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Saraswatichandra 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Prashant how did he come in as the door was closed. He says the door was open. He says relax, I know you are worried, I saw Saras leaving, being a neighbor, I came here to support you. She says don’t say in between us, leave from here. He asks are you sure. She says yes, please leave from here. Saras comes home and sees Prashant as he was leaving. Prashant says I came to ask about you, after what happened. Saras says we both are fine, I m sorry, I reacted bad. Prashant says its ok, it happens. He leaves. Saras closes the door. Kumud cries and says we were annoyed before too, but you did not leave me like this.

She says forgive me please, for one more time, I m sorry. He says I m sorry, its my mistake, I should have not gone like this, I won’t do this

again. She hugs him. Anushka asks Kabir what did he say. He says I love you, I don’t want you to go from here. She turns and he holds her. She says no Kabir, I don’t love you, I can’t love anyone, my no is not to you, but to love, I learnt this till now, I was taught this, I saw many relations breaking since childhood, its not possible Kabir. She says love does not exist,everything changes. She says the relation which becomes a burden, I don’t want to start it. He says but…… She says no Kabir, my answer is no, I m really sorry. She leaves.

Saras tells Kumud he was annoyed. She says as I did not tell you. She says I will tell you everything from now on, but you also don’t leave me alone like this. She says I was worried about you. Saras says I can’t go far from you, how could I be far from you. She says promise me you won’t leave me alone even if we have a big fight. He says I promise and holds her hand. Nandini calls Kumud. She is her friend who returned from US. Nandini says you did not say you are in Mumbai. They have a talk and think to meet tomorrow. Kumud agrees and thinks she will call everyone at home, Saras will be happy with this change. Nandini says great, I will meet your husband too.

Its morning, Danny gets ready. Kusum apologizes to him. He says you doubted on me, I was hurt, how can you be so insecure that you followed me and you wanted to make a scene infront of my friends. She says yes, but I m regretting now, when I saw you going far from me, so I wanted to bring you to me. I was jealous as I love you a lot. She asks him to think if he was in her place. He says I love you too, and if I had a doubt, I would have not asked you, sorry I could not understand, sorry Kusum. They hug.

Prashant sees Saraas and Kumud. He sees Saras getting ready. Saras asks Kumud what is she doing. Kumud tells him about Nandini and other friends coming home, so they will meet him, so come early. He says I will come back after my meeting. He leaves. Prashant smiles and says till when will I have to be away from you Kumud, I have to do something about Saras. Kumud says I will go market to buy few items. He sees her leaving and says it looks she is going somewhere, this is right chance for me.

He comes to her house and locks the door from inside. He sees Saras and Kumud’s pic and says now its enough. He is about to throw the pic but keeps it back. Kabir tells Badimaa that Anushka said no, its not her mistake, I did not think I will tell her this, she said she does not believe in love. Badimaa says you also said this, you now believe in love, maybe this will happen to her too. Kabir asks her not to talk to Anushka.

Prashant comes back to his home and sees Kumud welcoming her friends and says why did Saras not come till now. Kumud is happy meeting everyone, Nandini and her husband Sushant, Shivangi and others. Kumud talks to everyone ad says Saras will come after his meeting. She goes to make tea. The door bell rings and she checks. Saras comes home and Kumud introduces him. Saras meets everyone. Prashant smiles. Saras says I ended the meeting to meet you all. Sushant says Mr Vyas glad to see you. Saras says call me Saras.

They have a laugh. Saras helps Kumud in treating the guests. Prashant looks at them. They serve the tea and snacks. Nandini asks their love story. Saras says I did not wish to marry initially. Kumud says yes, he came to reject me, then I decided not to show my face. He says but I saw her face. The FB scene shows the love story. Saras says we fell in love and then we understood we are made for each other. Nandini says we called Kumud Tez dhaar and thought who will manage her. Saras says I managed her easily. They smile and talk. Prashant waits. Nandini says seeing both of you, it looks jodis are made in heaven, you are just made for each other. Kumud says I will get food ready. Saras goes to freshen up and Prashant smiles.

Saras falls in his room. Prashant sees him with binoculars and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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