Saraswatichandra 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 30th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud seeing Saras and calling him. He does not respond and leaves. She thinks what happened to him. Pramad is thinking about Kumud’s words and what Alak and his parents did to him. Kalika comes to him and sees him sitting in darkness. She says my dad told me that everyone left home, she smiles and says we wanted this that we have the right on this house. She says if you say, shall I make you drink wine by my hands. He throws the wine bottle. Yash’s mum rpaises Kusum infront of the groom’s family. Kumari brings Kusum. Vidyachatur introduces his daughters\ and Kumari. They say Kumud, the one who… Kumud says who is taking the divorce. The boy’s mum talks to Kusum and asks her to sit.

Someone knocks the door and Kumud goes to see it. She sees

no one and comes out of the house. She looks around and finds no one. She goes back and turns to see Pramad. She says I asked you not to come here, why did you come, I will call the police, go from here, she says I won’t be afraid of you anymore. Pramad says everyone left me, even my parents. She says atlast, your mum’s eyes opened. He says even Alak left. She says go from here else I will call the police. The boy’s mum says we have only daughters, not son. Vidyachatur asks then who is the groom. She says my brother, did Yash’s mum not tell you. Everyone are shocked.

Vidyachatur says my Kusum is only 20 years old. They say my brother has a daughter who can marry Yash, and Kusum can marry my brother. She says there won’t be any dowry. Kumud says we won’t send Kusum to your house. Yash’s mum asks Kumud to be quiet. Kumud says sorry, we can’t do this relation. The boy’s family gets raised. Kumud says I m speaking on my dad’s behalf. Vidyachatur says Kumud is right, its a no from our side. Yash’s mum asks him to think and decide. Kumud says no, my marriage was in hurry, but we won’t find someone like him for Kusum. The boy’s family starts taunting Kumud. Kusum says I m ready, I can be unmarried for my whole life in my sister’s words. Kumud smiles.

Kusum comes to Kumud and stands by her side. The boy’s family says why did you call us if they wanted to die unmarrried. Yash’s mum scolds Kumud and Kusum. She says I would have made Kusum marry by force is she was my daughter. Guniyal and Vidyachatur argue with her. He says you were selling my daughter and getting a bride for Yash. Kumud says that man was 55 years old, this is a crime. Yash’s mum taunts Kumud for running away with Saras and coming home. Kumud says don’t worry, I will find someone suitable for Kusum. Kumud argues with her and speaks with pride.

Yash’s mum says you did not do the agnipariksha, till you are here, no one will marry these girls. She asks Badimaa to kill Kumari for their sake, but she won’t do this with Yash. Kumud says its my dad’s insult and I can’t bear it. Kumud tells Yash’s mum that if my dad has the same mindset as yours, you would have not got the respect being a widow. Yash’s mum gets angry and leaves.

Badimaa asks Danny about Saras. She asks Kusum to serve food to Danny. Kusum serves him. Badimaa prays for Saras that he comes home safe. She places salt at bthe door. Saras comes. Badimaa sees him standing at the gate and asks him why did you not come inside. He says I came here to take Danny. Badimaa asks him to have food. He says I already had food and leaves. Badimaa sees his changed behavior and says I have to find out what he is hiding from me.

Danny asks Kusum about who came to see her, its was an uncle. Kusum gets annoyed. Danny jokes with her and she gets angry. Kusum runs after him and says I will see you. Danny and Kusum fall laughing. Danny takes a photo with her. He says I will show you this photo when you are upsey. Danny goes to Saras. Saras asks how is everyone at home. Danny says no, they are not well. Yash’s mum brought a proposal for Kusum of a 55yr old man, and Kumud made them go but Yash’s mum insulted her. Saras says what am I doing, I m thinking only about myself. Saras sees Kumud and says I should be with you, thats it, as you need me. He goes to Kumud.

Kumud is thinking about what happened in the evening. She thinks about Yash’s mum’s words. Saras comes to her and Kumud says so you come now, after the day ended. She says I told you, I should have not laughed, as it may catch bad sight. She is upset. He says happiness can’t be away from you. She says I think of forgetting everything and make a new start, but this won’t happen, Pramad came. Saras asks did he do anything. Kumud says why does he not go from my life, I m afraid that he is close to me and can do anything. She tells Saras about Kusum’s proposal and how her past came in between her happiness. She says did I do such mistake, that all this won’t end. Can’t I smile again, don’t I have the right to live my life. Saras says you have the full right.

He says I came to know what I smile is seeing you. Smile is that that starts with lips ans reaches the eyes. He says such is your smile. Saras encourages her and makes her smile. He says don’t bring tears in your eyes ever. Kumud smiles and nods yes. Saras smiles seeing her. He says don’t worry about Kusum, she will get a very nice man who would take good care of her, stop worrying about her. Kumud leaves.

Kusum is in her room with a feather in her hand. Kumud comes to her and knocks the door. She talks to Kusum and asks are you fine or still sad. Kusum says hmm.. and you. Kumud nods yes. Kumari dresses up like Yash’s mum to make them smile and acts like her. Kusum smiles. Kumud says enough, you are now taunting, she is elder to us. Kumari says when she taunts us, we should not tell her anything why, I will taunt her on her face. How can she bring such a proposal for Kusum. She hugs Kusum and Kumud saying we are united and will be, we don’t need anyone. Kumud hugs them and smiles.

Saras tells Badimaa that Kumud is incomplete without me, to complete her I should hold her hand forever. Kumud hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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