Saraswatichandra 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone telling Kumud to name the school. Kumud asks Badimaa if you permit, I would like Saras to unveil the name. Badimaa says why not, sure. Saras does it by unveiling the cloth. Everyone claps. The school is named after Saras’s mum. He is shocked to see it and happy. Kumud smiles. He looks at Kumud. Kumud says I told you its not about me and Pramad, but about a mum’s and son’s love. She says you fulfill the promise you made to your mum, light the shagun’s diya. Saras cries with happiness and lights the diya. Everyone claps. Saras thinks only you can do this for me Kumud, you made my relation with my mu complete.

Pramad is driving the car in high speed and Kalika is worried. He thinks about Kumud’s words. He stops the car. Kalika

says are you mad, what are you doing. Pramad says what did I do till now, one more plan ahead. Kalika says we have failed, lets be quiet for sometime. He asks her to see what happens with Kumud and her family. He calls someone and asks for some goons. Danny is upset. Saras goes to talk to him. Danny says if you were in my place, and I were in yours, I would have slapped. Saras says how can I slap you, I m happy that you found my love more than your hatred. Saras says hatred is always less infront of love. Danny says I overreacted, sorry. Saras asks him to promise him that he won’t say again that he will stay alone. Danny says never and hugs him.

Saras says you don’t look good serious as its my department. Danny hugs him and thanks him. Kumud tells Kusum that the brothers fought because of me. Kusum says Danny has to know this some day, maybe Saras got rid of a burden now. She says their fight is over now, look at them. Kumud and Kusum smiles seeing them. Danny says are you annoyed with Kumud. Saras says no, I was worried so I told her something. Danny says she won’t feel bad, tell sorry if you have hurt her. Saras smiles. Kusum says they are Ram and Lakshman and won’t be annoyed with each other. Kumud thanks Kusum for the role she played. She says it looked like you yourself turned to Meera. She says your voice has the truth which touched people’s heart, you are really like me.

Pramad talks to Kalika and some goons about Kumud. He describes Kumud. Kalika sasy Kumud wears kamarbandh. Kumud gives the kamarbandh to Kusum as a prize for her performance. Pramad tells the goons about the kamarbandh. The goons ask what to do with her, shall we bring her to you. He says do anything, but hurt her ego, do something that even if she needs to give agnipariksha, she gets burnt in it. Kusum smiles seeing Kumud and Saras. Saras comes to Kumud and says are you annoyed with me. She does not reply. He says Kumud, forgive me. Kumud says its not needed. He says mum might be very happy today. She says and you. He says mum is happy and you are smiling, its a best day of my life.

He says you did this for me. Kumud says no, for myself as I wanted to see smile on your face. Saras saves Kumud from a bamboo falling on her. Kuch na Kahe…. plays… while they are closer and having an eyelock. He says Kumud, you are officially Kumud Desai now, congrats. She looks on. He says why are you not looking happy. She says Pramad has signed the papers being helpless and he will not feel defeated so easily. He says don’t overthink, we can’t be afraid of him. He says you start a new life. She says its not only my life, my family is suffering because of my wrong decision. He says we don’t make wrong decision, it happens. She says I did not mean it about you. Saras leaves.

Its night, the goons see Kumud while Kumud does not see them. The goons think that Pramad told them that the girl wears white ghagra. They then see Kusum with the kamarbandh and thinks what Pramad told about the girl wearing kamarbandh. Kumud asks Kusum to stay there till she comes back. The goons kidnap Kusum seeing her Kamarbandh. The goons are having a laugh seeing Kusum’s beauty. Kusum is terrified. Kumud, Saras and Danny are trying to find out Kusum. Kumud tries calling Kusum. Saras sees Kusum’s dupatta cloth and is worried. Kumud says she is not taking my call. Saras says I forgot, I have sent Kusum to the sweets shop. Kumud says fine, lets go to the sweet shop, we will pick her. Saras says Danny take Kumud home, I will bring Kusum. Kumud says is everything fine. Saras says don’t worry, I will bring her. Danny takes Kumud with him.

Saras looks out for Kusum. He takes someone’s else bike and leaves. Kusum is leaving some pieces of her dupatta on the road. Saras finds it and proceeds. Kusum then throws her earrings. Saras finds the earrings and thinks he is on the right way.

Kumud is waiting for Kusum. Kumari says everyone slept, I did not tell anyone about Kusum. Danny says everything will be fine. Kumud says no, there is something. She looks stunned. Saras comes to the place where Kusum is kept by the goons. The goons hide Kusum and Saras does not see her. He leaves from the place and goes outside.


Kumud tells Danny that Saras lied to me, Kusum is in any big problem.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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