Saraswatichandra 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the marriage preparations going on. Dada ji walks for the first time. Everyone are happy. Yash’s mum says no one gave me any responsibility, no one will respect me. Kalika says once let my guests come, then see what happens and who will get the respect. Some women come for doing make up to Kumud. Kusum takes them to Kumud. Yash asks Kalika what happened to you. Kalika says why did anyone not tell me about the beauty parlour girls. He says they came for Kusum and Kumud. Kalika says what about me. He says you don’t need any make up, let them get ready today please. Kalika is annoyed with Yash.

Kumud is getting ready. Kalika wants some attention too. Kalika says no one will see the bride, everyone will be looking at me. Kusum laughs. Kumud asks for

a light make up. Kalika says add extra bleaching powder. The girl says it may irritate your skin. Kalika insists. Kalika says I will look the most beautiful. Kumud tries calling someone and leaves a message. Guniyal and everyone come to see Kumud. They smile seeing Kumud in bridal dress. Kumud smiles too. Dada ji says you are looking more beautiful than a pearl. She asks where are Badimaa and Kusum. Vidyachatur says they have gone to take Saras. Kumud and Vidyachatur joke and have a laugh. Kumud hugs Vidyachatur, Dada ji and Guniyal. Guniyal says come. Kumud thinks why did they not come till now.

The guests come over for the marriage. They congratulate Vidyachatur for getting son in laws like diamonds. Guniyal asks Yash where is Kalika. Yash says I will call her. Vidyachatur calls the pandit and asks him to come. The pandit ji comes and he welcomes him. Yash asks Kalika to come as everyone are waiting for her. He sees Kalika crying and asks why are you crying. She shows him her face. He is shocked. The guests and everyone are shocked too seeing Kalika. Her cheeks turn red but she still looks good.. She says what are you all staring at, don’t stare at me. Kalika waits for someone who would ruin the marriage.

The baraat arrives. Badimaa and Kusum dances with everyone in the baraat while Saras is on the horse. Dada jji looks at the baraat from the terrace. He asks Kumud to see saying your prince came. Kumud smiles. Kumud waits for a message and thinks why are they late. Everyone welcome the baraat.

Danny dances with Badimaa and Kusum. The baraat enters the Desai house. Saras looks at Kumud and they smile seeing each other. Saras gets down the horse. Vidyachatur hugs Saras and welcomes him. Kusum says I will bring Kumud. Guniyal does the tilak to Saras. Saras sees Kumud coming. They exchange garlands. Everyone are happy and clap for them. Guniyal does the rituals and welcomes Saras inside the house.

The police comes asking for Vidyachatur. They say you can’t let this marriage happen. Saras looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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