Saraswatichandra 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Danny talking about a project. Saras rejects Danny’s proposal. Guniyal asks Ghuman to come and sit. Ghuman says its late, we should leave now. Kusum says yes, we have to cook dinner. Vidyachatur says stay for some time, the family looks complete today. Ghuman says thanks for counting me in family. Guniyal says we don’t have any complains, we understand what you did was right. Ghuman acts sweet. Guniyal says you were not in marriage, we did not give anything that time. She brings Shagun saree and some items and gives it to Ghuman. Ghuman says its my fav color. Kabir comes and looks at Ghuman. He smiles. Ghuman says its beautiful, thanks for the saree and your daughters. Everyone smile.

Ghuman looks at Kalika. Kalika thinks why is she looking

at me like this, I trusted a wrong woman. Ghuman leaves with her sons and bahus. Everyone are happy seeing their daughters happy and busy in their household. Kabir comes to Ghuman and tries to help. She says you don’t ask before helping, you know my answer. He says you stopped yesterday because of me. Ghuman says I always win as I think by mind, your words won’t affect me. Danny asks what happened, any problem. Kabir says her car’s remote battery was over, I asked her to change it. Vidyachatur is happy seeing Vyas and Desai families bond.

Kabir takes Ghuman’s photo and says now you won’t win, I will write your fate, as this time its about hatred. He looks at the house model. Vidyachatur is talking about Ghuman’s words and says Ghuman has understood the value of my daughters. Badimaa thinks about Ghuman’s words and thinks how she has changed so much. Guniyal asks what happened. Badimaa says I saw a changed Ghuman today. Vidyachatur says even I don’t trust Ghuman, but I don’t think she will cheat Danny. I wish Nandu gets fine soon. Badimaa says I m annoyed with Saras, he said no to Danny’s proposal and made Ghuman annoyed. Vidyachatur says Danny is Laxman for Saras and he can do anything for him.

Ghuman sits with everyone. Danny says mum used to call me daily when I was away. Ghuman tells Kusum about Danny’s girlfriends. Danny says I did not have any serious one. Ghuman asks Danny did you do any work here. Danny says ask Saras, we worked in the factory. Ghuman asks about the project. Danny says yes, but Saras did not like that idea. Saras says now we can’t invest in projects, we want buyers who can give us immediate payments. Saras explains Danny that this factory is Kaka’s and we are only taking care of it, he will have to bear the loss. Danny says its not much risk in project. Kusum supports Saras and asks Danny not to argue. Ghuman looks on. Saras leaves. Kumud goes with him. Kusum goes to make tea.

Danny comes to his room and is upset. He looks at himself in the mirror and Kusum comes to him with tea. She says I liked your idea, but I think you should learn from Saras. She praises Saras. Danny says you feel I did wrong. Kusum says I understood what Saras said and I felt he is right. Danny feels bad. She says did you feel bad by my words. He says no and leaves. Saras asks Kumud why ae you looking serious. Kumud talks to him about Danny trying to do new things. Saras says Danny is not a kid, he knows why I told him. Kumud says yes, Danny is not a kid, he is married, don’t treat him like a kid. Saras says you know me, I talk straight, don’t worry, Danny understands me.

Ghuman makes Danny feel his rejection by Saras. She says you have to learn from Saras. Danny says we have to do the business together. Danny fills his ears and says Kusum has to respect your decision else you won’t have any own identity. Kumud hears this and thinks why is Ghuman doing this by making the brothers get apart. Kumud comes to the room and scolds Saras for keeping the towel on the bed and being careless about his things.

She says I m complaining, you have to change. She says I will manage the room, but not everytime. She says I know you are not doing this intentionally, but you should take care. Saras says I will talk to Danny. She says when did I tell about him. Saras says you worry about him. He says its been two weeks of our marriage. He holds her hand. Kumud says give a chance to Danny, he trusts himself, but you have to trust him. Saras says I don’t think so, but if you are saying, I will give him a chance. Kumud smiles.

Kabir meets Danny and shows some embroidery work and says I m not getting workers. Danny says you will get the workers. I will give you the address and phone number. Kabir says did you talk to Saras about the project. Danny says he did not wish to take risk. Kabir fills his ears against Saras and says did you say its my idea. Danny says no, thanks for the help. Kabir asks Danny to invest on his own to prove himself. Danny says I will do everything with Saras. Kabir says your and Saras’s mentality does not match, how can your ways match, change your mentality. Danny says when did I say, even if the paths don’t match, I will walk only with my brother. Kabir smiles cunningly.

Ghuman tells Kabir that he can go to jail if he follows her. He holds her hand and says I can’t see you in pain. Ghuman tries to take her hand back.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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