Saraswatichandra 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras facing each other. Kumud thinks about Saras’s bitter words and moves away from him. Kanika watches them. Saras says let me explain once. Kumud’s mum-in-law calls her in kitchen and Kumud leaves. Budhidhan is talking about his social affairs. Pramad sits with them. Budhidhan asks Pramad did he read the newspaper. Pramad says no. Kumud comes there. Budhidhan welcomes her. She greets Budhidhan. Budhidhan asks for Saras. Palak says he is fine now. Budhidhan says Saras’s eyes show that he is hiding a lot of pain inside his heart. Palak says he has to lighten his heart, then he will be fine. Budhidhan says look after him well. Maybe he will share his pain with us. Kumud thinks it cannot be told to anyone, my dreams are shattered, don’t break their

dreams Saras. Kumud thinks how did Saras come here wounded.

Kumud asks for her mum-in-law. Murakh Das is preparing Kheer. Kumud asks about Saras. He says the guests name is Naveen. He praises himself as smart. Kumud asks him about Saras and how he got wounded. He says I don’t know. He was lying on the road, and Palak brought him home. Kumud gets some info and leaves. Budhidhan talks to Saras and says you are not taking enough food and medicines. You should be careful regarding health. Budhidhan introduces Kumud to Saras saying this is Naveen Chandra. He came here as a guest, and now he is like his family. Palak says Kumud already knows him. Kumud and Saras are shocked.

Palak says he saved Kumud in the kuldevi puja day, and they got familiar. Budhidhan says who did that. He asks Kumud do you want to say something, she says not with you, I want to talk to Maa ji. Kumud leaves. Saras looks on.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur is tensed. Guniyal asks what happened. He says I am thinking to call Laxminandan what happened between him and Saras, why Saras left the house. Guniyal says you don’t need to call him. They have risked my Kumud’s life and I will not forgive them. They did the same with Dugba(Badimaa). They have insulted us. I will not let you bear it again.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras is thinking about Kumud. He thinks of his promise to Kumud, and then thinks of Pramad with Kumud. Saras says what should I do Kumud, what to do to make you lively, to make you calm. He thinks. Sid comes and says can I study here. Saras says yes, come in. Sid and Saras introduce themselves. Sid asks what the meaning of apologize. Saras says the meaning. Sid says whoever does the mistake should apologize.

Budhidhan says he has to go to a village for some work. Palak says you should take Mani Bhai with you. He says yes, I m taking him, but the opposition will be watching us, so be careful. He says call a press conference, so be ready for it. Pramad hears everything and stands quietly. Budhidhan says you are looking like a politician in these white clothes, I know you won’t become one. Answer the reporters right in the press conference, the elections are ahead. Pramad says I understood that I m not your son, I m you pet dog. I will do as you say. Budhidhan says don’t say like this. A pet dog respects its owner, not barks. Budhidhan further taunts Pramad. Pramad leaves.

Scene shifts to Yash:

Yash’s mother makes Yash eat. Yash says Saras came here and he did not reach here. He says time should repeat and Kumud should marry Saras. His mum scolds him. She says think what profit you made. She says Kumud’s father in law is a politician, he can help you. Yash gets happy. She says go to Kumud’s house with sweets. She dreams big.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud thinks what to do. She cries and says you are in pain and I cannot do anything. How are you now Saras, but what happened with you, when did you come from Dubai and why? She has lots of questions.

Kumud takes tea for Budhidhan. Her mum-in-law wishes that Kumud always be happy. She thinks Kumud has seen Pramad’s face so she is looking bright. Kumud thinks its Saras’s face that she wishes to see always. Kumud goes to bring sugar. Budhidhan’s wife says Budhidhan that your decision was right regarding Kumud. Saras comes there. Budhidhan says I m leaving today for some work, and one more thing, you have saved Kumud, we are thankful to you. Saras says anyone would have done the same, no need to thank. Budhidhan says you don’gt even know her, but still you saved her, now I can trust you blindly. He says help Palak in my absence and look after the house too. Saras says I was thinking that can I stay somewhere else. Kumud hears this. Budhidhan says is there any problem. Saras says I don’t want to trouble you, I m fine now. Budhidhan says I m giving my house’s responsibility to you, think how much I trust you, you are our family now. He says I will talk about this after my return, till then you stay here. Budhidhan’s wife asks Kumud to thank Saras for saving her life. Kumud thanks Saras. Saras feels bad. Kumud leaves.

Pramad argues with Kumud. He speaks against Saras and Kumud shouts enough, don’t say a word about him. Pramad is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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