Saraswatichandra 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 27th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny telling Ghuman that Kusum is his wife. He defends Kusum and says she was in her husband’s arms. Ghuman cries and slaps Danny. Everyone are shocked. She says such a big cheat. She says this is your reality, without informing us, you married your two daughters to my two sons. Danny says this marriage happened, it was not planned. It happened by my wish as I love Kusum. He says this happiness in incomplete without you. He says dad knows everything. Ghuman says no Danny, no more explanations needed, you don’t know what happened with you, so you will come with me now, away from this girl and family, also from this step brother. Everyone looks on.

Ghuman holds Danny and pulls him. He stops and holds Kusum’s hand. Ghuman gets angry.

Danny says I can’t come alone now. He says wherever I go, my wife will be with me. Ghuman says which wife, all this is nonsense. Danny says no, this is the truth, Kusum and I have united, you have to take both of us. Ghuman says I won’t be able to forgive this cheat, you all have tried to break mum-son relation. Dada ji says no relation broke. He says a new relation is born. He tries to explain Ghuman asking her to bless them. He says Laxminandan have accepted this. Ghuman says no way, I don’t accept this marriage. She says I will see how this girl comes my home. Kalika smiles.

Kabir looks on. Ghuman leaves. Kalika is happy. Ghuman says this Desai family will regret a lot. Kalika comes to talk to her. Ghuman asks why did you come here, I don’t want to see anyone from Desai family. Kalika takes her in her words and says she is also an enemy of the Desai family. She says I informed you about Kusum and Danny. Ghuman asks why are you doing all this. Kalika says don’t worry, as they have taken your husband and son, Kumud did the same with me. She says I hate them a lot, I don’t want them to be happy. She says we both can get together and join hands. Ghuman looks at her.

Kusum cries. Danny holds her hand and hugs her. Kabir says Kaka, this is your family matter, I can’t tell anything, but if you need any help, tell me. He says I don’t care about what happened now. He says I will attend the client meeting. Kabir gets a call from the client and is asked to come. The man asks why did you ask me for cancel the consignment and now you are giving me the same material at half cost, its your loss. Kabir says I know, I won’t have any more loss. He leaves.

Kumud hugs Kusum. Danny pacifies Kusum and says mum is annoyed with me. He says mum has to accept both of us. Yash’s mum reacts and says I told you not to hide the truth. Kumud says Ghuman has to know this one day. Saras says don’t think much Kumud, she would have reacted the same way anytime. Kumud says but we can’t blame her this time, she is Danny’s mum. She was unaware of her son’s marriage. Saras says I wanted this drama to end soon. Danny says yes, even I was feeling bad hiding it. He says I will take Kusum to my home by all rights. Kalika smiles thinking Ghuman will see her .

Kumud says sorry Danny, we wanted to make your birthday good, but…….. Danny says you tried to make us together, its fine. Vidyachatur says Nandu might be proud of sons, they are understanding relations and keeping them too. Danny and Kusum come to Laxminandan. Kusum cries talking to him. Danny says sorry dad, I lied to mum as she would not accept this marriage, only you can explain her, come back soon. Danny says I m taking Kusum home, I know mum won’t give her a place in the house but I have to try. I have to tell mum that I can’t live without Kusum.

Saras, Kumud, Danny and Kusum come home. Kumud says Danny, Kusum, its Ghuman’s right to get angry this time, we have to explain her with love. Ghuman comes and taunts Kumud and Kusum. Ghuman says I can’t show fake love. She says the thing I can’t change, I m ready to accept it. She asks Kusum to give sweets to everyone and smiles. Kusum is happy and offers her. Ghuman says first the one whom you love the most. Kusum turns to Danny. Ghuman says no Kusum, why Danny, I told the one whom you love the most. She says first make Saras eat, as he is your first love. Everyone are shocked.

Saras gets angry and looks at Ghuman. Ghuman says he was your love and you became Kumud’s enemy to get him. Danny says mum. Ghuman says that was not love but greed. She says even Danny is rich, but Saras was on his own, so double benefits. Saras asks Ghuman to be in her limits. Ghuman says don’t stop me today, what I m saying is the truth. She says she did not get you so caught Danny soon. Kusum cries.

Ghuman claps and says you are more clever than Kumud. Danny says enough, who told you this. Ghuman says tell me is this wrong that Kusum wanted to marry Saras and did everything against Kumud. She says the one who was mad about Saras, how can she love you suddenly. Ghuman asks Danny to come to his senses and see how much selfish is Kusum. She says she loved Saras, how can you make her your wife. Danny says I loved her, she did not tell me anything. Ghuman says she has used you. Ghuman taunts Kusum further.

Danny tries to stop Kusum and requests Ghuman to stop Kusum. Ghuman says if she has to stop, then I would have to leave. Danny is stuck in between mum and wife.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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