Saraswatichandra 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny getting angry on Saras. He asks Kusum to pack their belongings. Saras is shocked. Danny leaves in anger. Kumud asks Saras to go and stop Danny. She says go and tell him that he can’t leave the house. Saras cries and says he called me his step brother. He says I m broken today, Danny grew up in my lap. Kumud consoles him. Saras says happiness came and went back. Kusum tells Danny how can you do this with Saras. He did so much for us, which any own brother would also not do, and you failed his love, how. Kumud says he is your blood, forgive him. Saras says how many times will he do this and I forgive him, you are not understanding me. He says if you think our relation is false, then let him go.

Kumud says look at me, Saraswatichandra loves whomever,

he keeps his love in every way. She tells what he bear in Pramad’s house to save her from pain, and how can Danny leave this house, you can’t let him go. Kusum comes and asks Kumud to stop Danny. Danny comes down with his bag. Ghuman says this is not right Danny, stop. Kumud asks Saras to stop him. Saras stops Danny and says its a misunderstanding. He folds hid hand and apologizes. He says I went to catch the man and tells him everything. He says then Kumud called and says Kabir caught him and made you free. I don’t know how he went to police station from jungle. Kumud also thinks and says how did Kabir get him.

Saras says I came directly to home to meet you. He says don’t be angry, I m sorry. Danny starts leaving. Saras says stop, you don’t need to go, Kumud and I will leave this house. Ghuman is shocked. Saras asks Kumud to pack her bag as they are leaving. He says sorry to Kusum and leaves for his room. Kusum talks to Danny. Kumud says I can’t leave Saras, when I wore your mum’s anklet, I promised her that I won’t let this family break, if it breaks, I can’t face anyone. Saras says fine, then I will go alone. Kumud wishes Maa to help her and save her house. Badimaa says no one will go anywhere. She comes with Guniyal. Saras says Maai I have to go. Badimaa says I said no one will go anywhere. She says its Navratri from tomorrow, till 9 days and till it ends, no one will go anywhere and live together.

Ghuman says Kumud, you felt Saras is Danny’s life, but they don’t even stand together. Badimaa says its love in their fight. She gives Maa’s idol to Kumud and asks her to place it in puja house. Everyone pray. Kumud thinks Ambe Maa does not want to separate the brothers. Kumud says I will bring Saras and Danny together in 9 days. Ghuman thinks its impossible for everyone to bridge the gap now. Badimaa tells what Navratri brings, peace and happiness. Badimaa asks Kumud what happened. Kumud tells them everything. Badimaa pacifies her and gives her positive hope.

Saras thinks about Kumud and Danny’s words. Kumud asks him to come with her. He says I want to be alone. She says I won’t let you be alone. He says you already left me alone, you did not support me. She says how can I support you in leaving the house. He gets annoyed. She says I married you and you are my love and responsibility also. She says I can’t let your family break. He says may family broke. He says the two people I loved have broke my heart. She cries and says if you were in my place, what would you do. He says if your sister did this, I would have not stopped you. She says this distance will end. Saras goes to sleep. Kumud comes and rests by his side trying to talk to him.

Saras and Kumud have an argument. Kumud says give me 9 days, everything will be fine. Saras says nothing will be fine, I will go from here on the 9th day. Kumud says fine, come for the Aarti on time. Saras says I won’t come. She says you go to temple daily. He says as my mum used to go, now I m losing faith, Lord has taken away from me my mum and now Danny and you. Saras sleeps. Kumud thinks you will come in Aarti.

Ghuman talks to Kabir and says its perfect plan. Kabir says its perfect day. Kumud asks Kusum where is Ghuman. Kusum says don’t know, she went out in morning.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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