Saraswatichandra 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Kusum doing the aarti. Danny is upset. Kumud does his tilak. She says its aarti in evening, come home in time. Saras is leaving for the site. He does not let Kumud do the tilak. She says I need this items for the puja, will you bring. Saras does not answer. She says fine, I will go myself and bring after my school work. Saras takes the list. She says thanks. Kumud smiles. She asks Kusum where is Ghuman. Kusum says don’t know, she went somewhere in morning. Ghuman comes to meet Kabir and looks beautiful. He says now you can praise me. She says it was really a perfect plan, you separated the brothers and no one doubted me. She asks him why did you call me here.

He shows a blank canvas and says do you remember why its blank. She says yes, maybe

you did not find anyone special. He says now I have. She says will you make my image. He says if you permit. She stand giving a pose. Kabir looks at her. She smiles and thinks Kabir is in love with her, she should use him to take Danny back. Kabir thinks it looks she trusts my love, she will take me to my goal. Kabir starts painting while looking at her. Saras brings the items. Kumud says thanks, freshen up and have food. Saras says I had food. Kumud says fine, I also had food. Kusum says but you were waiting for Saras. Kumud asks him to come on time for the aarti. He says I won’t come. She says if you don’t come then see. He says I won’t come and leaves. Kabir makes a perfect painting and shows it to Ghuman.

He asks her how is it. She looks at the painting and says you confused me, don’t know am I really so beautiful or you made me like this. He says images don’t lie, you are really beautiful. He says I will not think of making anything else after this. Saras comes to his room and says why is Kumud doing all this, don’t keep any false hope, Danny feels I m his step brother, he was closest to me, I have forgiven him always but this time I won’t. He says leave this hope Kumud, we brothers won’t meet again. Kusum comes to Danny in their room and sees Danny crying. She says Saras might be also like this.

He says you did not see how I was alone in jail, everyone came but Saras did not come, how can he do this? He says he does not love me. She says ask yourself once, can Saras see you sad. He says my heart says he cares for me, but it lies, I have seen the truth. He says where was he, Kabir is a stranger and he helped me. Kusum says you are mistaken, I know you will never be happy being away from Saras. Kalika says Dinesh Bhai is scaring me, I m not leaving from home because of the fear and Ghuman won’t give me money, what to do. Yash’s mum comes and questions her. Kalika blames Kumud andd fills her ears. Kalika says what do you think, Danny and Saras’s fight will be over by Kumud’s efforts?

Yash’s mum says Kumud won’t succeed. Kalika says she will come here with Saras to stay here on the 10th day, we have to give our room to them so I m packing my bag. She says maybe they will ask you to leave your room. Yash’s mum says I will see who dares to take my room. She comes to Vidyachatur and Badimaa and tells what Kalika said. She taunts them. Vidyachatur says we won’t be happy if Saras and Kumud had to leave their house. She says ask Kumud to stay there and not come here. Vidyachatur says how can you say this about Kumud. Badimaa says you don’t say anything, our values are such that they will try hard to keep relations.

Yash’s mum argues. Badimaa requests her to pray that their house does not break. Vidyachatur says enough, we will do what is good for our children. Badimaa says lest go for aarti, Kumud might be waiting. Kalika thinks now what will she do. Kumud and Kusum waits for their husbands to come in the puja. Vidyachatur and Badimaa come to their house. Kumud welcomes them. Kusum says have a seat. Badimaa blesses them. Vidyachatur greets Ghuman and asks about Danny and Saras. Danny comes there. Kusum smiles. Danny greets them. Kumud waits for Saras. Saras thinks about Kumud’s words and is in his room alone.

He looks at Kumud’s photo and says you have hurt me a lot this time, we promised we will support each other in every pain, but you have left me in difficult times. He says you were the only support to me who understood me but today I lost that support. Kumud says we should start the aarti and keeps the diya in her hand saying its a test of my trust, lets see. She does the aarti by her hand. She cries. Saras is restless in the room and closes his ears hearing the bell sound. Saras says I won’t come Kumud. Everyone looks at Kumud. Saras thinks about Kumud’s words.

Kumud’s hand burns. Everyone ask her to stop it. Kumud does not listen to anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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