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Saraswatichandra 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras talking to the guard. He asks did he see Kumud. The guard says no. Saras does not get the network in his phone. Kumud is outside and thinks about Saras’ anger on Prashant. She thinks this is not you Saras, maybe you are irritated by stress and getting angry on Prashant, I have to talk to you. She calls him but can’t connect. Saras comes home and calls Kumud from landline, even then call does not connect. He calls Pooja’s relatives. A lady picks the call. He asks for Pooja, I m from Mumbai and have urgent work. The woman says I m her mum, Pooja is not here. Saras asks where did she go. She says we don’t know about her since two years.

She says she sent few letters, that she wants to live on her own and not want to come home, and now it stopped, she wrote

she got modeling work and then we don’t know. He asks did you complain to police. She says yes, I did, but did not get any help, even her house owner did not know about her. She says whoever you are, if you find about her, then call me. He says sure and ends the call. Vidyachatur says Danny did not call till now, don’t know he found Kabir or not. Danny comes home with Anushka and Kusum and says I did not find Kabir, I did not think he will be so irresponsible. Anushka is upset. Badimaa talks to her and says we all think you should think about Kabir once.

Anushka says I told my decision. Guniyal says but why, if he really loves you then.. Anushka says I know Kabir is a good human being, but I can’t love anyone. Badimaa says why can’t you love him, think Kabir will be a good husband, you will have family. Anushka says no, I saw relations breaking, I don’t want to make such relations. Guniyal says see me and your Kaka, I was young when I got married, but he gave me so much love and respect. Vidyachatur also explains her. Badimaa says Kabir will value you a lot if you accept him, he will not tell us this, I m telling you he will always keep you happy. Vidyachatur says he is like our son, I m sure he will not disrespect any relation.

Kusum asks Anushka to take a decision. Anushka says what, we all know you and Danny love each other a lot, even then you doubted on him, this thing happens, everything changes, so I decided I want to be alone. She says don’t stop me here, I have to go, its final. I m sorry. She leaves. Saras thinks whats going on and thinks about Pooja. Saras says where did Pooja go, I feel Prashant is after her going missing. He looks at the wall and thinks Prashant refused to nail on it, and Kumud said it had a crack and now its fine. Saras checks the wall and beats on him. He hears sound sound and breaks it by a vase. He sees across it and is shocked. He wants to call someone but his phone’s battery is low.

Badimaa talks to Anushka and explains whats marriage, its importance. Yash comes and everyone is glad seeing him. He greets everyone and says Anushka, everyone is right, you know how I know, Maa told me on phone. Badimaa asks how was his travel. He says fine and explains Anushka, that his marriage failed, but he feels if you get a good partner, you can succeed in life, a lucky girl will get a husband like Kabir. Danny says yes, when I came to know Kusum doubted in me, I felt bad, she doubted on me as she loves me a lot and was jealous. Vidyachatur says even Guniyal was jealous, She says what. Danny says its inborn talent of women to doubt. Kusum and Danny start arguing.

Everyone try to make them quiet. Anushka says see this happens. Saras calls Kumud and asks where is she. She says I m outside. He says I have to tell something, I just saw something in wall, be there, I m coming to take you. She says what was he saying and why was he tensed. She calls him back and can’t connect. She says I will go home. Saras drives towards Kumud and she is going home in auto. She sees him and asks the driver to take U turn and follow the car. She says where is he going. Piya………….plays………………..She loses track of the car and calls him. Saras drives faster. She says I will go home, he will come there.

Kusum and Danny are still arguing and Badimaa looks on and shouts enough. She says whats going, we want to explain Anushka that marriage is not a problem, but happiness, but seeing you, she will take wrong decision. They say sorry. Badimaa asks them to be perfect couple. They agree for this. Saras comes back home and Prashant stops him by coming infront of his car. He gives Saras a shameless smile. Saras comes to him and says you might know Pooja, as you were her good friend, she looked like Kumud, she went missing two years ago, you know where she went. Prashant says yes, I know, you got a lot info in so less time, but this is not good for you.

Saras says when Pooja’s truth comes out, think what will happen with you. Prashant asks what will you tell people, what Sanjana told you or what you saw in wall, you could not tell anything to your wife, your phone was dead when you called. Saras thinks…. Prashant has disconnected his landline and saw Saras breaking the wall. He says Pooja’s secret will always be secret, no one will know, I got Kumud’s weakness, the one she loves, I saved his life by taking you to hospital, she trusts me, I m helpless by heart, the one I like, I just get it. Saras gets angry.

Prashant says either by asking or snatching, now Kumud is only mine. Saras beats him up and they get into a fight. Saras’ angry expressions are so good. He pushes Prashant on a car. Prashant smiles and takes out a gun. He aims at Saras and Saras is shocked seeing the gun.

Saras gets hit and falls. Prashant says now Kumud will be only mine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hai guys…..!!!!!!writer ji do think this kumud is so beautiful that everyone tries to own her poor Sara’s he is having big muscles but of no use he got hit by that skeleton prashat really bad Yaar……..omg if anyone ces to desais house they r torturing them to get married like this omg tmr surely they will tie anushka to a chair to get her married…….

  2. @Lokeshwari I also agree with u 🙂

  3. Where is saathiya update

  4. Kumud is becoming dumb everyday!!

  5. i love kumud and saras

  6. i love gautam rode and jennifer winjet

  7. This serial is the most dumb serial ever

  8. OMG..but where did kabir go??? ashish kapoor is the best i hope they don’t replace him..or anything..kabir come back soon..tbh i only watch this show for ashish kapoor lol

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