Saraswatichandra 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras getting unconscious thinking about his and Prashant’s fight. He sees hie hands and legs tied and struggles. He is kept somewhere alone. Prashant is happy and says Kumud, Kumud will herself come to me, till I count 10. He starts couting and Kumud comes to him. She says sorry to disturb you but I m worried, Saras did not come home, his phone is unreachable. He says come in, have water. She says no, I m worried, is he fine. He asks when did you talk to him, did he message or call. She says yes, he messaged and shows him.

He acts innocent and reads it. He says fine, Mr Vyas should not have reacted like this for a small thing, he should have thought about you. She says no, Saras can’t do this, I feel something happened to him, I m feeling afraid. He says but message

shows……… She says no, I know Saras very well, he can’t go far from me. Prashant thinks this trust will break soon, she will hate him soon. She says how to find him, where. He says lets wait tonight and will report to police in morning. She thanks him. he holds her hand and says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says sorry for disturbing you and leaves. He thinks now you will be with me always Kumud.

Anushka is thinking and Badimaa comes to talk to her. Anushka says I know Kabir called but everyone is worried, all because of me, I m sorry, I should have not come here. Badimaa says then Kabir would have not understood he can love someone, everything is by Lord, don’t blame yourself, I came to advice we all explained you being elders, but decide for your life, sorry if you felt bad. Anushka says no, please don’t say this, I m happy that you thought about me like a mum, thanks. Badimaa says we wanted to stop you, but if you want to go, you can.

Anushka tells Badimaa that she will stay here till Kabir comes back, as she wants to meet him once before going. Kumud cries waiting for Saras. She messages I m sorry Saras I promise I won’t fight, please come back home. Saras lies and says I did not wish to leave you Kumud, I will come back to you. He is tied and his neck bleeds. Saras tries to free himself but fails. Rahe na kuch bhi darmiyaan…………..plays………. They both think about each other and cry. Kumud looks at the door.

Kusum comes to Anushka and brings choc cake she made for her. Anushka eats it and likes it a lot. Kusum says Badimaa said you want to meet Kabir before going. Anushka says I thought I should respect his feelings. Kusum asks I want to think about him once, every marriage does not burden, its just your misunderstanding. Kusum says friendship is needed for a successful relation, Danny was my friend and we got married, he is my best friend. Anushka says she does not believe in love. Kusum says I said wahat I wanted to, now you decide. She leaves.

Kumud wakes up in morning and cries. The door bell rings. She says Saras and goes to see. Its Prashant again. She says you. He asks did Saras come. She says no and cries. She says I don’t have patience now, I don’t know what to do. He says I think we should go to police. She says yes, you are right, we have to go, as Saras can’t be out of home whole night in anger, I m sure something happened. Everyone is worried as Kabir did not come. Danny and Kusum come. Vidyachatur says I think we should talk to Kabir again. Call him. Danny says he is not taking my call. He says then message him that I m not well. He will come to see me.

Everyone say not this reason. He says I m lying for some good. He asks Danny to message. Danny messages this. Kabir comes worried for Vidyachatur and asks is he fine. He says yes, where were you. Kabir says you are fine, it means this was……….. He says a drama. Everyone talk to Kabir and scold him for making everyone tensed. Kabir says I won’t do this mistake again. Kumud and Prashant come to report about Saras gone missing. The Inspector says we can’t take any action as its not 24hours. Kumud says what and cries. Prashant requests the inspector to take the complaint. The inspector asks his enemy, business rivals? Kumud says we came few days before, we came from Ratnagiri. He enquires more about their fights. Prashant says fight happens so it does not mean he leaves home. She says no, he can’t leave home. He asks did he have any affair. She says no, I m sure about this, he can’t think about anyone expect me, he can’t leave me alone.

The inspector says I took your complaint but will action after 24 hours gets completed. She requests him to help her. He says inform us if you get any call. Kumud cries.

Prashant tells Saras that he will die soon. He messages Kumud again from Saras’ phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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