Saraswatichandra 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with a fresh morning in Desai house. Kumud is playing cards with Dada ji. Dada ji laughs as he gets tamarind from her. Everyone are seen doing the preparations. Vidyachatur says we will leave now. Dada ji asks them to leave. Everyone see a big gift box and wonder who is the sender. Dada ji says open it and see. Kumud opens the gift and its a box with Saras and Kumud’s photo in it. Kumud is shocked. Kumud says we did not take this photo. Dada ji says someone played a prank, I think its someone from our home. Everyone laughs. Dada ji asks them to go to Saras’s house and do his haldi. Everyone leave happily.

They reach Saras’s house. Vidyachatur tears Saras’s kurta. Saras asks why did you do this. Vidyachatur jokes saying its Kurta Phaad ritual. Everyone

run after Saras to tear his kurta. Saras gets the kurta off. Badimaa saves him and makes him sit for the haldi ritual. Guniyal starts first followed by Badimaa. Kalika looks on. Everyone apply haldi to Saras. Everyone tease Saras. Badimaa gets a call from Dada ji and talks to him. She says I called two girls for help, did they come. If not, then we will come home. its Kumud’s haldi time too. Kumud sits in the middle of the people in yellow clothes. She smiles happily. Badimaa waits for the girls. Saras and Danny get dressed like girls and enter the Desai house. Saras looks at Kumud. (Saras and Danny look horrible as girls!!) They tell Badimaa that they came for helping her. Badimaa asks them to come with her. Saras says Kumud is looking so beautiful.

Everyone sing a song and clap. Everyone happy haldi to Kusum. Saras and Danny ask can we also apply the haldi. They say yes. Saras applies haldi to Kumud, staring at her. She feels his presence and music plays…………… Piya…………. plays…………….. Next comes Danny, who applied haldi on Kumud’s nose and to Kusum. Kumud understands its Saras sand Danny and tells it to Kusum. Kusum says it looks like they are family and laughs. Kumud and Kusum catch them and take them for giving them a bath. Kusum and Kalika throws water on them. Everyone laugh seeing Saras and Danny.

Everyone put more water on them. Saras tells Kumud that I came to see you, you are looking much beautiful. Kumud laughs. Dada ji stops Saras and looks at his clothes. Saras says we heard Badimaa talking to you and we took the girl’s place.

Dada ji asks who has the pearl. Saras says he has and says I will rule in our house. Dada ji says even I feel so. Guniyal says Kumud will rule in the house. Everyone have a laugh. Kumud and Saras look at each other and smile. Danny and Kusum decorate the room. Danny closes Kusum’s eyes and asks her not to open till he says. He says now open your eyes. She asks whats this. He opens the light and she is amazed. Kusum and Danny get closer. Kusum says bye and leaves.

Badimaa comes to Kumud. Kumud is waiting for Saras and looks at the clock. Badimaa makes Kumud eat. Kumud bites her finger and laughs. Guniyal packs Kumud’s belongings. Badimaa thinks of keeping something and says yes I got it now. She gives Kumud a baby’s clothes. Kumud cries with happiness.

Saras’s Baraat comes and Kumud looks on. Badimaa dances in the baraat.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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