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Saraswatichandra 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras asking his brother to see him and learn. Saras goes inside and sees the ladies deciding jewellery. Saras gives his opinion. Kumud asks what work does he have. He says Badimaa called you all for puja. She asks what else. He says I came to see if Anushka is ready, she is looking good. Kumud says she will come when she is ready, go now. He holds her hand and flirts. She pushes him out. Danny and Kabir laugh on him saying his just watch and learn line. Saras says lets go. Badimaa is waiting for puja. Badimaa asks Guniyal to call Anushka as they have to start the puja now. Danny is still pulling Saras’ leg. Anushka comes smiling and looks pretty. The Vyas guys looks at their partners and smile.

Kabir says beautiful. Danny whistles seeing Kusum. Saras is staring

at Kumud. All have a smile on their face. Yash smiles seeing them drool. All of them sit for the puja. Saras asks Kumud to think about what he told, remarriage….. They smile. Danny tells Kusum that she is looking very beautiful today. Anushka’s phone rings on silent and she misses the call. Some mantras are read by the pandit and he says the puja is complete and wish your house is be very prosperous. Kabir and Anushka do the aarti. They take everyone’s blessings. Saras and Kumud look the best couple, very angelic, just perfect and made for each other. Everyone bless Kabir and Anushka.

Anushka says my phone….. and checks it. She sees 8 missed calls and calls back. She says sorry I was in puja, you come, I will come out. She goes out with an umbrella as its raining. That someone is not shown, just the white car is shown. She says the work will be done and takes a box from that person. Saras comes and says Anushka. He asks what happened, with whom were you talking. The car leaves. Anushka says I… He asks whats this in your hand. She says gift. He says gift? She says mum dad won’t come in marriage, so they have sent this. He asks who gave this. She says Suresh uncle, my dad’s friend, he was passing by and gave me this.

He says you would have brought him in. She says he did not have time, he was busy and went soon. Kabir waits for Anushka and Danny teases him. Kabir says how can Anushka go like this, she went out after puja. Yash’s mum says even I find it strange. Saras and Anushka come in. Kabir asks Anushka where did she go. She says outside. Everyone look at their talk. Everyone sign and smile. Anushka says I went to take this. Guniyal asks whats this. Anushka says mum dad can’t come in marriage, so they have sent this. Guniyal says every parent stays with their child by heart.

Badimaa says lets see what they have sent. Anushka says I don’t know. Vidyachatur and Kusum take the box. She gets tensed. Kusum says Motichoor laddoo. Anushka is relieved and smiles. Vidyachatur says I think they sent this for us, it would be good if they came here, anyways this is also a shagun. He asks Ansuhka to make him talk to them. She says yes, I will call my mum. He takes the phone and talks about Anushka. He says we are very happy, it would be good if you came here, its true health first.

He asks are you happy with Kabir and Anushka’s marriage, we did this without asking you, its great if you are happy too. He says Kabir is lucky to get Anushka, and ends the call. Everyone clap knowing Anushka’s parents are very happy with this proposal and to get a son in law like Kabir. Kusum says now I will have the laddoo. Danny takes it and runs, saying you will get fat. Yash says they started again. Everyone smile. Kumud takes the sweet box and says I will have the first laddoo of shagun. Saras asks why. They argue and Badimaa stops her from eating it. She says Shagun has to be given to Lord first. Badimaa takes the box to take it to the inhouse temple.

Kabir keeps the first laddoo near the idol and prays. Danny and Kusum argue for the laddoo. Saras and Kumud argue by heir naughty smiles. Anushka sees everyone praying. Badimaa says first laddoo will be given to Kabir. Saras says its from girl’s side, so I should have it. Kumud says no, its for Kabir. Kabir says you eat the first one Bhabhi. Saras says Bhabhi ke Chamche, move back. Kumud asks why are you so jealous, he is saying it by so much love, now I will have it. Kumud gets principal’s call and says she was missing the kids a lot in Mumbai, I will start coming from tomorrow, inform the kids. She ends the call.

Saras asks teacher ji can I have laddoo now. She says no. Everyone chase the laddoos and everyone smile. Anushka says I will come in two mins. Vidyachatur also joins the chase. Yash’s mum praises Saras to manage Kumud. Badimaa says let them fight, it looks good to see them happy.

Badimaa is happy saying Ganpati ji had the bhog seeing laddoo missing. Saras is making Kumud eat the laddoo with her hand. Badimaa is shocked seeing the rat die by eating the laddoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG precap is horrible I hope Badimaa will save them from eating the poison ladoo 😐 Anushka is being pressurized by someone powerful 😐 SARAS WILL DIE I THINK

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