Saraswatichandra 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ghuman caring for Danny. She says I will call the doctor. Danny says I m fine. Ghuman scolds Kusum for using the peanut oil. Saras asks Danny to have water. Ghuman says he needs tablets now. Danny gets unwell. Ghuman says come with me. Kusum says Danny I m sorry. Danny says its not your mistake. Ghuman says don’t worry, I know what I have to do. Kumud pacifies Kusum. Kusum says this happened because of me, I should know about his allergies. Saras says did he share it with you before. Kusum says no. Saras says then how will you know it. She cries. Kumud asks her not to cry. Ghuman brings medicines for Danny and says I will bring ginger tea for you.

Danny says I m fine. Ghuman says I thought Kusum knows about your allergy. Danny says we did not get much

time together. Ghuman says but she knows a lot about Saras. Danny says its fine. Ghuman says true love is that which understands the problem of their life partner. Danny says now she knows this allergy, she won’t use that oil again. Ghuman says I want her to take care of you forgetting her past, take rest. She leaves and says I will break them by my love. Kusum comes to Danny and is upset. She says sorry Danny, Maa asked me to make food and see what I did. He says do you love me so much, give me a lovely smile else I will cough again. She smiles.

Danny says you did not have food, bring the plate, I will make you eat by my hands, make the khichdi, we will eat together. She says I won’t be able to eat and cries. He says why are you crying. Saras brings pizza for Danny standing at the window. Saras says this is window home delivery pizza for both of you. Kumud also comes with another pizza. Saras says my better half. Danny says this is good, even Kumud got used to come by windows. Saras says yes, I thought to make it adventurous for her also. Kumud says its romantic to come by window.

Danny says I can’t eat this, as Kusum does not want to eat. Saras says Danny is right, we will have it. Kumud and Saras show the pizza to Danny and his mouth waters. Danny says Kusum, I love pizza. Kusum laughs. Danny makes Kusum eat it and he eats too. Saras says its for you, have it. Ghuman comes and sees Danny eating. Danny asks from where did pizza come in Ratnagiri. Saras says there is a food festival. Ghuman thinks till Kumud and Saras are here, they won’t let my poison affect them, I have to see them first. Ghuman says you guys enjoy, give this tea to Danny. She leaves.

Vidyachatur calls everyone and gives them a good news. He says Laxminandan is recovering and will be conscious soon. He says we won’t have to wait longer. Guniyal says I wish nothing happens to him, lets go to temple. He says I went to temple, have this prasad. Kabir hears this and looks on. Kabir smiles. Kumud comes to Saras happily and sees him looking at Laxminandan’s photo. She laughs. Saras asks what happened. She says look at it, and jokes. Saras says I don’t find it funny. Saras gets a call from Badimaa and is happy to know about Laxminandan’s progress.

He smiles and tells Kumud about his dad. Kumud is also happy. Saras says his reports are better. Kumud thanks the Lord. He asks about the joke. She tells another and they laugh together. She tells him about his school kids. Kumud smiles seeing him happy. Piya re……….plays………… Vidyachatur tells I was sure that Nandu will be fine soon. Kabir comes. Vidyachatur says Kabir, actually……… Kabir gets a call from doctor and talks to him. Kabir says there is a patient, he is in coma, if you can come and see him, it would be great. Kabir tells everyone that he is a brain surgery expert, he can see Laxminandan. Vidyachatur is happy and thanks him. Everyone smile. Badimaa asks Guniyal to call Saras and inform him.
Kalika says did Ghuman tell everyone about me. The doctor comes and sees Laxminandan’s reports. He says you can expect the recovery soon. He says I m sure he will come out of coma soon. Everyone are happy hearing this. Ghuman asks where do you practice. The doctor says in Delhi. She says I wanted to take him to Dubai. He says its risky to shift him, you can trust us completely. Kumud asks does he need surgery. He says yes. Saras says you think surgery is necessary, can we get its details. The doctor says I will tell you after seeing the patient. I will visit the hospital tomorrow. He says I should leave now. Kabir takes him along outside. Danny says Kabir is doing a lot for us. Saras says yes. Kumud sees the doctor’s phone and goes to give him.

Kabir tells the doctor to answer their questions with answers which he told. The doctor says don’t worry, your patient will never be fine. Kumud comes and gives his phone. Vidyachatur shows the cheque to Saras and Danny. Kalika gives tea to Ghuman. She drops it on her saree. Ghuman says what are you doing. Kalika apologizes and says come with me, I will wash it. Ghuman goes with Kalika. Kalika cleans her saree and says it looks very costly. She says you look like a heroine. Ghuman says I know you did to talk to me. Kalika says if you want to accept Kusum, its your choice, but don’t come in my way. I mean don’t tell anyone about our talk. Ghuman says fine, I will keep your secret, come when I call you. Kalika agrees. Ghuman smiles.

Kabir looks at Ghuman and says I will write your fate now as its about hatred this time.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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