Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the school scene, where Kumud offers chocolates to the students who have passed in the test. Her father Vidyachatur also asks for a chocolate. She says he is not good in Maths but later gives him the chocolate. He asks her not to say her mother about the chocolate, They leave for their home and talk on their way..
He says he received an email on the computer. She says whose email you have received. She says she knows when her father is lying. He then says that her Nandu Kaka has sent the photo of SaraswatiChandra and you should see it. I dont want to see his photo, as I dont want to go far from my father, I will not marry now, She says she will not think about her marriage even in her dreams .He says that her daughter has also gone on him, and he

can see if she is lying. He says this guy will be more better than her dream man. He asks her to just see the photo once ans if she disagrees he will talk to his friend.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

SaraswatiChandra is driving a car in full speed, while Sunny looks on sitting beside him.
He says him to slow down the car, He tells him that if you dont want to marry, its ok, but I dont want to die as a bachelor.
SaraswatiChandra doesnt slow down, and says Why should I accept I cant, and applies the brake.

The scene again shifts back to India:

Kumud and her father open the email and the photo attachment and the photo is about to appear.

Kumud says her father that the boy has grown up in Dubai, and he might be eating non-veg food, and also drink wine. How will we match?
Her father says that he is LaxmiNandan and Saraswati bhabhi’s son and if one of the quality of Saraswati Bhabhi comes in him, he is a diamond.
She jokes that the guy has hair atleast when the photo is coming in email. She sees the incomplete photo and stares on seeing his eyes, the photo stops downloading as the server gets down.
Vidyachatur tells Kumud that he will say his friend Nandu to come India. Kumuds smiles while a music is playing in the background.
He then shows her drawing to her and says I have got your answer yesterday itself.

The scene shifts back to Dubai:

SaraswatiChandra walks out of the car, thinking about his father’s announcement in the party.
He runs in the desert while Sunny looks on.
He stops and says that his father was not with her mother when she was dying. Saras was with her, and he has promised to his mother that he will always listen to his father, but since his father never understood the meaning of life partner, he will not accept his father’s decision and he will not marry.

The scene shifts back to India:

Kumud says her sister Kusum that she doesnt need to say anything else after seeing his eyes. His eyes were not ordinary. His eyes had honesty in them, and somewhat I felt pain in his eyes and I want to share that pain.
Kusum says to tell her more. She shows the drawing to her sister. Kusum smiles when Kumud says that he is her future. Kusum then says that she has the first right on him logically as she has said yes to him without seeing his photo. Kumud says she has not yet said yes to him, but its just she could not say No. She smiles.

A scene shows Saraswatichandra standing in the desert alone.

Back in India, Kumud sees the drawing and smiles..

Kumud is getting ready to go to teach in the school where she works.
A song plays in the background.
She reaches the school and thinks of opening the computer, but goes ahead to the classroom. There is a new student in her classroom whose name is also Saraswati, Kumud smiles and starts teaching.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

LaxmiNandan asks Komal where is SaraswatiChandra. She says he went for meditation.
Laxmi’s mood goes down and he says his son breaks his confidence.
He says Komal that she has been the tie between him and his son.
Komal says that Saras kept quiet in the party, and she will talk to him if he says.
He says No, and Komal has leave it on Kumud now. She feels angry.
She asks her servant to look for Saras if he is at home.
She says her Didi that she is cheating her husband to shape her son’s Danny’s future, and she will not let Saras overtake her father’s empire. She wants her son Danny to be the only heir of the business.
Saras enters and Komal says she wants to talk to him. Saras tells her that he first has to meet his Dad, and he will meet her later.

Scene shifts back to India:
Kumud tries to open the photo but the download fails. The server get down again. She thinks that she has atleast seen his eyes, but he has not even seen her, then how could he say yes. By the time, pictures gets downloaded, someone comes and calls Kumud. She goes outside without seeing full picture.

Scene shifts to dubai:
Laxmi asks Saraswatichandra that why didnt he join him in breakfast. Saras replies he is fasting.

Saras says he always fast as his mother, Saras says No to marriage proposal. Laxmi doesn’t listen to him and says that they will go to India, and he will ask his friend to send the girl’s pic.
Saras says No need, I don’t want to marry.
Laxmi says I have not asked your opinion, and he has said yes.
He scolds his son that he is not able to take his decision wisely, so I’m taking your decisions.
He says I’m bringing you to the right path and Saras has to follow his decision.
Laxmi leaves, Saras says I will not be able to follow your decision.

Scene shifts back to India:
Kumud is running while the song Kuch na kahe, bas chup rahe is playing in the background, a man’s figure is shown behind her.
She turns, and the figure comes close to her. She sees him in her dream and she wakes up.
The episode ends on her face.

Precap: Some lady comes and says Vidyachatur that when she lost her child he has given Kumud to her, and they have not asked her opinion in her marriage. She is shocked to hear that the groom is from abroad.
Vidyachatur says that this marriage proposal has become her dream.
The following scene shows Kumud at the poolside, writing poetry in the letter to Saraswatichandra that he should come to her, and Saras is shown writing letter to Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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