Saraswatichandra 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras talking with Badimaa. He blames himself saying it was my mistake so I should bear the punishment. Badimaa is touched by his words and welcomes him inside the house saying Pramad is calling you. Pramad gifts everyone saying my parents have sent these gifts. Everyone are happy. Badimaa comes and says we should give you gifts. They gift Pramad too. Pramad says we are thinking to keep Kusum in our house. He apologizes to everyone for the last time as he had misbehaved. He says some sweet lines and says Kumud has taught him relation and he started living now, he praises Saras and Kumud.

Saras is shocked. Everyone looks on. Pramad says I want to do something for his favors. He says I want him to get back what he lost. He says I came to know whats love

by seeing Naveen, he stayed in our house and that girl was infront of his eyes but Naveen did not let us know about it, because he did not wanted to hurt that girl and her family. He says why should Naveen’s love be incomplete, so I ask you your daughter’s hand for Naveen. He says please give Kusum’s hand for Naveen. Everyone are shocked. Danny looks on puzzled. Vidyachatur is shocked. Danny says how can this happen. Pramad says why not, they love each other. Kumud looks on. Danny says they met nowadays, Pramad says even we felt it.

Pramad tells them everything about Saras and Naveen’s love story. Everyone are shocked. He says maybe Naveen won’t be able to tell you, so I m asking Kusum’s hand on his behalf. He asks Saras are you happy now Naveen. Saras says you should have asked me once. Pramad says get them married soon. Saras leaves. Kumud looks at her. Danny goes after him. Vidyachatur stops Kusum and tells Pramad that we can’t take the decision so soon, we will ask Kusum about it. Kumud says even I have to talk to you about this. Badimaa asks Kumud to rest as they are ample time to talk.

Saras is angry and hits the rocks. Danny comes to him and says Bhaiya, whats all this, and you and Kusum? Saras turns and looks at him. Pramad tells Kumud that I did not ever think that I will help Naveen and feel so much happy. Kumud says you should have talk to me before telling this infront of everyone. Pramad says I did not want to remind you that I doubted on you and Naveen. Badimaa asks Kusum whats all this. Kusum cries and says there is nothing between me and Saras, Pramad believes this is true but its not. She tells everything that happened one day. Saras tells everything to Danny.

Danny asks Saras why he said no to marry Kumud, he asks what happened that night. Saras thinks of his mum’s letter and his fight with his dad. Pramad and Kumud also have a talk about Naveen and Kusum. Pramad thinks how Kusum took the blame on herself. He says when I asked Kusum why she trusts Saras, you know what she said. He says Kusum and Naveen are really close. He says sorry for speaking against Kusum, he says I did not know that she truly loves Naveen, and why should she not get her love. Saras tells Danny that Pramad is playing a game with us and I don’t know what he wants to do.

Yash’s mum scolds Kusum. Kusum cries. Vidyachatur also scolds her and says you did not tell this when it happened. He says what will Budhidhan think about us. Kusum says what would I do. I saw that Pramad brought Kumud infront of everyone and pointed on her character, I had only this way out to save Kumud. She says Kumud have done the same if she was in her place. Kumari says if Kusum has not done this, what would have Kumud given the answer to Pramad. Vidyachatur says its happening because of Saras. Kusum says Saras did not lie, I started lying, and he supported. He supported Kumud. She says he stopped Kumud’s marriage from breaking. Badimaa says Kusum is right.

Danny tells why do you think that Pramad is playing a game. Saras says because I know he can’t change, and he is lying. Danny says I don’t know Pramad but I can’t believe that you can lie to someone. Saras looks at him. Badimaa supports Kusum and says now we have to think how to solve this. Vidyachatur says by saying the truth. Kusum says no, it will disturb Kumud. Kumud come and says its my duty now to solve this matter. She says yes we lied, but what might have Kusum gone through, think about it. She has bear the pain and did not let me lose, else I would have not been with Pramad, but would be here alone. She says Saras and Kusum are caught in this lie because of me, and its my responsibility to bring them out of it, trust me.

Pramad signs Kumari to be quiet and tells Yash’s mum that he will grind the chillies. He helps them in work. Yash’s mum says no, let it be. Badimaa and Kumud see him working. Yash’s mum says Kumari is making him work. Kumari says no, he himself came. Pramad says we saw a mandir on the way and says I thought I will take Kumud there with me. Badimaa says its good, go tomorrow morning. Kumud asks Pramad do you really want to go. He says yes, with you and helps her in work. He says do you feel bad that I m doing some work here. He says if I m keep myself busy, I can control myself. She says I understand and you will leave that habit soon. Saras looks at Pramad and Kumud.

Pramad goes to the mandir with Kumud. He acts sweet and tries to gain Kumud’s confidence. He says I wish we stay together. Kalika comes there and hides from Kumud. Kumud fails to see her. Saras tells Kusum that Pramad is lying and playing a game. He says Pramad was happy when Kumud left the house and now he is showering his love on her in one day, how. He says did he come to know that I m Sarawatichandra. Kusum asks how. He says Kalika knows I m Saraswatichandra and I have warned her not to tell it. He tells Kusum about Kalika’s assets which she has gained by stealing from Pramad and his family. He says if Kalika has told him about me, then why is he quiet, why did he not tell anyone, he is acting, he has something behind this.

Kalika makes Kumud fall. Pramad saves Kumud and falls on the stairs. Kumud shouts Pramad…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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