Saraswatichandra 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant coming to Kumud and says Saras is gone from this world, now we have to go very far from here, where only me and you…… Kumud is unconscious. He frees her hands. He makes her lie in the car and asks Mahesh to drive faster. They leave. Prashant says you slapped hr so hard that she is still unconscious, if anything happens to her, I will kill you. Kumud opens her eyes and Prashant happily says Kumud ji. She asks where is Saras. He asks are you fine Kumud ji. He says he is dead. She shouts no………. and tries to jump off the car. He says no Kumud ji. He holds her. Mahesh stpps the car as Danny and Kabir’s car comes infront and tells Prashant about them. Prashant says what are they doing here.

Danny and Kabir catch them. Kumud goes to Danny and says Saras

is at farmhouse. She runs. Danny asks where is Saras. Kabir asks Danny to take her and holds Prashant and Mahesh. Kumud and Danny look for Saras everywhere at the farmhouse. She says where are you Saras. Kabir beats Prashant and Mahesh and asks them about Saras. Kumud comes to the house portion and says Saras….. where are you. Kabir beats up both of them, very hard. He asks where is my brother, tell me. Prashant says your brother is dead, I killed him with my hands, he will never come back. Kabir says I will bring him back from death. Mahesh and Prashant hold Kabir’s neck and beats him. Kabir gets beaten up.

Kumud calls out Saras…. And cries. She wishes Lord to help her reach Saras. Danny comes back and saves Kabir. Danny asks Prashant to tell where is Saras. Prashant says I won’t say. Kumud breaks down crying. Danny says till you say, I will not stop beating you. Prashant says I won’t. Kabir asks Mahesh to say what he did with Saras. Mahesh says I won’t. Prashant says Saras is dead. Kumud keeps shouting Saras and asks him to say where is he. She asks where are you Saras and cries. Kabir calls police and asks inspector to come. Danny says tell us. Kabir says police will make him speak.

Prashant says you don’t have any proof. Danny says I won’t need proof, I will kill you if anything happens to Saras. Prashant says he is dead. Kumud sees a room locked and knocks on it, asking Saras are you inside, my heart says you are in. Prashant beats Danny and says I told you I killed your brother. Kabir and Danny beat up Prashant and Mahesh looks on. Kumud tries to break the lock with the vase but it breaks. Mahesh beats Danny with the metal rod and Kabir beats up. Prashant says it looks like all Vyas brothers will die by my hands. Danny falls. Kumud tries breaking the lock and says I m coming to you Saras.

Kabir beats Prashant with the metal rod and Mahesh holds his from behind. Kabir pushes him and beats both of them. Kabir says tell me where is my brother, I will kill both of you. Kumud breaks the lock with a metal vase. She gets in the room and sees there is no one. She calls out Saras and cries asking where is he.

Kabir and Danny keep asking where is Saras. Prashant says what happened, are you tired beating us, I told you I won’t tell anything, I have killed him, he is dead. Danny gets angry. Kumud says where are you Saras. She thinks about their flat which Prashant showed them, and how Saras and Kumud took pics as groom and bride. She thinks of Mumbai moments with Saras. O piya……………plays……………She says where are you, you can’t go like this leaving me alone. She thinks about Saras’ words. She thinks of Prashant’s words that Saras is dead. She thinks about Prashant hiding the dead body of Pooja behind the wall and gets alert and checks all the walls. Her hand gets wet paint and she knocks that wall.

She says I know Saras you are here, I will bring you out. She moves the dressing table and beats the wall. Danny signs Kabir seeing Prashant not opening his mouth. Danny goes to the car. Prashant says he is smart that he is going from here. Mahesh asks Kabir to go home and give the bad news to family. They laugh. Danny starts the car and drives towards them. Prashant and Mahesh are shocked and says no. Kabir hits them with the rod. Mahesh says stop the car.

Saras is shown inside unconscious. Kumud says I came Saras, I will free you, are you listening. Mahesh says I will say, stop the car. Danny stops the car. Kumud tries to break the wall with a metal vase, but could not. Prashant says no Mahesh, don’t tell them. Till they get him, he will….. Mahesh says stop it Prashant, its all because of you, I don’t want to die. Prashant says our plan will be ruined. Mahesh says you did murder and I got caught. Kabir says tell us fast. Mahesh says he is in farmhouse, in that room. Danny asks where. Mahesh says we have put him behind the wall, bring him out else he will die. Danny and Kabir are shocked and look at each other. Prashant says nothing can happen now, he will die. The police comes and arrests them. Kumud breaks the wall and sees Saras inside.

Kumud brings Saras out of the wall. Danny and Kabir come. They ask him to open the eyes. Kabir says we have to take him to hospital. Danny says we don’t have time, the hospital is not near. Kabir says then I will call doctor here. Kumud cries asking Saras to wake up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope kumud finds Saras

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  3. at the end they met
    Ant Bhala Toh sab bhala

  4. ya true…

  5. arey yaar how can they make saras die.the serial name is saraswatichandra then how can it be.this is not fair we want only saras ka gautham.saras is best.we hope saras open his eyes trm.fingers crossed.

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