Saraswatichandra 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 29th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Pramad in an argument. Pramad says don’t try to become my wife, you don’t have any right on me. He pushes her and she gets hurt. Pramad leaves from the room, Kumud goes after him. Saras is leaving the house, as he walks in the hall. Pramad comes there drinking wine. Saras sees him going. Kumud does not see Saras standing there. She cries, her blood drop falls on Saras’s hand and he looks up. Kumud goes inside, and he does not see her, but he feels Kumud and runs towards her room. Kumud is in her room crying. Saras comes to her and sees blood on her forehead.

He is shocked to see Kumud in such state. He says Kumud. She stops him there itself and says what is this, Naveen Chandra ji. This is someone else’s room and you should not come in

this room, go from here, my husband can come anytime. Kumud taunts him. Saras asks how did you get hurt, did Pramad did this, answer me Kumud. Kumud is silent. Saras gets angry on Pramad. Kumud stops him saying you won’t say or touch him. She gives Saras her oath saying he is my husband and I can’t see his insult. Saras says you are doing a mistake living with Pramad. Kumud says I did a mistake to love a man who broke my trust, atleast my husband does not make false promises, go from here right away. Saras looks at her, keeps a bandaid for her wound and leaves. Kumud cries. Kuch na Kahe.. Bas Chup Rahe… plays in the background. Kumud thinks about their encounters.

The next morning, Kumud is doing the puja and gives the Aarti to everyone. Pramad’s brother says everything will be fine soon. Budhidhan blesses Kumud. He says whenever I see Pramad, I get hurt, but when I see you, I feel happy. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud to give the Aarti to everyone. Saras comes to Kumud and takes the Aarti. He keeps his hand on the fire and thinks about Kumud’s words. Kumud leaves not caring about Saras’s burnt hand. Saras says I am seeing you burn every moment, this is nothing infront of that. I cannot see this happening with you.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur is doing his work with Kusum. Guniyal brings food for him. She says did you talk about Pramad to Chadresh Bhai. He says yes, he said he heard that Pramad drinks wine but not to worry, they have just heard it, maybe Budhidhan’s opposition party members talk about Pramad. Guniyal says why do people talk like this. Kusum says maybe because of jealousy. She says we heard good about Saras and what he did. Sunny comes there and takes Saras’s side.

Sunny says you have heard right about Saras. Saras cannot cheat anyone. Kusum says he broke his relation with my sister one day before marriage, this is how he cheated him. I came to know from my parents what you told about Saras, how can I break the marriage, then he will come to apologize. She further adds how can he think Didi will forgive him, he broke her trust second time, he did not think about our family, I have lost my trust on love. Sunny says this happened because of Ghuman. Kusum says what was my Didi’s mistake, why he broke Kumud’s heart, any answer for that. Sunny says think from Saras’s side, he loved Kumud mreo than himself, how would he break this relation with Kumud. Kusum says whatever the circumstances, how can he say no to marriage. She says Saras loved Kumud but could not keep it going. Kusum cries.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan’s house:

Budhidhan invites Saras for breakfast. Murakh Dad serves him. Budhidhan asks Pramad do you remember what happened yesterday. Everyone look at him. Kumud comes there and asks Budhidhan to have snacks she made for him. Kumud is hiding her wound by her ghunghat. Budhidhan asks Saras does he have any problem in their house, Saras says no, just yesterday night… Kumud and Pramad look at him. Saras stares at Pramad angrily.

Budhidhan asks Saras what happened. Everyone look at Saras. Saras changes the topic, Kumud is relieved. Saras indirectly connects Kumud with the flood struck victims. Budhidhan says you have written a good speech, the people felt good. Saras says there is much pain, I have to do something. Budhidhan says if you need our help, we are ready to help. Alak (Name changed from Palak) reads the newspaper and says everyone applauded your speech and wrote about it in newspapers. Budhidhan praises Saras for writing a very good speech. Saras looks at Pramad and thinks about Kumud’s words. He gets angry and says why are you hiding the wound Kumud. Saras breaks the glass in anger. Alak asks what is this, they ask Kumud to bring the first aid box. Saras says the wound won’t heal with medicines, this wound is deeper. Saras leaves saying this. Kumud feels his pain and becomes impatient.

Saras tells Kumud that he won’t leave from here till she tells everyone about her relation with Pramad. Kumud says she won’t say. He says I will make you say infront of everyone before tomorrow sunset.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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