Saraswatichandra 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud giving prasad to Ghuman and says if you eat this, maybe you will turn good. Kabir comes and Saras asks him to come in. Kabir says sign on this salary cheques. Saras says from now on Danny will sign on it. Menka comes and sys Ghuman….. Ghuman says Didi and everyone looks at her. Menka says you forgot me. Ghuman hugs her and says whats a surprise. Menka says I came to see you as Laxminandan is in coma, till when will I be in Dubai alone. She asks how is Laxminandan. Menka sees everyone and asks why is everyone shocked, as if I m a ghost. She asks Danny and Saras they would have called her in their marriages, as she would have not tole their parents.

Menka asks Ghuman who is he. Danny says he is our friend Kabir who works with us. Kabir meets Menka

formally. Kumud thinks why are they acting like strangers, even Ghuman, is she acting. Ghuman says lets go to my room. Ghuman and Menka have a talk. Ghuman says Laxminandan is not getting consciousness. Kumud comes to them with tea and says I have opened the guest room. Ghuman says you can leave now. Kumud opens the windows and Menka’s bag falls. Kumud says sorry and leaves. Ghuman shuts the door and says I m fed up of her. She has trapped Saras in her love cleverly. Menka says just the way you trapped Laxminandan.

Ghuman asks why did you come here. Menka says when did you talk me to phone. She says 22 years before, you did not have time for me, when you were busy with Laxminandan, tell me whats going on now. Ghuman says no, Laxminandan is in coma. Menka taunts her. Ghuman says go and take rest. Menka and Ghuman have an argument. Kumud comes and says the room is ready. Kumud had kept a recorder to hear their talk. Kumud hears their conversation in her phone about the secret of Ghuman. She thinks what is this secret, I have to find it out, before 9 days ends.

Its morning, Kabir comes with the samples. Ghuman looks at Kabir and smiles. Kabir looks at her. Kumud looms at the,. Ghuman messages Kabir. Kabir reads why did he come to the house in morning. Kabir messages her that so did you keep me in your party. Ghuman smiles. Saras asks Kabir to take care of the samples that it should not have any dill color. Menka comes and smiles seeing Ghuman and Kabir. Menka tells Ghuman oh so you are smiling seeing Kabir, it seems the boy is very interesting. He says its good. Ghuman says I m saying you again I won’t bear this joke. Kumud tries to hear. Ghuman leaves.

Saras says lets go to factory and check the samples once again. Saras and Kabir leave. Kumud thinks I should talk to Menka now, maybe she is angry. Kumud comes to her and brings juice for her. Menka says thanks. Kumud talks to her sweetly and says you came here for your sister, even Kusum and I are like this. Menka says I did not marry yet. Kumud says yes, you went with Kaka and Maa, you did not think of yourself. Kumud asks does Ghuman share everything with you, tell me how Kaka and Maa met. Menka is about to say but stops thinking Kumud is very clever. She says its like old films, long, I have to make important phone calls, bye. She leaves. Kumud thinks she stopped saying, I should find out.

Danny is upset in his room. Kusum comes to him and tries to talk to him. Danny says what does Saras think, I need his property, I only wanted his support. He says i never wanted this to happen, he is giving me everything with anger, not with love, I don’t want all this. Kusum says yes you are right, go and return him this file. Ghuman hears this. Danny leaves. Kusum thinks maybe they will talk and understand each other. Ghuman thinks even I controlled my husband, I understood why you did this. Danny comes to Saras and knocks the door. Saras says come in.

Danny keeps the file. Saras says one min and checks the file. He says whats this. Danny says you keep this, I don’t want. Saras says now I can’t change my decision. I feel this is burden, you can’t say no. Danny says you did not support me. Danny slips and Saras holds him. Kumud looks on. Danny signs back off and leaves. Saras throws the file.Kumud smiles. Kumud says I brought food here as I knew you won’t dine with everyone. Saras says i won’t have food. Kusum comes and says everyone came, you come. Kumud says I will come. She leaves. Saras eats the food like being very hungry. Kumud smiles seeing him.

Kumud goes to Ghuman’s room and looks around. She gets her ghungroos under the bed in a bag. It has Ghuman’s dancing clothes too. Kumud says is those the same Ghungroos which Kusum made, maybe this is old, which Ghuman used to wear. She sees the name of the dancing club.

Kumud tells Saras that she has to go in her friend’s marriage. She thinks sorry, I have to lie to you to find out the truth. Saras looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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