Saraswatichandra 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum lighting candles in the room and wearing the gown waiting for Danny. She smiles hearing the car’s sound. Ghuman also waits for the blast. Saras and Danny come. Saras gets a confirmation message that the clients like Danny’s presentation. He says its a happy day today, I will ask Kumud to make Gulab jamun. Ghuman asks Danny are you still annoyed, I m sorry. Danny says its ok mom. She says I have strong head ache. She asks him to give her medicines. Danny goes to bring. Saras calls out Kumud. Ghuman says Kumud might be in Kusum’s room. Saras goes to Kusum’s room. He enters the room and Kusum thinks its Danny. Saras smiles seeing the room.

Danny gives medicines to Ghuman. Ghuman asks him to meet Kusum. Danny also goes to the room.

smiles. Kusum hugs Saras and says I love you Danny. Danny sees her hugging Saras and is shocked. Kusum says I was waiting for you since long. Saras says Kusum, its me. Kusum says Saras…. I thought…. She sees Danny standing. Danny gets upset and does not listen to Kusum. Saras says what happened, why are you doing this. Danny says I m fine. Danny leaves. Kusum cries and goes to her room. She says what did I do, I do mistakes always, I have hurt Danny. Why do I do this. Saras stops Danny and asks what happened.

Ghuman smiles and says two shots with one move. Kusum tries calling Danny. She says please take my call Danny. Danny cries thinking Kusum loves Saras. He thinks about Ghuman’s words. Danny breaks down and cries miserably. Kusum cries saying please talk to me once Danny. Danny gets her call and throws the phone. Saras calls him but Danny does not pick his call too. Saras gets worried. Kumud messages Saras that she went to meet her parents and will be back soon. Saras thinks of informing Kumud. He says if I tell you, everyone will be worried, what to do now. He tries calling Danny.

Danny comes back home and does not talk to Kusum. Kusum says you are misunderstanding. Ghuman looks on. Kusum says I decorated the room for you and made your fav food, look at me. I wanted to give you a surprise. She says you love me a lot, look at me once. Danny says don’t touch me. He says I don’t want to ask anything, stay away from me. She says ask your heart. Danny says I saw the truth today. I thought you forgot your past, but I was wrong, Saras is your love. He says if I m nothing for you, why did you do all this. He says now I understand, you have fooled me to stay in this house. Kusum says Danny, how can you tell this.

Danny says stop it, it won’t affect me now, mom told me that I should see this. Kumud comes and sees them fight. Kusum says I came in this house only for you. Danny pushes Kusum. Saras holds her and is shocked seeing Danny’s attitude. Saras asks what happened to you, she is your wife. Danny says is she my wife, or your Uttaran(leftover)? Kumud and Saras are shocked. Saras says what did you say. Danny says you knew this Kusum loves you, then why did you do this with me. Saras gets angry and slaps him. Ghuman is shocked and gets angry.

Saras says how dare you say this about Kusum. Kusum cries. Danny leaves. Saras says hear me once, where are you going. Ghuman thinks its a deep wound, now this gap should never fill. Danny tells Kabir that he is ready to make his identity. He says this project will only me mine. I have to prove myself, I will do anything for it. Saras tells everything to Kumud. Kumud says you think Danny thought that way. Saras says yes, thats why he did this. Kumud says but you should have not slapped Danny, I felt bad for Kusum, but we know Danny, he won’t say this for Kusum and he can’t doubt you. Saras says yes, I don’t understand why is he reacting for such a small thing.

Saras says he was reacting strangely, he was not focussing in the conference, he was not happy. I went to see you. Ghuman sais you are in Kusum’s room. Kusum thought I m Danny and she hugged me, and Danny got angry seeing this. Saras says is he a kid to react like this, he should have asked me and Kusum, he left home and did not take our calls. Kumud asks did Maa told you that I m in Kusum’s room. Saras says yes. Kumud understands its Ghuman’s plan.

Ghuman is happy as she won. Kumud comes to her and asks why did you do this, you made Danny feel all this. You made him go against Saras and Kusum. Ghuman says I did not do anything. Kumud says I know, you sent me to my mum’s house and you lied to Saras. Kumud says why Maa, Kusum went from here, you brought her back, how can you fall so low. Kumud says Danny got hurt in this, he loves Kusum a lot and it was like dying to see all that. Ghuman says enough Kumud.

Kumud requests Ghuman not to tale Danny’s life from him, Saras and Kusum are his life. Ghuman taunts Kumud. Kumud says I could not make you lose today but I will make love win.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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