Saraswatichandra 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud taking the blessing of Bhagwaan, and seeing the letter S on her hand. Kumud, with Sindoor in her Maang, thinks how Saras wrote on her hand, and how he told that she is his. Kuch na kahe..bas chup rahe.. song.. plays..
Kumud cries with happiness, and thinks about the moments spent with Saras. (Sweet lovely moments) On the other hand, Saras too thinks about her and smiles.

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Badimaa is tensed, and Vidyachatur comes there asking for the arrangements of Sangeet function. He asks her what happened. She says she has become old, and gets tired easily. He laughs and says you getting tired, this cannot happen. Badimaa says yes, I have killed my heart and taken all responsibilities, she cries and says I can’t live without

Kumari. He asks who is taking Kumari away from you. She says he has come out of the jail. Vidyachatur is shocked, and says he got out. He asks how do you know. She shows him the letter which her husband has sent to her. Vidyachatur reads it, and gets angry. She says he wrote, whats mine I will take it from you. She asks him what does this mean, will he take Kumari from me. Vidyachatur says he won’t take, I am with you. I will not let him come close to Kumari. If he sees our household, he will get into trouble. He asks her not to worry and forget about the letter. He says lets go down for the mahendi ceremony. Badimaa cries and sees the letter.

Scene shifts outside the house:

A man is shown coming towards Vidyachatur’s gate. He stands there and looks inside.

Scene shifts to Umesh:

Umesh is saying shayari, and Kumari says how did you think I will not come to meet you. She says Badimaa is doubting me, and she is being tensed these days, maybe she is worried about my marriage. She asks Umesh to come to her house and talk to her family. He says lets be lovers for sometime, we can be husband and wife for the whole life. He says why to be late, Umesh hugs Kumari and thinks I know whats the burden on your mother. Kumari says I have to go as there are functions going on, Kumari leaves. Umesh says he has come to increase the problems of Badimaa.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras is looking for Kumud. (Saras looks amazing, awesome and….) He sees Kumud and they both smile. (Kumud too looks dazzling)
He signs her to beware of him, she shows thumps down to him, and bye. They both are ready with the Dandiya sticks. Saras smiles. (Cute smile, good outfits of both)
Sweet music plays in the background.

Vidyachatur asks Laxminandan shall we start, and everyone starts dancing. Saras dances, and challenges Kumud. Dhol baje.. song plays..
Kumud and Saras are in high spirits, and that man stands somewhere and looks at Badimaa and the family. Badimaa feels his presence, he comes infront of Badimaa and asks how she is, he then disappears, Badimaa goes looking for him. Kumari sees Badimaa tensed.

Saras and Kumud see each other and smile. Everyone clap for them, while Kumari follows Badimaa. Badimaa comes to her room, and sits worried. She touches her sindoor, and thinks it was him, or was i just thinking. She thinks how she has sent him to jail, she once said that she is with truth, and she is supporting her brother, and she will not let him get close to Kumari.

Scene shifts to hall:

Everyone discuss about the functions. Sejal says her mama is not in this world anymore, and this rasam cannot happen. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan bring clothes for Sejal, and do the rasam. They say today we will become Sejal’s mama, and this ends the rasam. Sejal’s mum thanks them for becoming Sejal’s mama, Vidyachatur says do you like us as your mama, and laughs. Sejal likes the clothes, Kumari says its really nice. Sejal asks Kaki to tell Laxminandan and Vidyachatur that she likes the clothes.
Sejal’s mum asks Sejal to call Kumud’s mother kaki. Yash’s mother comes to Ghuman and asks her to come and see the bride’s clothes. Yash’s mother asks Ghuman a favour for Yash. Ghuman says she will do it, Ghuman comes with a small bag.

The women do the Haldi rasam, they pull Sejal’s leg. Saras stands there and see the rasam. He takes the haldi and says he wants to see his love’s glow on Kumud’s face. (Interesting idea) He comes to Kumud.

She says my ring fell in the water. She asks what are you doing with the haldi. He says I came to apply it to you. She says no, don’t do it. He says I have touched it and I will apply it to you. She says don’t touch me. He says what if I apply it to you without touching. She says don’t come closer to me. He says what if I apply it without coming closer to you. She says no. He says I will accept your every condition, and will do anything. She asks how will you do it without touching me. He says I won’t say, you just see. Saras smiles. He mixes the haldi in the pool water as K?Kumud’s hand is in the water. He says Kumud the haldi is on your hands, look at your hands. She sees her hands and looks at him. Saras smiles.
The Episode ends on Kumud’s sweet face.

Kumud tells Saras that everyone were asking her that did anyone propose to her. She says she got annoyed as the person who loves her, did not ask her yet. Saras looks on…

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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