Saraswatichandra 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud coming to talk to Laxminandan. She reminds him the day when he came to meet her for the first time, she saw his happiness on his face to make her his bahu. She says I can understand how you are feeling knowing about Danny and Kusum. Sometimes our decision hurt others, like you decided to get married for second time and has hurt Saras. She moves back talking to him and is about to fall on the stairs. Laxminandan holds her. She says such was the situation when Danny has hold her hand, now Danny and Kusum are happy together. She says now you have to decide, will you support your son in his happiness or make him regret. She leaves.

Everyone are downstairs. Laxminandan comes with Kumud. Everyone look at him. Danny says dad, give me a chance to explain

please. Kusum says Kaka, Danny have told me many times that he wished his parents were with him in his happiness. Danny says dad, I m not perfect like Saras, I always made you complain, and you always forgived me, I regret a lot. Saras looks on. Laxminandan smiles and nods yes. Everyone are happy and smile. Danny and Kusum take his blessings. Danny says thanks dad. Laxminandan hugs Danny and Kusum. Laxminandan says you took a right decision for the first time, you chose a very nice girl. I m proud of you son.

Danny says I was saying the same. Laxminandan says don’t tell this to your mum, this won’t be easy for her, I will talk to her. Danny says fine. Laxminandan comes to Saras and Saras turns. Everyone leave except Kumud. Saras is angry and leaves too as Laxminandan holds him. Laxminandan says I m happy Kumud that you understood me. She says I know you love him a lot, and his marriage is a big day for you. Kaka, I know whatever happened between you both has hurt you a lot, but Saras was also broken, I have seen him, it won’t be easy for him to forget that and till my husband does not accept you as his dad, till I won’t take your blessings as your bahu.

Laxminandan says I will wait Kumud, I have full faith that you won’t let our relation break. Danny talks to Kusum and says thank God dad accepted this relation, I can’t believe this, so you are my official life partner now. She says help me in packing. Danny says once mom accepts this relation, then everything will be fine, I know dad will make her agree. Kusum thinks. He asks what happened, any problem. She says Danny, what is Saras thinking seeing Laxminandan, he got much angry.

Kumud comes to Saras. She asks why are you alone here. Saras says that old loneliness, I m experiencing again today. Kumud says we all are with you, did you choose this loneliness. Saras says yes, I chose it, I have decided to break my relation with him and you knew it but still you called him here. He says I have removed him from my life. She says then why do you care. He says I don’t care, why did he come in my marriage. Kumud shows him a doll of her childhood and says look at this, this is my childhood doll, I forgot about it, but my dad kept it safely for me.

She says but he gave me this doll, I cried a lot. Your mum may have told you many times that she loves you, but fathers don’t say, you have to hear that without his saying. Saras says I only remember that my mum left me because of him, she died. He cries and says you won’t understand this, all this is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. Kumud says when you came to know the reason behind your mum’s death, who got punished, me and you. We have lost ourselves, the fate gave us second chance, why can’t we give another chance to Kaka, you lost your mum, don’t lose your dad. He says he is my dad and my mum’s killer, I can never forgive him. Kumud cries. Saras says I m sorry, see Kumud, its our new start today, we got this day after much difficulty, these moments are special, don’t talk about anyone else please. He hugs her. Mora piya…………….. plays………………

Saras smiles seeing Kumud’s Bidaai. Kumud cries throwing the rice behind. Everyone look at her. Kumud follows some rituals and prints her hand’s impressions on the wall. All of them come outside the house. Kumud looks at her house and cries. Its Kusum’s Bidaai as well. Kusum and Kumud hug Guniyal. Guniyal says your’s respect and happiness are that house’s respect and happiness from now. She cries as well. They then hug Badimaa. Everyone get sad and cry with the girls. Badimaa says my Kumud always gave double love instead of love, and also double fight instead of fight, but I will see you if you fight with my Saras.

Kusum says Kumud will be laughing when you come to make the Grahpravesh. Badimaa says why will I, you have to do that. Vidyachatur stops them. Vidyachatur hugs Kumud and says stop crying, hold hands in difficulties then you will reach happiness. I m sure that I m giving my both daughters to right persons. He says be careful, they will take the pearl from you. Everyone laughs. Dada ji calls them and they go to Dada ji to take his blessings. There is a family hug. Kumud looks at Badimaa and sits in the car with Kusum. Saras and Danny also get into the car and Danny drives. The Bidaai finally happened.

Kalika plans a dirty plot against Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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