Saraswatichandra 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the girls seeing the bridal dress of Sejal. Kumari says I will also ask for it. Kusum says first Kumud Didi will marry, then me, and later you. Kusum asks did you choose your groom. Sejal is dressed in her bridal dress, and looks beautiful. Kumari reads the horoscope, and laughs. Saras comes there, and Kumari asks him what his sun sign, and reads the horoscope, she says today is very good for you, and good things will happen to you today. Saras says its right, and thinks this day will bring happiness and a new start for us. He asks for Kumud.

The groom comes and Vidyachatur and Laxminandan, along with Jayantilal welcome him.
Saras also stand in the crowd, the rituals take place. Everyone are happy. Saras looks at Kumud and a sweet music plays..


welcomes the guests, and Saras stares at her. He holds her hand and welcomes himself. She says if you have courage, ask my hand infront of everyone. She leaves saying this. Saras calls Vidya kaka and says aloud that he wants to say something. Vidyachatur asks what is it. He says how should I say, from where should I start, I don’t know. Because I m telling this to myself for the first time, I told No to Kumud earlier, but what I m going to say now, that is linked with Kumud. Everyone hear, even Ghuman is actively hearing all this. Saras tells when dad told me about this proposal, I did not even know the girl’s name, because I felt I won’t be able to marry anyone, and would give the same pain which my mother got. I used to fear of marriage and wanted to be alone. I used to hate being in crowd, so I wrote the letter to Kumud and said No to her.

When I talked to Kumud, I felt some relationw ith her without seeing her, it happened for the first time. That feeling brought me here. My mind said I came here to say no, but my heart was saying something else. When I saw Kumud, it became difficult for me to leave. How much I tried to stay away from Kumud, we came closer, and I started loving her. (way to go Saras, good going)

Kumud becomes happy. Ghuman is shocked. I could not tell her because I feared of leaving this relation incomplete. I did not wanted to hurt her. I hided the love I had for Kumud, but I met myself, thanks to Kumud. He says Badimaa that now I can listen to my heart, this relation is my life, and I don’t want to be alone, I want to feel my every feeling. I want to share everything with Kumud. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan gets happy. Saras further says I want to live life with Kumud. I want to start with Kumud, and end on her. Badimaa blesses him. Kumud smiles. He asks Vidyachatur and his wife, that can you give Kumud’s hand to me for the entire life. (Finally!!)

Ghuman failed. He says not because I m your friend’s son, but because I love her, and I promise I will keep her happy always. He requests to them. Vidyachatur smiles as everyone looks on. Laxminandan comes to Vidyachatur and says he knows whatever Saras told today, his each word is true. If you trust me, I ask you Kumud’s hand for my son Saras. Guniyal says yes. Vidyachatur says I won’t hide anything from you today.

When you said no to me, I got hurt. But I trusted you that time, and I trust you even more today, I m happy and give you my daughter. Everyone are happy. He hugs Saras. Kumud is on cloud nine.
Vidyachatur looks at Kumud and smiles. Laxminandan and Vidyachatur congratulate each other and hug. Saras smiles seeing Kumud. Sunny hugs Saras. Vidyachatur announces to everyone that Kumud’s marriage is fixed, but first lets finish Sejal’s marriage.
Kumud thinks about Saras’s sweet words and looks at the drawing.

Kumud talks with the drawing, saying your heart too matches with the drawing. This is you, who speak infront of everyone, you are the one who came in my dream, you are my Saraswatichandra. Kusum, and Kumari come to her, and say we can call him Jijaji. They all are happy. She says till date, no one has done like this. The girls pull Kumud’s leg. Kumud smiles. (She looks beautiful today) Kusum says you got your groom whom you like.

Ghuman gets angry saying she did not think in her dream that Saras would say like this infront of everyone, but Kumud ruined everything. Badimaa comes to her and says have a drink, you are burning with jealousy. Badimaa says the people who value relations are better than selfish people. This is your failure, Saras saw love in Kumud’s eyes, so he told everything and asked Kumud’s hand to Vidyachatur. This is Saraswati’s values and you could not do anything. I m just saving my kids from you. The fate has failed you, and Kumud and Saras are united now. Their relation is strong which you cannot shake. Badimaa taunts her and leaves.

Saras tells Guniyal can he call her Maa instead of Mausi maa. Kumud tells papa to Laxminandan and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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