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The Episode starts with Kabir talking to Anushka. She asks him will he marry her. He says no, I mean yes, but…. Will you marry me. She says I felt you are interested in me, I feel you changed your mind, ok. She starts leaving and he holds her hand. He says decision can change, but not love. He hugs her and they smile. Music plays………….. He says but how did you change your decision. She says I came here from there, to give you a surprise, how did you like it. He says superb. She says oh, so you smile too, great. She says what you wanted to say, you did, so Mr Kabir, will you…….. Saras comes and stops her. Everyone come there. Saras asks Anushka not to tell him so easily. Everyone ask him to let them talk and leave them alone.

Saras says no, don’t you remember what all I did

to make Kumud say yes. Kumud says what was it, justa kite competition. Saras says you forgot the rest. Kumud says I think she should say yes now as Kabir has proposed her. Kabir says Bhabhi…….. Saras looks into his eyes and says he did not do anything special for Anushka. Kumud says how can he, his love is special, she is lucky to get him. I think we should call pandit and get a mahurat. Saras says no, firstly Anushka did not say yes, and Kabir did not propose her. He says Kaka we will make Kabir propose like I did, infront of the family. Vidyachatur says I will call 200 people here. Saras says no, we are enough.

Kabir says I can’t say this. Saras says so no from us. Anushka says jiju…….. Saras says quiet and tells Kabir to decide what he want to do if he really wants Anushka. He says you have to propose walking on knees. Anushka laughs. Kabir says not possible. Saras says fine, lest go. Kumud says show her Kabir, you can do this for her. Everyone encourage Kabir. Badimaa says he is shy, not weak. Saras says its time for my workout, shall we wait or go. Kabir stops them and says I will tell something. Saras smiles. Guniyal says we all are with you. Kabir says Anushka, I……… Badimaa says come on say it.

Kabir says actually I want to………. Saras smiles seeing him hesitate. Kabir says I…… The scene is very funny. Danny says he won’t say anything, leave it. Kumud says think no one is here, only you and Anushka are here, tell it now. Saras says we will help you. All of them turn to the other side. They slightly turn and catch up the scene. Kabir says Anushka whats love and relations, this I did not know, and learnt having come in this family, I did not think a stranger will be so important to me that everything will look incomplete without her, the fear of losing you told me you are very important to me. He asks will she come in his life, will she marry him. Everyone turns and claps. Saras says no no, no one will clap. Kumud asks now what.

Saras says the proposal speech was good, he has improved, he won our hearts and he has to win our trust, do something special for her. Kumud says whats this, now Anushka should say yes. Saras says no, till I say her. He says he has to do what I did. Kumud says what did you do, I has pity and said yes to you, now Kabir won’t do anything, Anushka has to say yes, come Kabir. Saras says Anushka wait, they are opposition party, you come with me. Badimaa says don’t know what these two will do new.

Anushka says lets go Jiju. Saras says no, the game started now. She says game? He says we are girl’s team and won’t say yes. She says but Kabir proposed me. He says yes, its great. She says you know that Sadu, he can change his mind, I will go and say yes. Saras stops her. Kumud asks Kabir not to go to Anushka till she says yes. He says its her yes so she came here, but if Saras did not let her come. Saras says then this marriage won’t happen. He says why are you desperate to marry him, as you did not believe in marriage. She smiles and says Kabir is special. He says he will come if he loves you. Kumud tells Kabir to be away from Anushka, and let her come herself.

Kabir says I really love her, why this ego, its same if she comes or I go. Kumud says you did not want to see any girl and now teaching me love, be here. Saras asks Anushka to be here and see he will come, till then I will meet my one. Saras holds Kumud and says what he did for her. She says so what, its hard to get a moon. He says so Anushka is also a moon, Kabir has to get her. She says Anushka has to say yes to him infront of everyone, like I did. Saras smiles and says she is my Kumud. Kabir and Anushka are restless. Finally Anushka comes to meet him and they tell about Saras and Kumud. She says do you really want me to give reply to my proposal. He says no, just say did you get ready because of any pressure.

She says no, when I told you bye yesterday, I felt you are stopping me, and I felt very lonely and then I realized you are there in my life. Danny takes Kusum and wants to spend time with her. Kabir hugs Anushka. Danny and Kusum see them. Danny asks what are they doing here. Kusum says talking, and Saras and Kumud are fighting because of them. Danny says lets go and tell them birds are out of the cage. Danny asks what about us. Kusum says after them. Saras and Kumud are fighting cutely infront of everyone.

Kumud says lets go inside mum, people here have much time. Saras says yes Kaka, lets go. Vidyachatur laughs and says enough now. Kumud says now Anushka should tell her heart out. Saras says he has to do what I did. Danny says why will he, you guys keep fighting and they both are doing romance. They say what, we have stopped them. They defend their parties and fights again. Saras reminds her of her challenges. Badimaa says its about Anushka and Kabir, let them meet alone when they want to spend time. Saras and Kumud say no way. Anushka and Kabir are planning their marriage. Everyone come and see them.

Vidyachatur says they are preparing for marriage. Saras says I will see them. Kumud says cant you wait for some time. Saras scolds Anushka. She says sorry. Kumud says sorry, I tried but…Saras says we understand, as love is like this. He smiles seeing Kumud. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur says they are ready, what about our arrangements. Badimaa says I will call pandit ji tomorrow. Guniyal says I will make guest list. Kusum says we will do shopping. Yash says I will see catering. Danny says we woll no work in factory at marriage time. Saras says I will go factory and come.

He leaves and calls Kumud. He stands on the road and says I just left from factory and will be reaching home. He sees Anushka in the auto and says I just saw Anushka. She says yes, she went temple, she told us. He ends the call and says but temple is not that way.

Anushka tells someone that work is done, Kabir and his family are trapped in our plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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