Saraswatichandra 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad and Kumud going to the mandir. Kalika watches them while hiding from their sight, Kalika pulls Kumud’s leg and makes her fall. Pramad holds Kumud’s hand and saves her. He falls on the stairs rolling down. Kumud shouts Pramad, are you fine. He says I m fine, but how did you slip. Kumud says that beggar…. and sees there is no one. Kumud says Pramad you got much hurt. He says I m fine, are you fine. She says yes, you have saved me. Kumud says we will come next time, you are unable to walk. She says lets go home. Pramad says we will do the darshan. Kumud insists and supports him to walk and takes him home. Kalika sees them leaving and says the Lord is with you and its certain but I swear that I will snatch everything from you Kumud.

Kusum tells

Saras if we say no for this marriage, then many questions will be born, so we should say yes infront of Pramad. Kumud comes and says one more lie. Saras says Kusum is right. Kusum says we don’t have any other option. Kumud says I will tell everything to Pramad, he is changing. She says I saw in his eyes. Saras says fine, but I want to say let him change completely, then tell him. Kumud says let me handle this, I want to tell the truth to Pramad. Kumud leaves.

Kumud comes to Pramad and Saras tries to stop her. Kumud tells Pramad that I want to talk to you. Pramad says one minute, I want to give you a surprise. He shows his family. Kumud is shocked to see Budhidhan, his wife and Alak. Pramad’s mum says Pramad called us, we were ready to come here as we were missing you and came here to celebrate the festival. Kumud greets them and smiles. Alak says this was Pramad’s idea. Vidyachatur welcomes them and says this Navratri will be auspicious for us.

Pramad says I have called the famous Dandiya Mandli. Budhidhan tells Vidyachatur that I m proud to say Kumud is my bahu and Pramad’s wife. Saras and Kusum looks on. Kumud looks at Saras and he leaves. Kalika is standing outside Kumud’s house and says Kumud you and your Saraswatichandra will remember this Navratri, this is Kalika’s promise.

Danny comes and sees Kalika. He does not know her and asks who she is. Saras is coming to them and wonders why is Pramad doing this. He says Lord give me one sign. Danny asks Kalika whats her name and what work she has here. Saras is coming towards them and calls Danny. Saras says I need to talk to you. Kalika leaves till then. Danny tells Saras that there was a girl and she left suddenly. Vidyachatur is playing chess with Pramad and losing to him. Badimaa comes and tells Vidyachatur you have to go to bring Mata’s idol. Vidyachatur wins over Pramad. Badimaa says won’t you give Nek to Pramad. Vidyachatur says sure and gives him his gold chain. He makes Pramad wear it. Kumud and Saras see this.

Vidyachatur says I bless you. He says we want to forget everything and forgive Kumud if she did anything, Pramad says I did mistakes and Kumud is always on the right path and made me also walk on the right path. Kumud thinks Pramad will surely understand her. Pramad says I will bring the idol. He acts very sweet and says Kumud works in our house and now its my turn. Kumud thinks how should I tell Pramad. Vidyachatur asks Pramad to take his car. Pramad says no, I will go by foot as I m going to bring Ambe Maa but an idol. Everyone are happy.

Pramad is in the market and Saras is following him. Budhidhan praises Guniya’s prepared food. Kumud is lost in thoughts. Everyone praises Kumud. Kumud thinks their love is making me feel that I should not hide the truth from Pramad as he is bring a good husband now. Budhidhan sees Kumud tensed and asks whats the matter, what are you thinking. He says I have always supported you. She says yes, maybe I was right till now, if I do any mistake, will you be able to forgive me. Budhidhan says I think you can’t make any mistake, and if you do, then I will forgive you. Kumud hugs him. He says you are my daughter. Saras is after Pramad and Kalika is after Saras. Pramad asks the vendor where would be get the Mata’s idol. Pramad sees Saras and asks Naveen you, were you following me. Saras says why would I follow you, I came to help you.

Pramad says ok come. Kalika sees Pramad with Saras and I will expose them infront of Ambe Maa, then see what happens. Pramad and Saras comes home with the idol. Saras says maybe Kumud is right, Pramad is really changing and when he knows I m Saraswatichandra, if he becomes the old Pramad again…. Saras tells Pramad that don’t hurt Kumud, she is a pure hearted woman, remember this. Pramad nods yes and says lets go inside. Kalika comes near the gate with a knife and says I have also done the arrangements for the evening, no one can save Kumud from me today.

Saras thinks about Kumud and sees her. Kumud looks at him while he is on the terrace. Kuch Na Kahe…. Bas Chup Rahe…. plays….. He thinks how Kumud once danced in the rain. Kumud and Saras talk heart to heart. Kumud says she has to tell everything to Pramad. He says its happening because of me. She says no, don’t blame yourself, I have to tell the truth. He says I don’t trust Pramad. She says you trust me right…. He says yes, always. She says then let me do my fight. Kumud leaves.

Kumud tells Pramad that Naveen is Saraswatichandra to whom she got engaged. Budhidhan also hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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