Saraswatichandra 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Kabir for what work did he come to Ratnagiri. He says my old deal was pending, I came to complete it. Saras says old deal? Kabir says its a long story, I will tell that some other time. Ghuman looks at Kabir. Kabir says I spoke to my client, I will go to show him the samples, hopefully this deal will be soon. Saras thanks him. Ghuman thinks Kabir is much smart. Ghuman makes hot curry fall on Kabir’s hand and his hand gets burnt. Kumud says I will bring ice. Saras says how did this happen. Ghuman says his concentration was somewhere else. Kabir says she is right. He sits back to end up the dinner.

Kalika gets a call from the Bhai. She thinks what to do, if she does not call then he will come at home. She serves water to Yash and removes

his shoes. She talks to him sweetly and says I will massage your head. Yash is happy and says you are looking my Kalika today. She says my love for you will never be less, even if we have kids. He says kids, is there any good news. She says no, but it can be.

She says but I don’t want kids, it will be expensive. She tells him about the bank scheme. He says even I heard of a scheme. She says if we invest Rs 2 lakhs, we can get Rs. 2 crores. He says from where will I bring Rs 2 lakhs, greed is bad. He asks her about the good news. She says I have head ache. He says I will bring medicines for you and leaves. Kalika says i have big dreams. She thinks of thinking some other way. Kabir comes to meet Laxminandan and talks to him. Kumud is coming to the ICU. Kabir tells him that I have grown up counting your sins, I will make you pay for your sins.

He says you don’t worry, I m with you, I will make you regret for your sins, I m paying for your sins till now. Kumud asks paying for whose sins? Kabir is shocked. She asks what were you saying. Saras asks how come you are here. Kabir says I was asking Laxminandan why is he paying for my mistakes. Saras says don’t feel guilty, forgive yourself. Kabir says I thought to meet him. Kabir leaves. Ghuman is at home looking around for Danny.

She says where did he go. Danny meets Kusum and says we thought we will enjoy after Saras’s marriage and go on holiday but see what happened with dad. He says since mum came, we are not even staying together. Ghuman calls Danny and asks where are you. Danny says I m coming in five mins. Badimaa calls Danny and Ghuman hears her voice and gets angry. Ghuman says he is my son, not Saras.
Saras finds Kumud thinking and asks her what are you thinking. She says I m thinking about Kabir, he met us two days ago and now he is living at my dad’s house. Saras says many things happened in these two days. She says he is a stranger, he is doing business deals with us, eating food with us, but we don’t know anything about him, don’t you think we are hurrying. Saras says when I met him for the first time, I did not feel he is a stranger, I felt there is something between us, I don’t doubt on him like we don’t doubt on our family. Kumud says may be.

Saras says its Kabir’s call. Saras asks him about the consignment. He tells Kumud that I will drop you home then go and meet Kabir. Badimaa gives orange juice to Danny and says I will make hot rotis for you. Kusum says I was praying to Lord about Laxminandan, I felt peace as if Kanha ji was listening to me, I m sure he will get well soon. He says like you thought, that will happen, we four will live with your parents happily. Ghuman comes and is shocked to see Kusum sitting close to Danny holding his hands resting her head on his shoulders. She shouts Danny and asks whats this happening. Danny and Kusum are shocked seeing her.

Everyone come out. Ghuman tells everyone that Kusum was holding Danny’s hand. She says first I had a doubt, now I m sure that you all are eyeing my second son. She taunts them. Kalika smiles. Kusum cries. Ghuman looks at Kusum’s mangalsutra and sindoor.
Ghuman asks are you married. Everyone are tensed. Ghuman taunts her for being married and being with Danny. Danny says mum please stop it. Ghuman says you stop it Danny, I want an answer from them today. She recalls their old differences and asks what should I call your daughter now. Kusum says enough, this mangalsutra and sindoor are given to me by my husband. She says I sat with Danny because……….Everyone sign her not to say. Kusum says because he is my friend. She says we have a relation of trust and my husband knows about this, its my right. Kumud says enough Kusum, don’t give any explanation.

Ghuman says I have objection, I m Danny’s mum, its my right to save him from girls like you. She says what are you doing in your Maayka, you should be with your husband. She says is it your husband has left you. Badimaa shouts Ghuman. Badimaa says talk to us, not our girls. She says about your questions, you will get the answers but on right time. Ghuman says keep your daughter away from my son. Else you will see this scene infront of the whole village. Ghuman takes Danny with her. Danny tells Ghuman you did not do this right, they are our family. Ghuman says why, as Saras married Kumud. She gets angry and says don’t know who is that unlucky people who made this clever Kusum their bahu. Danny defenses Kusum. Ghuman says stay away from Kusum, its not good for you. Danny says lets go.

Ghuman tells Danny that its his birthday tomorrow. Saras and Kumud think of doing something to make Danny celebrate his birthday with Kusum…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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