Saraswatichandra 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone thanking Pramad’s mum. Pramad’s mum says how could I let my daughter’s marriage stop, thank the person who asked me to come here. Everyone ask who is it. Someone enters. Everyone are shocked to see. Its Laxminandan. Kumud smiles and says its great he reached. Vidyachatur says Nandu….. Kumud greets him touching his feet. Laxminandan blesses him. Saras thinks about his argument with his dad. Laxminandan says I could not keep relations, but you called me here thinking its necessary for me to be here, you have given respect to father-son relation. He says I know no one wants me to be here except you.

Vidyachatur says this marriage was incomplete for me without you, I was in dilemma, you tell me what could I do. Laxminandan says you are

right Vidya, I don’t deserve my friend’s trust. Vidyachatur says no and hugs him. Vidyachatur says you forgot everything and came here. Laxminandan says the credit goes to Kumud. Saras gets annoyed with Kumud. Kumud says no one can stop me from coming in your life, but to come in your family, your dad’s blessings were necessary for both of us. He had to come to welcome his bahu.

Saras does not look at his dad. Laxminandan says pandit ji, start the mantras. Saras is like he will cry any moment. Saras looks at Badimaa and cires. Pramad’s mum says I will leave now. Vidyachatur asks her to stay till Bidaai. Danny meets Laxminandan and hugs him saying dad. Badimaa asks Saras to hold himself as its his marriage today. Saras signs yes. Kumud and Saras come in the Mandap.

Pramad’s mum praises Kumud. Kalika is upset seeing Kumud’s happiness. Saras finally smiles in the mandap. The pandit starts the mantras and they take the rounds. Everyone showers flowers on the couple. Saras and Kumud complete the rounds and look at each other. Saras fills her Maang with sindoor. Kumud gets tears in her eyes. Mann ke door bandhe preet…………… plays…………. Kumud and Saras smile. Saras makes her wear the mangalsutra. It has the pearl in its pendant. Kumud smiles. Laxminandan says Saraswati’s mangalsutra. Vidyachatur says Bhabhi has given them her blessings. Piya re………….. plays………………..

Dada ji says great Saras, you have given the pearl to Kumud in the mangalsutra, what should I decide. Vidyachatur says the one who has the pearl will rule. Laxminandan says whats the story of the pearl. Vidyachatur says its a long story, your son is gone. Saras tells Kumud congrats for the marriage Mrs. Kumud Saraswatichandra. Kumud smiles happily.

Vidyachatur thanks Pramad’s mum. Saras and Kumud take everyone’s blessings. Saras thinking about Laxminandan and his words. He moves back and leaves. Everyone looks on. Danny tells Kusum that they should tell his dad about their marriage. Laxminandan sees mangalsutra in Kusum’s neck and asks did you get married. He asks Vidyachatur about Kusum’s marriage.

Kalika tells Laxminandan that Danny married Kusum. Laxminandan is shocked and looks at Vidyachatur. He leaves being annoyed. Kusum asks Kalika why did you do this, purposefully. Kalika acts innocent. Badimaa scolds Kalika. Vidyachatur says I will talk to Nandu. Kusum says are you happy now Kalika. Kalika is happy and thinks one day everyone will listen to me. Laxminandan is upset. Vidyachatur comes to him to talk to him.

Laxminandan says why will anyone trust me, after I broke my relation with a son like Saras. Danny did not wish to see me in his marriage. Vidyachatur tries to explain. Laxminandan blames himself. Kumud comes and hears them.

Kumud asks Saras to talk to his dad. Saras says he is my mum’s murderer whom I can never forgive.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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