Saraswatichandra 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 8th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatr talking to Danny and asking him why is he so quiet. Danny says I m tired. Everyone do the arrangements for Holi. A man brings wood and says there are not much wood, as anyone else if you need more. Kumud pays him and asks him to distribute sweets to the kids. The man blesses Kumud. Kumud calls out Saras and tells him that there is less wood, will you cut the wood and bring, its there behind the tree. She says cut it and come, for my sake. Saras says I will bring. Vidyachatur asks whats going on, you sent the man back and sent Saras to bring wood, why. She asks him to call Danny. Danny comes and Kumud asks him to bring some wood by cutting it. Danny agrees. Vidyachatur says cut it and come, for Kumud’s sake. Danny says fine. Kumud tells Vidyachatur

about Danny and Saras’s fight.

Saras cuts the tree. Danny comes there and sees him. Danny is about to go back but thinks about Kumud. Saras also thinks the same and says I m sure Kumud has sent Danny here. Danny also starts cutting the trees. Saras sees Danny putting out his anger. Saras says Danny, listen to me. He tries to stop him but Danny pushes him. Saras gets hurt and his hand bleeds. Danny cares for him and ties a hanky. Saras says its fine, I slapped you with my hand so I got punished, this is blood relation. He explains him why he slapped him. He says my Danny doubted on me, how would I feel, I was told that Kumud is in Kusum’s room, when I went there, Kusum thought its you and hugged me, you did not give me time to explain you.

Danny cries. Saras wipes his tears and says your anger was in you, it started when I rejected your proposal, it grew when I took over your presentation. Saras says you grown up in my lap, I took you with me everywhere saying its my Danny. Saras cries too. Saras says I held you when you fall, but you left me today, now you are grown up that you feel I m wrong. Danny says no Bhaiya. Saras says I gave you the suit as I want my luck to be with you and Kusum is your love. I lied to Kumud to make you both together. Danny says why are you saying all this, beat me. Saras hugs Danny and says enough.

Saras says now lets go inside with good mood, its Holi and you have to take care of the project, you are the project head, the world will know Mr. Danny Vyas. Danny realizes his mistake. Ghuman talks to Kabir and he asks her to be careful. Ghuman says this time Saras is Kusum’s love for Danny, so they won’t be together. Everyone wait for Danny and Saras. Ghuman asks where is Danny. Guniyal says Danny and Saras went to take wood. Ghuman says they went together?

Danny and Saras come back with the woods smiling. Ghuman and Kabir are shocked. Everyone smile. Kumud says what happened to your hand Saras. Danny says he got hurt. Saras says but the wound healed now. Guniyal says its Puja time, keep the woods. Kumud says come Maa, lets see hatred burn, and love win. Kalika thinks where is the fire, as fumes are seen.

Everyone do the puja. Saras and Danny ignite the fire together. Ghuman looks at them shocked. Guniyal talks to Danny. Danny says I m married, I will do the puja with my wife. He goes to Kusum and holds her hand. Yash’s mum tells Kalika that Yash is coming soon. Danny apologizes to Kusum. She forgives him. They patch up. Everyone take the rounds around Holika. Ghuman thinks she will see them tomorrow.

Guniya does everyone’s tilak. Vidyachatur wishes everyone happy holi. The younger lot greets the elders. Kabir comes and says happy holi everyone. Vidyachatur does his tilak. Danny hugs Kabir and wishes him happy holi. He talks about work. Kabir says I m celebrating with everyone after 5 years, no work today. Few kids come to meet Kumud. Vidyachatur says our relative is ill, so we won’t play holi. Saras comes and says we will play. He says dad is recovering now. He is being shifted to wellness centre. He will be fine soon. Ghuman is happy. Everyone smile. Kabir thinks.

Saras applies Holi to Vidyachatur. He hugs him. Dada ji asks Yash to do to terrace and bring the colors. Ghuman says its my bahu’s first holi and brought good news, if Laxminandan was here, he would have celebrated it well. Yas gives colors to Ghuman. Ghuman is happy. Kalika thinks she can’t understand Ghuman, she is strange. The kids and Yash apply color to Kalika. Kalika runs. Saras moves towards Kumud to apply Holi. Kumud says no Saras, not to easy. He says I m not asking you, I m telling you, its our first holi after marriage.

Kabir asks someone to make Laxminandan like a living dead body. He says if Laxminandan gets conscious, my game will be over.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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