my hand from my dad infront of everyone, if people asked him on the marriage day, then what and I married Pramad so that my parents don’t have to answer anything. What would have happened to my sisters and Yash, I don’t punish anyone with my weaknesses. I will hide everything from my parents. I won’t break this marriage. She says I have not lost myself. I trust my decisions. I have the guts to give tests. If you know me, then you will understand that no one can come in my way because I won’t step back. Saras looks at Kumud shocked and smiles.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Sunny, Kusum and Kumari talk to Vidyachatur about Kumud. He smiles and tells them that even I m missing Kumud, but Guniyal is also right. Badimaa comes and says they are always wishing to meet Kumud. Guniyal says you told Kumari and Kusum that they will talk to Vidyachatur. Badimaa asks Kumud are you worried about Kumud. Guniyal says whats there to hide from there. Kusum says if you can’t go, I can go to meet Kumud, we can be sure about Pramad. Guniyal says we cannot send you like this. Vidyachatur says we cannot go there but Kumud can come here. Everyone look ;puzzled, then they say patphere. The girls hug him. Badimaa says its a good thing, she have to come here for patphere. They have a laugh.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras and Kumud come home. He says you go first, we cannot go together. Kumud goes inside the house. Saras looks at the sky and says I won’t let this happen to Kumud.

Pramad scolds Kumud and asks her tom leave the room. Kumud asks Kalika to leave. Pramad gets angry and tries to slap Kumud but Kumud holds his hand…

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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