Saraswatichandra 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny waiting for Kusum’s call. Kumud says its fine, she wishes right. She asks Danny to smile. He says I should have a reason to smile. Kumud thinks Kusum might be coming. Ghuman calls Danny. Saras calls Kumud and brings Kusum. Kumud asks what should I do, ok I will do something. Ghuman gifts chocolates, sports shoes and a watch. Danny thanks her and hugs her. Danny asks Saras where did you go. Saras says factory. Saras asks Danny to go to his room and rest. Kumud says Danny has high fever, he did not tell you mum. Ghuman gets worried. Kumud says he needs rest. They take Danny to his room. Danny asks what happened. Saras says did you not understand, its a surprise for you. Danny is happy to see Kusum with the birthday cake at the window. Danny

hugs Saras. Danny thanks Kumud and runs to Kusum.

Kusum says happy birthday Danny. Danny helps Kusum to step inside. He hugs her and says is this real, thanks so much Kumud. He says you came from the window for me just like Saras. Kusum says it was Saras’s idea. Kumud asks them to talk slowly. She says we will take care of Ghuman, you both be here. Saras and Kumud leave them alone. Danny kisses Kusum’s hand. Kumud says where did mum go. Ghuman is going to Danny’s room. Kumud stops her. Ghuman says I m going to give medicines to Danny, should I take your permission. Kumud says I gave him medicines, he is sleeping now.

Ghuman says I m his mum, I know which medicines suit him. The door bell rings and Ghuman goes to receive the cake. Danny and Kusum celebrate his birthday and cut the cake. Kusum makes him eat the cake and wishes him. They have a romantic scene. They are happy. Danny hugs her. Saras and Kumud are seeing an eye on Ghuman. Kumud says the cake is beautiful, we will cut it when Danny gets up. Ghuman says I did not ask you. Kalika calls Ghuman and tells her that Kusum is in your son’s room celebrating his birthday. Ghuman says what. Kalika says go and see. Ghuman asks who are you. Kalika says don’t waste time, go and see first.

Ghuman gets angry and rushes to Danny’s room. Kalika says Kusum said I m a thief infront of everyone, now see what Ghuman will tell you seeing you alone with Danny in his room. Kumud and Saras try to stop Ghuman. Ghuman opens the door and is shocked to see Kusum and Danny together. Danny says mom, listen to me once. Ghuman signs stop and looks at Kusum angrily. Ghuman holds Kusum’s hand. Kumud says I will tell you everything, its not Kusum’s mistake. Ghuman takes Kusum and makes her sit in the car. Saras stops Ghuman.

Ghuman gives him an angry stare. She takes Kusum to Vidyachatur’s house. Everyone at home are talking about Laxminandan. Kalika is waiting for the blast. Kabir comes and says Kaka, sorry uncle. Vidyachatur says you can call me Kaka. Kabir says we have to give new delivery as the client is ready with your cheque. Vidyachatur is happy and hugs him. He says we will go to Karkhana now. Ghuman throws Kusum infront of them. Kusum cries. Kalika smiles seeing Kusum.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur Desai, this is your daughter, keep her with you. Vidyachatur asks whats all this. Saras, Kumud and Danny come. Ghuman says yesterday you all were taunting me, bit look at your daughters Dugba. She taunts Kumud for supporting Kusum. She says I m ashamed to say but I have to say. She says your daughter was with my son in his room.

Ghuman says ask her what was she doing hugging Danny. She says I had a doubt, but I m sure, thats why your husband left you here. She insults Kusum. Danny says mum, you don’t know what you are saying. Ghuman says you don’t know where you are trapped. She taunts Badimaa and the women of Desai house. Saras says don’t tell anything against Badimaa. Kalika enjoys the scene. Badimaa says see, my and Saraswati’s son can’t hear a word against us, these are our values. She says about Kusum, we felt you are worried about Laxminandan, but we can’t bear this insult.

She says our daughters are our pride. Ghuman says what pride that one who left her husband and married Saras, and the other trapped Danny being married. Ghuman taunts Badimaa further. She says my son lied to me today because your shadow fell on him. She calls everyone cheaters and liars. Saras shouts enough. Everyone looks on. Saras defends Badimaa and asks Ghuman not to tell anything to his family. He asks her to leave. Ghuman says I would have not come here if it was not about my son, but I need answers. With what relation was Kusum in Danny’s arms, what is she to Danny? Danny says wife. Ghuman is shocked. Kalika smiles. Ghuman turns to look at Danny. Danny says Kusum is my wife.


Danny says Kusum was in her husband’s arms. Ghuman slaps Danny and is much angry. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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