Saraswatichandra 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad telling Danny about Ghuman. He says she was a dancer in Ratnagiri. Everyone looks on. Danny gets angry. Saras stops him. Pramad says many men used to come to see her dance. He says ask Saras if I m wrong. Saras is about to beat Pramad, Kumud stops him and says no. Pramad says I thought I would make Ghuman dance here, but now she is your mum, so can’t. Kumud asks Pramad to leave. He says I m going as my work is done. He says you brothers decide whats true and whats false. Pramad smiles and leaves greeting everyone saying Narayan Narayan….

Saras looks at Danny. Danny asks is this a lie. Saras says listen to me. Danny says this is a lie, right, tell me. Saras does not say anything. Danny is angry and says so this is true. Saras hugs

him and Danny cries. Danny says this cannot happen and runs away. Danny goes inside the house and cries. Saras comes to him and says Danny…. Danny says you knew everything but you did not tell me. Saras says yes, because how can the child chnage towards loving his mum, a mum is a mum whatever and however she is. He says your mum loves you a lot. Danny says you did wrong by hiding it from me and leaves. Saras says how could I tell you that many truths are linked to this, I could not come out from that darkness, how would I make you live under it. He says I could not snatch mum’s love from you.

Kumud sees Saras quiet and asks him where is Danny. He says he wants to be alone for some time. Kumud says he came to know what he could not ever imagine. Saras says trust does not mean to say everything, but sometimes to hide few things. Kumud says he will understand. She says he trusts you a lot, he will need time. She says lets go, we have much work now. Saras says Kumud, when my brother wants to stay away from me and you are concerned only about the drama. She says we have to deal with it. He says its about my brother now. She thinks I won’t let you fail in the promise you made to your mum. Kumud says Pramad came to break down Saras but remember Kumud will be his strength and be with him always.

Danny is thinking about Pramad’s words about Ghuman. Danny is upset. Kumari and Kusum come to him. Danny says I don’t want to talk. Kumari says when I came to know about my dad, I… He says because your mum told you everything, but I came to know from Pramad, Saras has cheated me by hiding this. Kusum says maybe he was helpless, how could he tell you about your mum, why don’t you think Saras has saved you by this pain all these years. If Pramad did not tell you this, Saras would have saved you even now. Kusum supports Saras. Kumari says lets go and rehearse. Danny says leave me alone please.

Kumud is doing the Bhoomi pujan. The drama troupe starts playing and everyone rushes to see it. Kumud and Badimaa are shocked to see that no one came for the Bhoomi pujan and every villager is going to attend the drama. Kalika comes and taunts Kumud saying no one will come to your Bhoomi pujan. Saras comes and says I m with Kumud. he says Vyas family is with Desai family. Kalika is shocked. The Meera;s Katha starts. Kumud says Saras…. Saras says I would have not done this, but if its important for you, this will happen. Kalika leaves. There are no audience still. Saras dons the Kanha’s role and plays the flute. Kusum looks at him playing the role of Meera.

Kalika asks the people to start the drama. The drama starts. Few women come to see the Meera’s katha. The women get distracted by the drama call. Kumud is tensed and stops the women. They say what will we do seeing this. They leave. Danny and Kumari brings some kids. Kumud smiles seeing them. The kids run towards the drama place and Danny asks them to do something. The kids ask their parents and others to see the Meera’s katha and attend the Bhoomi pujan. The kids break the mic’s coonection. People comes to see Meera’s katha. Badimaa says Kusum is performing like she forgot herself and became a real Meera. Kalika is upset seeing everyone rushing to the Bhoomi pujan. Everyone see the Katha. Kusum acts well and says Meera’s lines. Guniyal is tensed seeing them perform. Everyone claps for them. Kumud smiles.

The Bhoomi pujan is done with many people attending it. Kumud smiles. Kalia is worried seeing this. Kumud comes to her and says take this prasad, the Bhoomi pujan is done. Kalika gives her divorce papers and says Pramad has sent this, but don’t think you win, Kumud smiles and takes the papers. She says Pramad did not come here, it means he accepted his failure. Kalika leaves.

Pramad asks some goons to target Kumud and do something worst with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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