Saraswatichandra 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with a transgender coming to save Kumud from the goons. The goons run away. She asks Kumud is she fine. Kumud thanks her. She asks is this ghungroos, you look from a good family. Kumud says its not mine, I need to find out whose is this. She says then come with me, I will help you, trust me. She brings her to the market and tries to find out about the ghungroos. The shopkeeper says its very old. Kumud says tell me where does such ghungroos are made. The man says sundarnagar. She asks about the shop. The man says I don’t remember. He says its 20-22 years old. The goons still look at Kumud. The man tells her about Roopmati who used to dance well in yesteryears and people say she committed suicide. She says thanks for the help.

She asks Kumud that things have

changed in Sundarnagar and it won’t be possible to find out, she says one thing is still the same, the studio, we can find out there. Kumud says take me there. They come at the photo shop and asks about Ghuman. Kumud says Ghuman was here 20 years old. The studio man says my dad used to be here at that time. Kumud sees Ghuman’s photo as a dancer and is shocked. She tells him that she is Ghuman. He says no, you are mistaken, she is Roopmati. He says she was a famous dancer. He says we have our old studio, maybe she lives there. Kumud smiles and thinks Ghuman has hidden her secret in Chandni bazaar.

Kumud thanks the transgender. She says why did you come here alone, were you not afraid. Kumud says I was afraid, but it was small infront of my people’s pain. She says your husband might be very lucky. Kumud says I will call him. She calls Saras but can’t connect. Kumud tells her that she got her as Maa Ambe. She asks her to come with her. She says I can’t come with you now, my blessings are with you, go ahead and be strong. Kumud smiles and leaves. A man sees Kumud and says she came here to find Ghuman, fine I will keep an eye on her.

Saras tries calling Kumud and says its my mistake, she was uniting my family and I was annoyed. He says I m your husband, but you should call atleast once. He gets Vidyachatur’s call asking for Kumud. Saras says she did not come and she did not call also. He says I was thinking to come home and meet Kumud. Saras says sure. Guniyal says if it was someone else, he would have taunted us, its Saras who loves her so he is quiet. Kumud asks people about Roopmati. Kumud comes to someone in Chandni bazaar and asks about Roopmati. The woman does not know Roopmati but knows Ghuman. She says Ghuman is inside, she just came, come inside. Kumud is shocked.

Saras thinks where is Kumud, how can she be so careless. Kusum says don’t worry, she will come soon. The door bell rings. Kusum says it seems Kumud came. Danny comes and closes the door. Danny asks what happened. Kusum says Kumud went in her friend’s mahendi and did not call, she did not come for the aarti also. The door bell rings again and its Vidyahctaur and Guniyal. Danny asks where is mum. Kusum says don’t know. Guniyal tries calling Kumud.

Kumud is tensed as Ghuman is coming towards her. She hears anklet’s sounds and looks at her. Guniyal calls Kumud and Kumud does not pick. The woman asks Kumud to take the call. Kumud cuts the call and sees its a different girl. She is shocked and asks who are you. The girl says I m Ghuman. Kumud says I m seeing some other Ghuman, sorry. She leaves rushing out. The man looks at Kumud and keeps an eye on her. Kumud says its late, everyone might be worried, I should call Saras. Kumud calls Saras and ends the call as the man comes to talk to her.

The man says you are close to the one you are finding. He says you are finding Ghuman right. He says come with me. He says I know its hard to trust me, but you don’t have any other option, either come with me or go home empty handed. Guniyal says lets do the aarti now. Vidyachatur asks Saras to come for the aarti. Saras says you start. Vidyachatur asks Kumud to start. Saras keeps trying Kumud and says why is she not taking my call. He says who was that man talking to her. Ghuman comes and greets them. She asks where is Kumud, aarti without Kumud? She says fine, she brought the idol and is missing at the aarti time. She says we will do the aarti on time, with Kumud or without her. Kusum does the aarti.

Menka tells Kabir that she has found the right man for Ghuman. Kabir talks to her about their plan and both of them sound overconfident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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