Saraswatichandra 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny seeing his project papers. He shits Saras. Saras says I hope you like this plan. Danny is happy that he is the project head. He says I will assist you. Saras says you have to do it. He says I decided it before that you will take over this company of Vyas industries. Danny hugs Saras. Kusum and Kumud congratulate Danny. Danny says I blindly trust Saras. Saras says even i trust you a lot and prove my decision right. Danny says I will give my best. Saras says our machines got old, so I spoke to a investor to replace it, we have meeting tomorrow and you have to do the presentation. Saras says you will do it better than me. Ghuman looks at them and says I knew this, Saras and Kumud will stop this misunderstanding, but you don’t know whats my next move.


gets ready in Saras’s lucky suit. Saras says I wore this in my first presentation, I hope its lucky for you. Saras ties his show lace. Danny smiles. Saras says I had mum’s blessings and you have my good wishes. He says I want people to clap in your first presentation. Danny says you and Kumud are different as you both live for others. Saras says I will go to hospital, you go to factory. Best of luck. Danny says thanks and looks at himself. Ghuman comes to him and smiles. Danny says its Saras’s lucky suit, he gave it to me, we did not have any problems, I hope you don’t have any insecurity in your heart. Ghuman says you are happy, I don’t want anything else.

Kabir comes and sees Ghuman with Danny. He looks at her by binoculars. Danny says Saras wants me to make my identity. Ghuman says then why did you reject your idea, he made you project head for the project he chose for you. Danny says why do you feel he is wrong. Ghuman says Saras is over protective about you, you have to fly and show him. Danny says Saras is more successful, his name is at stake, still he took a risk. Ghuman says where is your idea. You are wearing his old suit, married the one whom Saras selected. Danny says mom…. Danny says I m hurt by your words. Don’t tell this again. Danny leaves. Kabir smiles.

Ghuman tries to stop Danny. Kumud sees her and thinks what does Ghuman want, she is not doing this right. Kusum is cooking. Kumud comes to her. Kusum asks her to see the dish, as she wants to make Danny have curd. Kumud says Danny left, he was in hurry. Kusum says maybe he is tensed. Kumud says I want to talk about Danny. She says Danny is angry with what happened between us and Ghuman, he is worried about dad and now this new responsibility, I know you are with her, but take care of him. If he is worried, you have to make her calm and happy. When he sees you understands him, he will share his problems with you. Kusum says I understood. Ghuman walks somewhere. Kabir stops her.

Ghuman asks her not to follow her else he can go to jail. Kabir holds her hand and says I can’t see you in pain. Ghuman tries to free her hand and asks why. Kabir says I don’t know. He says you are worried about Danny right. Saras comes to the office and says Danny is the head of this project. Danny is nervous. Saras says he can many ideas for our company, he will give the presentation, lets hear it from him. Danny thinks about Ghuman’s words. Danny is silent. Saras looks on. Kabir says I know you have not accepted Kusum, you are helpless, only because of Danny. You want to see his bright future and Danny trusts Saras more than you. Ghuman says Danny is innocent, he has a business empire, we can erase Saras’s name from the business if we want.

Danny is unable to give the presentation well. He thinks about Ghuman’s words and is unable to focus. Saras takes the talk ahead and talks to the investors. Danny looks at Saras giving the presentation. The investors claps for Saras. They like Danny’s plan and are ready to invest in his plan. Saras leaves. They congratulate Danny. Danny thinks about Ghuman’s words again. Kabir tells Ghuman if I take Danny from Saras and give it to him then. Ghuman says why would you do that, what will you get. Kabir says you will say that. Ghuman says whatever you want. Kabir says whatever. Ghuman says yes. Kabir says fine, I will do what you wish.

Ghuman helps Kusum in making the bedroom beautiful. She helps her in making the surprise for Danny. She asks Kusum to wear a gown and look pretty. Kusum says I did not wear gown till now. Ghuman says I want you both to be happy, do as I say and take these candles also. Kusum smiles and leaves. Ghuman thinks her surprise will shock everyone. Ghuman gives a gift to Kumud for Guniyal and asks her to give it to her. Kumud says now. Ghuman says its ok, I will go and give. Kumud says I will give it. Ghuman looks at the watch.

Kusum hugs Saras thinking he is Danny and says I love you, I was waiting for you. Danny looks at them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  2. Saraswatichandra is kind of getting a bit boring
    1. We don’t even know why ‘kabir’ is there
    2. They have NO sense of humour
    3. There are 3 negative roles:
    I ) Kabir
    II ) ghuman
    III ) kalika

  3. guys,kabir is her for something…it may be surprise.just wait wth patience..thts all we can do .right?.anyway this show is very nice for me..its a nice one…

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