Saraswatichandra 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant aiming a gun at Saras. Saras is stunned and looks at him. Kumud comes home trying to call Saras and is super worried. She checks landline and even its not coming. She says but Saras tried from here, maybe it will come in sometime. Prashant asks Saras what will he do now. He says now Kumud will be mine forever. Saras walks towards him in anger. Prashant says don’t come near me, I will shoot and gets tensed as Saras comes to him and throws the gun. Kumud cries. Saraas beats Prashant and he falls. Saras walks to him and suddenly he gets hit by Mahesh, Prashant’s friend. Prashant smiles. Saras falls on the ground and lies unconscious.

Prashant says good job. Kumud and Saras’ marriage pic frame falls and she rushes to it. She holds the broken glass pieces

and tears roll down her cheeks. She says Saras you should have come by now, where are you Saras. She says no, I will see outside. She says but if I go, he can come here, what to do now. She cries and asks is Saras fine. Badimaa makes laddoos and says don’t know where did Kabir go, he could have told me, this is my Saras’s fav food, he used to eat this hiding in kitchen, I will ask Yash to courier this. The laddoos fall. Guniyal , Yash’s mum and Vidyachatur comes there.

Badimaa says I m feeling tensed, about Saras. Everyone say Saras. She says yes, I m worried for him, I called him but could not talk, the laddoos also fell. Kumud removes the glass pieces from the frame. She gets Badimaa’s call. Badimaa asks how is she. Kumud controls her tears and says I m fine. Badimaa says we all miss you both, where is Saras. Kumud says he went to office. Vidyachatut asks did he become late. Kumud says yes, he has imp meeting. Badimaa says I called him but…. Kumud says maybe he has some problem in phone, I will tell him.

Badimaa asks is everything fine there. Kumud says yes. Yash’s mum asks Kumud is she happy there. Kumud says yes, I have to cook now and ends the call crying. Badimaa says I don’t want to believe this. She prays for Saras and Kumud. Kumud says Saras, where are you, come back. Prashant says you saw everything in wall, I m helpless, still you had courage, now you will lose Kumud and your life, now Kumud will be only mine. Mahesh asks what to do about him. Prashant says check his pockets. They get Saras’s phone. Prashant checks it and says its battery is dead. They lift Saras and take it somewhere.

Kusum is angry and shares her fight with Danny to Guniyal. Guniyal scolds her and asks her to not fight with Danny, he is a diamond and keeps you like princess. You are lucky to get him. Kusum says I doubt sometimes, you are my mum or Danny’s. Kumud waits for Saras and its 7pm. Piya………….plays………….The door bell rings and she runs to see saying Saras. Its Prashant and she asks how did you get hurt. He says I fell. He asks why are you looking tensed. She says I was waiting for Saras. He says I came to meet him, for clearing the misunderstanding, when will he come. She says don’t know, his phone is also off.

He says I think he is upset. She says he did not message me. He says he will come when his anger goes, he loves you a lot. He says call me when he comes. She says fine. He leaves. Prashant smiles. He takes out Saras’ sim card and uses it in his phone. He says sorry Kumud ji, don’t wait for Saras, now he will never come. He messages Kumud from Saras’s number and writes that he is stressed with what happened between them and their daily fights, he wants time to recover and he is going far from her. Prashant smiles. She says no, he can’t do this. You can be angry on me but can’t think to go far from me. She cries and says I know you will come back.

Prashant says I can’t see your pain Kumud, but what to do, till Saras was in your life, I did not had any chance, I will send him very far that he won’t come back. I will first trouble him and then free him forever from his life. Everyone talk about Kabir. Anushka thinks everyone are tensed about Kabir. Vidyachatur says we will inform police if he does not come till morning. Anushka prays to Lord to send Kabir back home. Kabir calls Danny.

Anushka smiles and thanks Lord. Danny talks on speaker and asks Kabir where is he. Kabir says I m at friend’s house. Everyone ask him to come home. Kabir says I promise I will come back. Danny asks shall I come to take you, Kabir says no, I m fine, don’t worry, I will come later. He ends the call. Badimaa says whats this, he should be at home. Vidyachatur says maybe he wants t be alone, he is fine. Badimaa sees Anushka upset.

Kumud cries and says this can’t happen. She thinks about Saras’ promise that he will always be with her. She says he was angry before, but came home, he will come home today too, he can’t leave me alone. She self consoles. She says I know he will come back, I will wait for some more time.

Kumud says Prashant she is much worried for Saras. He holds her hand and says don’t worry. He thinks now you will always be with me Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Prashant who the hell are u why r u troubling saras…leave him…i hope saras will not die but he has to be away from kumud for few days like suganda caught kumud…how much beautiful r u kumud its unbelieveable everyone suganda parashant ur ex husbnd

  2. This serial should have stopped when kumud returned home, the bad people were sent off to jail and all was well. Why are they dragging it now, one episode has Saras driving away and Kumud following him in an auto and it goes on and on for 10 min. or so, then another episode has Anushka searching and searching for Kabir(BORING!!!!), a third episode has Danny and Kusum fighting and fighting for no reason at all. PLEEEEEEEASE!! Have mercy on the viewers. The director does not seem to know what to do, so he is stretching it endlessly. Hello, viewers are not fools. How conveniently someone’s cell stops working when most needed, etc.etc. This story is now becoming an insult to the original writer, STOP IT!! May be some other serial worth its story can take its place.

  3. What d hell s goin on??? Pathetic…..

  4. eish how boring

  5. when saras and kumud will reunite now,,,

  6. Really boring again and again same situation

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