Saraswatichandra 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud pacifying Kusum. She says Ghuman thinks we called Kaka here and he met with an accident, so she is annoyed with us. Vidyachatur says yes, don’t worry, once Nandu becomes fine, he will explain Ghuman and take you home. Kabir comes with Saras and says there is a good news for everyone. Saras says I know you all are worried about dad, but this news will bring smile on our face. He says Kabir’s client has accepted our order. Vidyachatur is happy. Kabir says I told you, I knew it that order will not be rejected, you keep your consignment ready. He says I have given the client’s details to Saras, you can directly talk to him, he is ready to give 60 advance. Vidyachatur thanks the Lord. He says Guniyal, I told you the Lord had send this guy at out

house to free us of all problems.

Kabir brings sweets for them. Saras makes him have the sweets first. Kabir says I m very happy seeing you all happy. Everyone smile. Saras says I told you Kumud, we can’t doubt our family, we can only trust them, Kabir proved this right. Ghuman stops Danny and asks whats your plan tomorrow. Danny asks why. She says its your birthday tomorrow and it can’t go plain. Danny says I will be with dad in the hospital. Ghuman says your dad would like to do anything special for you, I will make the celebration from his side, say yes for his sake. Danny nods yes. She says thanks, I m with you on your birthday, whom else do you want.

Kusum looks at her bangles and thinks about Danny. She smiles and wears them. She says where are my red bangles. She sees Kalika wearing her red bangles and stops her. Kalika asks what happened, why did you shout. Kusum asks from where did you take these bangles. Kalika is tensed. Kusum scolds her for taking them without her permission. Kalika returns the bangles and says I did not know you can’t give anything to your Bhabhi. They have an argument. Kalika feels insulted. Kalika taunts Kusum. Kusum says don’t forget I understand your taunts, this is my house, I can stay here. Yash and everyone come and asks what happened. Kusum tells them about Kalika taunting her.

Kalika says Kusum is misunderstanding me. Yash scolds Kalika. He says don’t dare to tell anything against Kusum’s stay here. He asks her to apologize to Kusum. Kalika says what? He says come on apologize. Kalika apologizes to Kusum angrily. She leaves. Kumud looks on. Kalika comes to her room and thinks now Kusum also started, till I take the revenge for this insult, I won’t get peace. Kumud tells this to Saras. She says I m thinking only about Kusum, she shouted a lot on Kalika. Saras says she was angry on Kalika, but her anger was for Ghuman. Kumud says even Danny might be like this stressed. Saras says this is the beginning, I think we should tell her the truth.

Kumud says Ghuman warned us. If she knows the truth, it will be a problem for all of us, please. Saras says I spoke to senior doctor, he said dad is getting better. Kumus smiles. Saras says he will be conscious soon. Kumud thanks Kahna ji. She says Saras, its Danny’s birthday tomorrow. Saras says its his first birthday after marriage and he might wish to celebrate with Kusum. Kumud says yes, we have to do something. Danny thinks about Ghuman’s words and cries. Kusum thanks Danny and they have a talk. He says I m thinking about what happened. Kusum says don’t think anything on this day, I m fine here. She asks whats the birthday plan.

He says mum want to celebrate on dad’s behalf. Danny says I can’t celebrate without you. She says I wish I could be with you on this day. She says I can’t think to come there now. Its so special day today and I can’t meet you. I m sorry. Danny says I should be thankful to you, our love is strong now though we are far, this is my life’s best birthday. She says smile. Danny and Kusum smile. He says love you and ends the call. Its morning, Danny gets a gift and Kumud wishes him happy birthday. He says thanks, its my fav color. Saras hugs Danny and wishes him happy birthday giving him a camera as gift. He says capture the most special moments of your life.

Ghuman comes and hugs Danny. She wishes him happy birthday and says we will celebrate in the evening, be ready. Danny says when are we going to the hospital, even dad will wish to wish me. Saras says its your birthday today, keep a smile on your face. Saras asks did Kusum send any gift. He asks Kumud too. Danny says how can she after what happened yesterday, it would be great if we can meet. Saras and Kumud smile.

Ghuman is doing the party arrangements at home. Kabir comes and she is shocked to see him. She says you. He says my name is Kabir. She asks do you have any work. He enters the house and says I came to give you this gift. She sees its a saree and says I m ignoring, it does not mean you will cross your limit, how dare you bring a saree for me, get out. Saras comes there with Kumud and says I was about to call you. Kabir says this is the sample which the client approved. Ghuman looks on. Kabir gifts Danny and wishes him happy birthday hugging him. Danny thanks him. Kabir looks at Ghuman and says crazy. He leaves. Saras says I will come and leaves.

Kusum is missing Danny. Saras calls her and she asks how is Danny and how is his mood. Saras asks her to come and meet Danny. She says how, Ghuman will be there. She says if I come there, Ghuman will be angry. He says leave that on me and Kumud, tell me you want to wish him or not. Kusum says I m ready to take this risk to surprise Danny, I will come there. Kalika hears this. Saras says I will come and pick you up. Kalika smiles and thinks I will surprise you Kusum.

Kalika calls Ghuman and says Kusum is in Danny’s room celebrating his birthday. Danny hugs Kusum. Ghuman comes to their room and is shocked seeing them.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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