Saraswatichandra 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the client liking the samples and Danny goes to leave him. Danny congratulates everyone and says the client said he will give us three orders more. Everyone are happy. Saras greets Badimaa and says I will go now, I have some work. Vidyachatur tells Guniyal to make sweets today. He hugs Kumud. Danny brings the jalebis and everyone have a laugh. Kumud says whatever problem comes, something good happens. Vidyachatur says yes, Pramad should be ready to give you divorce. Kumud says I know dad, you also know that you can’t hide anything me, don’t worry, Pramad has to give me divorce.

Pramad is angry and sees Saras standing infront of his car. He gets down and says I will run the car over you, wait right there. Saras comes to him and says I m glad to

see you panic, how did it look to fail for the first time, he says I asked you to stay away from Kumud’s life. Vidyachatur says its my mistake that I got you married to him. Badimaa says everything will be fine. Kusum says Saras is the Lord’s avatar, he saved Kumud and our house. Kumud asks what. Pramad tells Saras that he won’t leave Kumud. Saras says I won’t let Kumud lose. Pramad and Saras have an argument and a fight. Pramad says Kumud will break down. Saras says you can’t hurt Kumud now. Pramad says your Kumud will be with me in my house, crying with pain. Saras says don’t dream, you cam’t do anything to her till I m alive. They look at each other angrily. Saras leaves.

Kumud comes to know that Saras saved her house from auction. Kusum says yes, by selling his mum’s land, by selling his dream. Kumud cries. Kumud talks to her Sir about a school plan. She says its my dream. She says the high scool will be made infront of our school. The Sir says from where will the money come to buy that land. Kumud says I will manage it, I need your support. Sir agrees and leaves. Danny comes to Kumari shouting her name. She gets afraid. Danny says sorry. He brings frozen food and asks her to fry it for him. He says I brought it for you but I will have some sitting with you. Kumari does not agree and leaves.

Kusum is happy to know about Kumud’s plan of high school. Kumud says Saras sold his land for us. Kusum says yes, it might have been tough for him. Kumud says we will name it Saraswati high school on his mum’s name, I will give him this happiness. Kalika hears this and laughs thinking to spoil their plan.

Kumud is making an application. The papers fly and Kumud picks each from the floor. Saras comes to her and Kumud does not let him see the papers. She says its my school’s papers. She says its questions papers. He says why are you hiding it. She says if you leak it then…. She leaves. Saras sees another paper and sees the application form. He smiles.

Pramad laughs after Kalika tells him about the school plan. He says they are strange like a film’s hero and heroine. He laughs on Kumud’s efforts. Kalika calls him the villain who can’t do anything. He says I m real villain. Kalika says I m supporting you, not like your wife who ran away. He says fine, you also go with that Saraswatichandra. She says why are you saying so. He says you also go, I will murder three of you. Saras and Danny are in a office to buy the land for school. Saras and Danny bargains. Saras buys the land and says the land is ours now and we will make a high school on it. Kumud is with Kusum and says I have sent applications to some companies. Kusum says how will we manage the money. Saras tells Danny that Kumud has lost many things, I want to fulfill her every wish. Kumud says Kusum, I have to do this for Saras.

The kids are beating Danny in the school. Kumud and Kusum introduce him as their friend. The kids says he was following you. The kids leave warning Danny. Kumud asks the kids to go for class. Kumud asks Danny why were you following me. Danny says Saras asked me to do this, as he thought Pramad might be after you. Kumud says the application passed, we can buy the land now. Danny says no need, Saras has given the token amount. He says he came to know that you want to make the school so he bought the land. Kumud says how did he come to know. Kusum says because your hearts are linked.

Saras and Kumud see the land and smile. She says will you see the map of high school. He saays high school? She says I know you know everything and shows him the map. She says I used to travel 12 miles to go to the high school and tells him her plans. Saras smiles. He says will I get admission in your high school. She says why not. She says why do you send Danny after me daily. He says if I come, people will say anything. Kumud thanks him. She gives him the token amount. He says I already have the token. She says I know, take this, its my dream too. She thinks I want to gift you this. Saras asks her to keep the money. She says I got a company who would supprt us. Saras says I m proud of you. Pramad comes there and says this is my land. He says trespassers will be prosecuted. Saras stares at him. The seller says Pramad gave him more money so he sold the land to him. He asks Saras to pay him more than Pramad in one day. Pramad says what happened now and laughs.

Kumud challenges Pramad and says we will buy this land by paying more than you, come to Bhoomi pujan. He says it won’t. She says if it does then you will give me divorce.

Saras talks to the Saras’s mum’s photo and says she will make Saras’s dream true and Saras too talks to his mum and says its my right to fulfill her every dream.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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