Saraswatichandra 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ghuman telling Kusum that Kusum made a place in your heart and also in your bank accounts. Kumud supports Kusum. Saras says Kusum expects only Danny’s love. Ghuman says Kusum is clever, but Danny can’t be hers. She says lets go to Dubai Danny. Danny does not move. He says if you want to go, you can go. He stands by Kusum’s side and says I won’t go anywhere leaving my Kusum. Ghuman asks is this your last decision. Danny says yes. Ghuman says fine, but remember if this time I go alone, then I will be gone away from you forever. Ghuman cries. She says decide Danny, me or Kusum. Danny says no mom, how can I do this. She says ask your heart, is she more important to you than your mom, if yes, I will not turn back to see you, tell me, me or Kusum.


says mom please. Ghuman says answer me Danny, who will stay here. Danny is silent. Ghuman says I got the answer, fine Danny, I will think I did not have any son. Kumud stops Ghuman and says you have the first right on Danny, this is your son’s house, you should not leave. Kusum says I can’t prove how much I love Danny, but a mum does not need to, no one can love a son more than a mum, and the son can also not stay happy without his mum. So I decided that I will go from this house. Danny says what are you saying. Kumud says she is your wife and is right. She says I know it will be tough for you to stay away from each other but Kusum won’t be happy making you away from your mum.

Kusum says I respect Danny’s love, I accept your decision. Danny says Kusum, you won’t go anywhere. Kusum says I don’t want to go but if you have to choose between me and your mum, i can’t see this. I have only one way which she has shown me. She says I have to go Danny and cries. Ghuman smiles. Everyone at home are upset. Kalika sees them and thinks what might be happening at Saras’s house. Guniyal says don’t know whats happening there, I don’t think Ghuman will forgive Danny and Kusum. Vidyachatur says lets wait for them to call us. Badimaa says we know Ghuman, don’t know what she is going there with Kusum.

Vidyachatur says I trust Danny that he will support Kusum. Guniyal says yes, we can trust our children. Kalika smiles and thinks she won’t let the fire end. Danny tries to stop Kusum. He asks Ghuman to give one chance to Kusum. Kumud says it was Kusum’s past which we all forgot, why to punish them for the past. Ghuman says if you stop her, I would have to leave. Ghuman leaves. Danny says I can’t live without Kusum. Kusum says you have to. Danny says I will also come with you. Kusum says no, I will wait will your mum accepts me and the day when you come to take me back by her wish.

Kumud says we decided we will manage the house together, but…. Kusum says I regret what I did with you, I won;t be able to forgive myself if anything happens with you because of me. She says I m leaving Danny here on you both, please take care of him. Kumud hugs Kusum. Kumud says I promise I will bring you back soon. Kusum says Saras, today because of me…….. Saras says nothing, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Kusum leaves the house. Kumud cries. Danny looks at Ghuman and walks to his room. Saras gives an angry look to Ghuman. Guniyal is worried and cries. Kalika wishes everything goes wrong. Kabir comes smiling that he delivered the consignment and its first cheque. Vidyachatur is happy. Kabir asks him why are everyone worried. Vidyachatur says Danny took Kusum there. Kabir says so you fear Ghuman will reject Kusum. Vidyachatur says Ghuman is not wrong this time. Kusum comes to them. Everyone are shocked seeing her with her luggage.

Ghuman tells Danny that she is making the divorce papers ready. Danny says what and why. She says so that I can find a girl for you, so that you forget Kusum. He says she is my wife. She says she is using you, you were not her first choice. Danny says but she is my first and last choice. He asks her to give his happiness, can’t she see how much hurt he is. Danny says you can’t keep Kusum away from my heart. Guniyal asks Kusum what happened. Kusum cries and hugs her. The phone rings. Badimaa talks to Kumud and comes to know that…………… Badimaa tells everyone that Ghuman has asked Danny to choose between her and Kusum. So Kusum came from there herself.

Vidyachatur says Ghuman is pressuring Danny. Kalika is happy. Badimaa says I spoke to her about Kusum, but she taunted me. She says Ghuman is not at home now. Vidyachatur says did she leave. Badimaa says yes, Kumud told me that Ghuman went somewhere. Ghuman is driving somewhere. Kabir comes infront of her car. She stops the car and gets out. She asks why did you stop me. He says I want to know where are you going. She says move from my way.

She asks what do you want why don’t you leave me alone. He says Danny chose Kusum, you might be hurt. He gives her a hanky. She says Ghuman is not so weak that someone has to wipe tears. He says I know. She says why do you think so much about me. He says even I don’t know what is this. He says I feel hurt seeing you hurt, I can’t see you leaving after losing. Ghuman looks at him.

Ghuman says I don’t know what you want but I m not interested, so don’t waste your time. Kabir says now I m using my time right.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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