Saraswatichandra 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud hugging Saras’s drawing. She says now I should complete this drawing. She smiles touching the drawing. She thinks about Saras and draws Saras’s image. She completes the drawing. (The incomplete drawing was far better than the complete one!!) Kusum comes and says its Saras’s picture, she says I know the story well. He will come soon and take you with him. She says I will also pray for you, so that even I get a romantic husband as you got. Kumud says he came suddenly to break my fast, it was like a dream, so I completed his picture. Kumud says next time I will pray for you so that you get a loving husband. Kusum is shocked to know that Saras kept the fast for Kumud. Kusum prays for Kumud’s and Saras’s relation.

Scene shifts to Ghuman:


shows an envelop that will turn the table round. She keeps the envelop in the file and sends the file for Saras. She asks her servant to tell Saras to read the file before he sleeps. Ghuman is planning something bad. (Waiting to see what she does this time!!)

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari thinks about Umesh and how he cheated her. She realizes her mistake and cries. Badimaa comes and sees her crying, she asks Kumari why she is crying. Kumari hugs her and cries. Badimaa says I feel hurt when you cry, tell me what happened. Kumari says I’m feeling bad for you, how did you take care of me when my father left me with you. Kumari says I used to get angry and not listen to you, I have hurt you in every way, please forgive me. Badimaa says when you become a mother, you will know my state. She says yes, when your father left, I was alone, but I had you with me. Badimaa speaks well. Kumari smiles and hugs Badimaa. Badimaa is very happy that Kumari got sense.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras comes home and sees Kumud’s photos, he says come to me please, (We wish the same!!) and bring flowers in my desert. (LOL!!) He feels the breeze standing in the window. He looks at his mum’s photo and talks to it. He says I used to fear of relations, now I am waiting for my relation with Kumud. He wishes his mum was with him to bless him and Kumud. He says Dad loved you a lot, maybe he did not tell you. The servant brings food and the file Ghuman has sent for him. The servant asks Saras to read the file.

Saras thinks its a new business proposal. He gets the envelop. He takes out the letter and reads it. Its the letter from his mum which she wrote for Laxminandan. She writes that Laxminandan had the affair with Ghuman even when she was alive and she could not bear it. She writes I want to bring up my son Saras, but being a woman I cannot take this insult. That is why I’m going far from you, and you should take care of Saras. Saras is devastated reading the letter. He breaks down. Saras shouts Maa and cries. Ghuman watches him and is happy. (b*t*hy Ghuman) Ghuman says now I will present the third thing in the row to make the issue further. (What else remained now?)

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

Laxminandan is in an angry state. Ghuman is with him, adding fuel to the fire. She says Saras has come and he is in his room. Laxminandan says why did he not come here. She says maybe he is talking to Kumud. Saras comes there with the letter. Laxminandan looks at him angrily. Even Saras’s eye has lots of anger in them. Laxminandan says how dare you stand infront of me, after getting me insulted. Ghuman intervenes and Laxminandan stops Ghuman. Laxminandan tells Saras how important was the merger for him. He shouts on Saras. Laxminandan says Mr. Lal (the client) denied the merger because of him. Laxminandan says you are nothing without my name. Laxminandan says I would not known he went to Ratnagiri if
Ghuman have not re-scheduled the meeting. Laxminandan speaks against Saraswati, his wife. He says your mother was a weak woman, so she committed suicide. And you are like her, a weak person. Saras shouts enough. (Laxminandan, stop it, we cannot hear your bitter words!!)

Saras asks his dad to stop it. Saras tells you are ashamed not on her suicide, but on her murder. Saras speaks hard with his dad. He tells him he will not forgive him of his mum’s murder. He shows him the letter which Saraswati wrote. Ghuman smiles.(Someone slap this Ghuman!!) He says you have hidden everything from me, but I came to know everything today. He says you took away the reason to live, so that you can make the relation with an other woman, Laxminandan slaps Saras. Saras falls, and he says you slapped like this to my mum’s love, by cheating her. He says you should have felt her love, my mum failed infront of you, that is why she died. Saras controls his anger, it looks. Saras says today you have killed your son. So, I will not link your name with my name. He says from today, I’m only my mum’s son, Saraswatichandra. Ghuman is glad that she has won over the father-son relation.

Kusum comes and calls Kumud, Kumud is shocked as blue color falls on the drawing. Kumud says glass broke and its not a good sign.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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