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Saraswatichandra 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone happily doing the arrangements. Kumud and Badimaa make the sweets. Saras looks at Kumud. Guniyal asks where is Kusum. Vidyachatur asks her to make tea. She says you just had it. He says can’t I have again. She says no. He says fine, I will make myself. Kumud says Maa, don’t know what he will do, you go and make. She says yes, he does not know anything, I have to go. Saras gets a call from Mr Singhania and says sorry, I totally forgot. I will mail it now. Vidyahctaur bangs the vessels to show he came to make tea. He is unable to ignite the stove with the lighter. It’s a cute scene between Guniyal and Vidyachatur. She makes the tea for him and he smiles thinking about their marriage time and the first time she made tea for him.

He holds her hand. She

says what are you saying. He holds her and says seeing this arrangements, I remember our engagement and marriage days, you were so beau6iful and still the same. They talk how they met the first time and both were shy to see each other. Danny comes and sees them holding hands and sharing romantic moment. He smiles seeing them. Vidyachatur sees him and changes the topic. Danny teases them by their words. Guniyal is shy that Danny heard everything. Danny holds Kusum and is inspired by Guniyal and Vidyachatur. He says everyone has time for each other, except you, your parents were romancing in kitchen. She says what. Danny flirts with her. Saras comes and sees them romancing.

Kusum leaves seeing Saras. Danny says why do you make wrong entry. Saras says I m making right exit and going to my wife now. Saras asks Badimaa where is Kumud. Badimaa says she went to school, as principal called her, she wanted to take sweets for kids, she forgot. Saras says I will go and give her. He sees Kumud leaving in an auto and sees a white car coming. He shouts Kumud as the car would have hit the auto. The auto stops and Saras runs to her. He asks why was she going without telling him. She says I did not find you, so I went.

He gets worried for her because of his bad dream and shows her extra concern. He says I will drop you school and will be there till your work ends. She says there is much work at home, what will you do there. He says no, I will drop you come. He holds her hand and takes her to his car.

Kumud and Saras come home. Everyone is seeing the clothes and jewellery. Saras is worried and is keenly keeping an eye on Saras. Badimaa asks Saras what is he worried. Saras cries and says I don’t want to leave Kumud alone for a min, I feel something wrong is going to happen. She asks what happened. He says I saw a bad dream yesterday night, since when I m feeling scared. Badimaa pacifies him and says leave everything on Lord, trust Lord, nothing bad will happen with Kumud. Few men come and say they came for decoration. Vidyachatur says we already did it and we did not give any order.

Anushka says I called them, for a surprise for Saras and Kumud. Vidyachatur says tell us, what is it. Kabir says she did not tell me too. Anushka asks everyone to wait till evening. They smile. Kumud asks her to go and take rest now. Kusum asks Kumud what should she wear at night and takes her. Saraas feels restless. Saras looks at what Anushka is planning. She gets a call from someone and goes to talk. He follows her to her room and hears her saying that she has done the work as she was told. Saras says what work and who is asking her to do what. He says whats this surprise. He moves back and vase falls. She gets alert and ends the call. She goes to see who is there but Saras leaves.

Saras comes in the living room and sees a red curtain. He goes to see whats the surprise. He thinks about Anushka’s words and is about to move it. Anushka stops him and laughs saying I caught you Jiju, you are eager to see it as kids. Everyone come and ask him to wait as its for him and Kumud. Sarasmis doubtful and leaves. The function starts. Badimaa attends all the guests well and says Anushka will be coming now. Danny asks Kabir why did Anushka not come, I think she changed her decision. Kabir says ‘I m already stressed. Danny says see she has come. Kabir turns and looks at her. Saras too looks at Kumud bringing Anushka.

Anushka says we want to see the surprise for Kumud and Saras, and I want Kumud to open it. Saras feels odd and says stop Kumud, I want Anushka to open it by her hands as its big day for her. Anushka gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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