Saraswatichandra 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 7th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ghuman talking to Kumud and admitting that she has sent Saras to Kusum’s room. But I did not wish to break the brothers, but encourage Danny to work alone. I sent Saras there as I thought you are there. She says I know Kusum, she is not fit for Danny, still I brought her back for Danny’s sake, will I do it? Kumud says whatever you say, I know you did this intentionally. She says don’t take Danny’s life from him. Ghuman says don’t blame me. Ghuman taunts Kumud for loving someone and marrying someone else. Ghuman says you, Saras and Kusum have complicated Danny. She says I m also hurt by whatever happened today, I was praying everything becomes fine. Danny comes back home after meeting Kabir.

Ghuman and Kumud see him. Ghuman comes to Danny and asks

how are you. Danny says I m not fine, he cries and hugs her. Kumud says Danny won’t be able to bear his mum’s truth, if I tell Saras, he would react badly and Kusum is already broken. She says I will make love win in this house. Its morning, Saras comes to Danny while Danny is praying. Kusum also looks on. Danny takes his shoes and sits to wear. Kumud calls him or breakfast. Kusum asks Danny to eat something. He does not reply. Ghuman smiles. Kusum cries. Ghuman comes to Kumud and sits for breakfast. Kusum asks Kumud to give breakfast to Danny. Kumud takes it for Danny and asks him to have it on the way. Danny leaves and comes back to his phone. Saras is sitting at the sofa and sees him. Saras leaves.

Danny takes the phone and leaves. Ghuman tells Kumud that Danny is much hurt as he trusted Saras a lot. Kumud smiles and says don’t worry, the misunderstanding won’t stay for long, everything will be fine. Ghuman says they are not even talking to each other. She smiles and leaves. Kumud says I won’t let this matter become worse. Vidyachatur calls Ghuman and says we are keeping Holi Katha for Laxminandan’s health. Ghuman says I will come. He thanks her and ends the call. Ghuman says I will come there for sure, I have to burn the holi of relations.

Saras thinks what happened to Danny, how can he doubt on me and Kusum. Saras talks to Laxminandan and says I wish you were with us, you would have explained him how much I love him. He says what Danny did for him, he always supported me dad, but don’t know what happened to him now. Danny comes in and leaves seeing Saras. Saras says dad I have to go to factory, I will come to meet you later. He touches his feet and leaves. Danny comes to Laxminandan and says Saras came here before me, he is perfect and everyone are proud of him, I will also show everyone being someone. He says I m feeling blank. He hugs Laxminandan.

Ghuman, Kumud and Kusum come to Desai house and wishes Happy Holi. Vidyachatur senses his daughters upset and asks what happened. He wishes them happy holi and asks where are Saras and Danny. Kumud looks on.

Kumud makes excuses. Vidyachatur asks Ghuman to see some old pics. Ghuman agrees and smiles seeing the pics. Badimaa asks Kumud why is she worried, is everything fine at home. Kumud says yes, fine and lies. Badimaa says I can see worry in your eyes. Saras comes and greets everyone. Vidyachatur shows him old pics. Saras smiles. Danny also comes and greets everyone smiling. Kalika looks on. Vidyachatur asks did you both not come together. Saras says I m coming from the meeting. Vidyachatur shows holi pics to Danny. Badimaa asks Kumud again. Kumud says everything is fine.Guniyal asks Kusum what happened. Kusum says I m not feeling well, I will rest and be fine. Kalika smiles seeing tension on Kusum’s face.

Kabir joins everyone. Dada ji tells the Katha about good winning over bad. Everyone listen to him. Kabir tells Ghuman that today is a special day for me. Ghuman says your plan was successful. He says our plan. He says your smile is more beautiful than you. Ghuman looks at Kumud. Dada ji says the right man wins at last. Ghuman says the time has changed, the one who wins is right. Kumud says truth is bigger than lies, truth can’t be hidden. Ghuman smiles.

Danny is cutting a tree. Saras says listen to me Danny. Danny pushes Saras and Saras falls on the tree and his hand bleeds. Danny does not care in anger..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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