Saraswatichandra 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 31st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumari and Kumud praising Kusum’s rangoli. Kumud says it looks you made it by all your heart. She tells them that everyone will come with the new clothes, let wrap up our work. Kumari asks Kusum is this based on Meera’s play, you are also not forgetting about Krishna. She asks Kusum what kind of guy do you like. Kusum says such whose eyes show his heart’s truth, who fights with strength and understands without words, whose love has the depth that one can spend the life with it. Saras comes there. Kusum sees him and says who loves me without any expectations. Kumari says so tell us that you like someone like Saras bhai. Danny and Saras comes and hears them. Yash’s mum comes and taunts the girls.

Kumud argues with her taking Kusum’s

side. She says we are celebrating diwali as Kusum got saved. Yash’s mum says no one will marry these girls after what you did in this house. She leaves. Saras gets angry and looks at Kumud. Guniyal, Badimaa and Vidyachatur are buying clothes for the girls. Guniyal is tensed. Badimaa asks her to be happy and tension free at the festival’s time. Saras comes to Kumud. Snhe cries. He sees her crying and says its very beautiful. They are cleaning the chandeliers. The boy’s family who got rejected by Kusum come there and taunts Badimaa. Vidyachatur says lets go from here. They leave. They still taunt them and Badimaa and Vidyachatur. They gets angry. Badimaa says what right do you have to spoil our daughter’s name.

Kalika comes and starts taunting them. She says Kumud run away with her lover, who knows Kusum will do the same. Badimaa says no one will think like this except you. Badimaa asks everyone will anyone marry their daughter to a 50 yr old man. Kalika smiles. Saras lights and chandeliers. He says see its clean and sparkling. He says this has lightened the whole room. Badimaa says our daughters are nto a thing, but our life, we can’t sell them. The boy’s sister taunts Badimaa for staying at her brother’s house after marriage. Vidyachatur asks Badimaa to come. Kalika stops them and taunts them further. She says happy black diwali.

Guniyal kicks Kalika out of the way and leaves. Kalika smiles. Saras’s hand gets burnt and Kumud blows on it. They talk in their secret indirect love talk. Kumud smiles at last. Badimaa is upset and cries. She says its because of me, you all have to listen all this, but what should I do, it was my fate. Vidyachatur consoles her and says we get weak when we take a decision but you are our strength. Badimaa blames herself for Kumud’s state. Guniyal says Kumud is like you who won’t bear any injustice. Vidyachatur says if you break, Kumud will also break, so think about her, we won’t spoil our daughter’s diwali. Badimaa wipes her tears.

Its night, Everyone are happy at home. Saras comes and looks at Kumud. He signs her to smile and she smiles. Danny sees Saras and says now no one won’t see how handsome I m looking. Kusum shows the friendship bands to Danny, he smiles. Saras brings gifts for everyone. Saras takes everyone’s blessings. He brings a sandal for Badimaa and makes her wear it. Badimaa is very much happy. She blesses her. Saras hugs her. (He looks awesome in this episode!!) Danny asks where is my gift. Vidyachatur says I have it. He gives some money to everyone. Danny follows him to get the money. He gives some money to Danny at the end and Kumari takes that money and runs. Kusum asks Kumari not to tease Danny as he is a nice guy. Badimaa sends Saras on the terrace.

Kumud gets Kalika’s call. She says how dare you call here. Kalika tells her what happened in the market. Kumud is shocked to know it. kalika says your family got so much insulted infront of everyone. Kumud is hurt. Kalika laughs and says I felt bad for them. Kumud looks at Badimaa and Vidyachatur standing far. Badimaa is lighting the diyas in the mandir. Kumud comes to Saras and says no need to clean the chandeliers. She says how much it glows, it gets that dark. She breaks them and cries.

Kumud says this stain in my life won’t fade away. He asks what happened. She tells him that everyone got insulted because of me and they were helpless. She cries and says they are shaken from within, all because of me. She breaks down and says I won’t be able to smile ever. Saras feels sad for her. She says Badimaa got insulted and she was quiet, I failed. My life won’t give me another chance, I lost this battle. Saras hugs her. Badimaa sees this.

Saras tells Badimaa that Kumud is incomplete without me, to complete her I should hold her hand forever. Kumud hears this and is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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