Saraswatichandra 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud entering the Mandap. Saras removes his Pagdi and smiles seeing Kumud. Kalika is waiting for her special gift. Everyone claps for the couple. Kalika thinks I won’t let the rituals happen. Kumud sits in the Mandap. Everyone are happy. Vidyachatur asks Saras to keep his foot forward as its a ritual. He puts milk on his foot and flowers too. Everyone clap again. Kumud looks at Saras and smiles. They look at each other sweetly. Everyone smile. Kalika is worried seeing everything happen.

The police comes with the lawyer. Kalika is happy to see them. The lawyer says you can’t make this marriage happen. Vidyachatur asks why. They say that Kumud is already married and is Pramad’s wife. Vidyachatur says she is not his wife now. They say we

got full information and this marriage would be illegal. They bring some proof with them. Everyone are shocked. Saras asks what proof. They give an invitation card and photos. Saras asks who gave you this. The inspector says we got an unnamed envelope with full details about this illegal marriage. Kumud asks Kalika who can do this. Kalika smiles.

Kalika thinks about Pramad. The inspector says sorry but we have to stop this marriage. He says your daughter can’t remarry without divorce. Saras says Pramad gave divorce to Kumud, someone is playing a game. The inspector asks for the divorce papers. Vidyachatur says first let the marriage happen, the mahurat is passing by. The lawyer insists. Guniyal says I will bring the papers. Vidyachatur asks yash to go with her. Badimaa asks Kumud not to worry as nothing bad will happen. Kusum says today you and Saras have to unite, my heart says nothing will happen. Saras signs Kumud not to worry.

Vidyachatur gets a call from Yash who says they are not getting the papers. Kalika says you will get the papers if they are there, but I have taken care of it. Vidyachatur goes to bring the papers. They check all the cupboards but don’t get the papers. Kalika comes to them and is happy seeing them panic. Vidyachatur ask Guniyal about the papers. Yash says someone has stolen it, who has send that card and photos to police. Kusum says I have seen in Kumud’s room, the papers are not there. Kumud comes to know that the papers are lost. She asks how can it be. Kalika smiles.

Vidyachatur talks to the inspector and says I can bring the second copy from the court but it will take time, but I request you to let the marriage happen. The lawyer says we can’t accept your request, we have to stop this marriage. Badimaa says your marriage will not stop today Kumud. Kumud says why is the Lord testing us, till when we will have to fight to unite. Yash’s mum says this is the second time, I don’t think their fate will unite them. Badimaa gets angry hearing this and Kalika smiles. Dada ji says don’t worry, your marriage will happen and today itself. Kalika thinks I came in this house to see this scene.

Saras says Kumud, it won’t matter, I will make you wear the mangalsutra and will take you my home for always. He says you come today or some day else, I will definitely take you. He holds Kumud’s hand and says I will be with you every moment, always, don’t worry. Everyone cry. The lawyer says we can’t help you in this matter as we are tied in laws. Vidyachatur says try to understand, tomorrow is holiday for court, how can we postpone. The lawyer says you have to postpone, I can’t do anything, I m sorry. Kalika smiles. (b*t*h!!) The pandit leaves. All the guests start leaving and gossip about Kumud. Pramad’s mum comes and says the rituals will be completed. Everyone look at her. Kalika is shocked to see her.

Pramad’s mum asks the guests not to leave, saying the marriage will happen today and now itself. She gives the divorce paper’s copy to the lawyer. She says Kumud is free from my son, let this marriage happen. Kumud and everyone get happy. The lawyer checks the papers. (Kalika’s plan went in drain, he he!!) The inspector says the papers are right, sorry for stopping you, you can go ahead with the marriage rituals. Everyone are happy.

Kumud hugs Badimaa and smiles. The inspector and the lawyer leave. Kumud touches Pramad’s mum’s feet and she blesses her. Saras greets her too. Kumud says I lost hope today, you don’t know what you did for us. Pramad’s mum says I remember what you did for us. She says I m indebted to you Kumud. Kalikais upset thinking who have informed Pramad’s mum, who is he who have called her.

Pramad’s mum says thank the one who have asked me to come here. Vidyachatur asks who is he. Everyone are shocked to see the person.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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