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Saraswatichandra 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud breaking the wall and bringing Saras out of it. She cries and holds his gave asking him to open his eyes. Danny and Kabir come there. She says see what happened to him, Prashant has hidden him in wall. Danny says nothing will happen. Kabir says open the eyes please. They out water on him. Kabir says we have to take him to hospital. Danny says no, we don’t have time. Its far. Kabir says I will call doctor here. Danny says nothing will happen to him. Kabir says the doctor is not taking my call. Danny says lets take him. Saras says Kumud………. Kumud hears him. Saraas opens his eyes. Kabir stops Danny. They see him gaining senses.

They make him drink water. Saras sees them and asks Kumud is she fine. She says yes. He coughs and asks who did I come here. Danny

says he has hidden you in wall, we found you by much difficulty. Saras asks where is Prashant. The inspector says he is here and brings Prashant there. Saras stands up. The inspector says we have arrested them, I will try to get them strictly punished. Danny asks did they get Pooja’s skeleton. He says yes, he told us everything when we have beaten him. The FB shows Mahesh taking out Pooja’s skeleton from Kumud’s flat. He packs it in a bag and repairs the wall back. ‘

Kabir says they have tried to kill Saras and Kumud too, punish him severely so that they don’t do this with any girl again. The inspector says don’t worry. Prashant says Kumud ji, don’t think I lost, I will come back. The inspector scolds him. Kumud says one min and goes to Prashant. She slaps him. She says this slap is not from me, but Pooja, for what you did with her, and about me, you tried so much to separate me and Saras, but we are together and will always be together. She says this is called true love, don’t play with it again. Police takes him and leaves. Saras hugs Kumud and his brothers and smiles.

Kusum gets the good news from Danny and tells everyone that Kumud and Saras are fine and Prashant got arrested. Everyone thank the Lord. Vidyachatur says he wanted to talk to them. Kusum says they were on the way, they will call reaching home. Guniyal says I m happy they are fine. Vidyachatur says till they come back, I won’t be satisfied. Yash says but Saras’ project has to complete. He says I want them here. Yash’s mum says no business is profitable if its not safe for our children, she asks Yash to book their tickets. Everyone smile.

Kumud packs her bag. Saras applies ointment to his wounds. She can’t apply to his back and Kumud says give it to me. She applies it. He says now say it. She says what. He says that it happened because of me. They start blaming themselves. She says I told you something wrong happens when we go from from home. He hugs her. He says Mahesh slapped you and you fell unconscious, I was very worried and not like deaf for sometime. I was not seeing anything except your face, like my breath stopped. She cries. She says when I saw you inside the wall, even my state was like this.

He says remember my one thing always, that if problems come in life, we can’t run from them, we have to face it. He says complete the packing, I will mail Mr Singhania. She says I know you can’t no to my dad, that’s why you are ready to go back to Ratnagiri, but leaving project incomplete. He says no, I m not, I will talk to him, he understands, I will work from Ratnagiri and come here if there is any important meeting. She thanks him. He says for going Ratnagiri. She says for coming in my life. He smiles and hugs her.

Kabir wants to care for Anushka’s wound. She says its ok. He says sit quietly now and does the first aid. Music plays…………….She smiles seeing him. Danny comes and asks is the packing over. She says yes, ok then its time to say bye. Anushka says bye to everyone ad hugs them. Kumud says what you did for us, thanks. Anushka says I learnt to support in tough times from you. Saras asks her to come Ratnagiri when she gets a chance. She says she will surely come. She goes to Kabir. Kumud signs Danny to go. Danny says yes and says I will wait outside. Kumud asks Saras will he have tea. He says no. She signs him and says you want tea. He understands and smiles. They leave Kabir and Anushka alone.

Anushka and Kabir say bye to each other. She starts leaving and Kabir says Anushka. She smiles and turns. He says take care of the wound that water does not reach it, take care. She says mm…. He thinks he has to tell many things, but how to ask you to stop. She says I hope we meet soon. He says yes. She looks at him standing at the door. She leaves. Danny comes inside and says Kabir Anushka left, did you talk to her. Kabir is silent. Danny says you should have stopped her. Kabir says no, I could have stopped her, but not asked her to love me. He says I love her and she does not, it will be good to leave her free. Danny hugs him.

Kumud cries and hugs her family. Saras walks in with such an innocent face that he looks an angel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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