Saraswatichandra 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saras saying as we are Husband and wife so we could share Loddos. Saras and Kumud fighting for the Laddoo.

Badimaa sees that a Mouse eats the Ladoo and gets happy saying that Ganpti ji had the Laddoo.

Kumud gets angry that Saras ate Laddoo alone and refuses to eat it. Saras says he did not eat the laddoo he only teasing her.

Saras tries to make Kumud eat the Laddoo with his hand.

Badimaa is shocked seeing the rat die by eating the laddoo and shouts Saras and kumud don’t eat the laddoo. Saras asks why, everyone comes there Badimaa says to everyone about rat died from eating the Laddoo. Badimaa says may be the Laddoo is Poisoned.

Everyone gets shocked and ask who could do this. Saras Says how could it Possible when the Laddoo comes from Anushkaa’s House

Kabir comes to Anushka and sees that she is looking Sad and tells her that I know you Missing your Mom and Dad But don’t worry, we will be going to there after wedding. He gifted her a necklace. Badimaa comes there and tell them about Laddoo. Anushka wonders and says she did not know about this.

Saras dreams kumud saying that she has to leave his life, suddenly he shouts Kumud and wakes up. Kumud gets worried and asks Saras what happened and gives him a glass of water.

Vidyachatur informs all about Anushka and Kabir’s engagement will be held today. Everyone Gets Busy for engagement preparations. Kabir and Anushka get Happy.

Saras thinks about his dreams, Kumud notices Saras is upset. Kumud tries to make him Happy and tells Saras that they want 4 children, and he will take care of their children. Saras smiles.
Kumud tells him not to worry because their love is with them and they will always live together.

Saras asks Badimaa about Kumud, she says, she went to school. principal called her and she said that she will come back soon

Update Credit to: Deepali

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