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Saraswatichandra 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka coming to meet someone in a dark place. She says the work is done, Kabir and his family are trapped in our plan. Someone is sitting on the rocking chair. Anushka looks on. Kumud shows clothes for Kanha ji to Badimaa. Saras comes and smiles seeing Kumud. They walk to each other and stop as Vidyachatur call Saras. She says I will get water. Saras says listen to me… Vidyachatur asks is everything good at factory. Saras says yes and they talk about factory work. Saras says I have to make a phone call. Kumud brings water and comes to Saras while he is on phone. Saras says I love my wife a lot, but she does not love me, don’t know what happened to her, she does not come closer to me, she gets angry.

Badimaa calls Kumud. Kumud gives water and goes. Saras says

I was joking, I was not on call. Badimaa asks her to make tea. Saras goes after her but Vidyachatur stops him asking him to come and work. She smiles and leaves. Saras says coming Kaka……… Vidyachatur says we have to make guests list. Saras says we will call all village. Everyone smile. Saras says I will just come. Saras comes to Kumud and smiles. He starts flirting. She asks what do you want. He holds her hand and music plays……… She says leave me, anyone will see. He says let them see, I did not get any moment of love and we fought for them, who are having romance.

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He says anyone comes when I come to you, I can’t be far from you. He gets closer and she smiles being shy. Badimaa calls Kumud and asks for tea. Saras says he won’t leave her, he is her husband, she won’t go. She says Badimaa is calling me. He holds her again. Mann ke dor bandhe preet lage…………..plays………… He caresses her hair and says I will take double revenge of this, remember. She smiles. He leaves. Vidyachatur asks for tea. She says Bapu, Saras…….. Saras comes from outside and asks where is out tea, we want it. She is stunned. Saras leaves with Vidyachatur asking her to bring it soon. She says Methi ka Laddoo and takes tea.

Badimaa and everyone are decisding jewellery for Anushka. Kusum says so much work is there. Kumud says yes, we have to buy gifts for her parents. Saras comes and asks them to think about groom’s brother, that’s him. Badimaa says you won’t get anything as you are from bride’s side. Anushka comes home and is excited seeing them. Saras asks where did you go. Anushka says temple, I told Kumud. He says I saw you going in auto, that way is not the temple. She says yes, I had to go market first for my project work. Badimaa asks did you get it. She says no, I already had those items, so did not waste money.

Yash’s mum praises her and says if Kabir earns Rs 100, she will manage home well. Kabir and Danny come. Danny says yes, she has to manage in Rs 100, as he wastes money in clothes and perfume. Kabir says of which you take the half. Everyone laugh.

Guniyal says it’s a good news for everyone. Danny asks why. Vidyachatur says pandit saw Kabir and Anushka’s kundli and says they match exactly. Guniyal says he took two mahurat, one if two months later and other is after 5 days. Vidyachatur says we have to inform her parents too, when can they come. Anushka says they will not come. Everyone look shocked and asks what, why can’t they come. Badimaa asks don’t they like this proposal. Anushka says actually, they are not in India. Saras says so what, we will keep two months later date, but they have to come in marriage. Anushka says no, they won’t be able to come. Saras asks why.

Yash’s mum asks where did they go, that they can’t come. Kabir says tell me if there is any problem, I will talk to them. Anushka says they are happy, but mum is not well, so doctor restricted her from travel. Vidyachatur says we can’t keep the marriage without them. Anushka says they are happy, I will make them talk to you tonight. He says this will be good. Badimaa says we all are here for you, and you are part of our family. Anushka says yes, I know. I told them, and Kabir and I have to go to meet them after marriage. Vidyachatur says yes, sure. So the marriage will be after 5 days and till then I will talk to her parents.

Guniyal says I will keep Ganesh ji puja for them. Danny asks Kabir to work till the marriage happens. They leave. Kusum takes Anushka. Saras stops Kumud and says shall we marry again, as Guniyal said mahurat is good. She reminds him of last time. The FB scene shows Saras and Danny in sarees and getting caught.

Danny pulls Kabir’s leg and everyone praise him seeing him in Kurta. Saras asks where is his bride. Danny says all three girls are getting ready and don’t know how much time will they take, so lets remind them the puja is today. Danny comes and smiles seeing Kusum. Kusum asks what are you doing here. Danny says I came to say hello, as I missed you. Anushka and Kumud smile. Kusum asks him to go, as they have to get ready. Danny asks Kumud to teach Kusum how to talk to her husband. Kumud says yes, and asks Kusum to kick out Danny with love. Danny says whats this. Kusum pushes him out. They laugh. Danny says miss you too and gives kisses.

Saras laughs and says we have seen your state. Danny says atleast I have guts to go in, you too go and show. They ask Kabir to go. Kabir says no, I won’t. Danny challenges him. Kabir says I m not afraid, I will go. He comes to the women and Kumud asks what does he want. Kabir says nothing, Anushka…… Kumud asks what Anushka. Kabir says no, saree, kurta. Kumud asks what happened to your kurta. Kabir says its puja so…. Nothing bye. They laugh. Kumud acts like Kabir and laughs. Saras asks Kabir how can he come back. Kabir says you go and see. Saras says you both just watch and learn, how my wife welcomes me. Kabir says all the best. Danny says waiting….. Kabir says he is gone. Saras looks inside the room.

Saras walks in and says he came to see Anushka. Kumud asks him to go. Kumud pushes Saras and he holds her hand, flirting and getting romantic. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hate anshka a lot die
    no one will watch saraswatichandra as gautam is leaving the show
    everone will watch gautams new show

    1. Which one? which new show

  2. dunno wat anushka is up to……..she can’t b such cruel towards kabir’s family:((

  3. I can’t see SARAS diiiiiiieeeeeeee ;( OMG I will watch dis show few weeks later ANUSHKA SHOULD DIE HERE :@

  4. u r right guys….i don’t wnt saras 2 die…i reaallly love thm…….wtht saras show s nt tht intng…..y s anushka behvng like this????whts her pblm???

  5. could any1 tell me what’s gautam’s new show?? plsssss 😐

    1. harshitha reddy

      hey…………itzz a progrm cald mahakumbh

  6. Kaun banega saraswathichandra….????? No saras no saraswathichandra……..this anushka is disgusting why she doing that with kabir he is looking cho chweet….

  7. harshitha reddy

    but seems like………..shezz dng al dis in presure……….once chek her xpresions while she was talkng 2 d person…….she was nt happy,……..but actualy was sooo dull

  8. pls dnt leave the show saras we love u a lot my whole family used to watch this. kumud and u in this serial is perfect letask the director to make changes pls dnt let my fans to be sad…

  9. pls dnt leave the show saras we love u a lot my whole family used to watch this. kumud and u in this serial is perfect letask the director to make changes pls dnt let ur fans to be sad…

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