Saraswatichandra 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras thinking about his fate. He says why did we meet again, if we got so far. He thinks about one incident where he tries to help Kumud and Kumud is annoyed with him. They talk via Kumari. The scene is cute and funny . He tries to uplift Kumud’s mood and make her happy. Saras spends some quality time with Kumud. They were so good together. Saras thinks about their lovely moments. He says Kumud… She is sitting at the other end and crying. Saras says we are so close yet so far. He touches the wall. He gets up and stands near the window watching outside.

The next morning, Kumud wakes up in Krish’s room. He says sorry I did not mean to wake you up. He becomes superman and makes rounds in the room. He says I will come and save you if you need my help.

He says do you remember yesterday when the pillar was falling on you, Saras saved you as if you called him for help. Kumud thinks about it. Krish says what happened, are you thinking about superman bhaiya. She says no, why will I think about him. Krish says to say thankyou. Kumud thinks about Saras’s no for marriage and says today I m here because of him, I should be thankful to him. She cries again.

Guniyal is thinking about Kumud. Badimaa asks her what happened. Guniyal says Vidyachatur said not to talk about Saras, but how can we forget him, I thought of him as my son, because he saved Vidyachatur’s life and also Yash, how could he break all the relations and go, hurting Kumud, I cannot believe this. Badimaa says I learnt from my life that love happens by heart and marriage by fate, and I got cheated by both, but I pray for Kumud that her marriage gets successful. Guniyal says you know Kumud better than me, will she start a new life? Badimaa says its difficult to forget everything, if she gets love from Pramad, then she can forget Saras.

Kumud is with her mum-in-law, they are seeing the gifts. Palak comes and says she has some work. Palak asks her mum to show the saree to Kumud. Kumud sees Saras through the saree. They have an eye lock. They think of similar incident that happened earlier. Saras smiles. Palak says Naveen, I was coming to talk to you, there is a meeting now. Saras looks at Kumud. Kumud talks to her mum-in-law. Kanika comes and asks her to come with her. Kumud and Saras are left alone in the hall. Saras says Kumud, I…. Kumud stops him from uttering a word. She gets angry.

Kumud says Dharmaadhikari’s bahu does not talk with strangers Naveen Chandra. Her mum-in-law comes and gives her some work. Saras looks at Kumud as she leaves. Kumud comes to her room and sees the white cloth which she kept with her so that she can look at it and hate Saras. She says now you are here infront of me, I want the answer from you, why you broke my dreams and insulted my love.

Vidyachatur leaves for Karkhana. Sunny comes there. Vidyachatur gets angry and asks why did you come here. Sunny says I cannot contact Saras so I came here. Vidyachatur says Saras did not come here. Sunny says Saras left for marriage on that day itself to apologize to you and marry Kumud. Sunny tells them everything about Saras and Saras’s fight with Laxminandan. Vidyachatur and Guniyal are shocked. Sunny says he had left his home, and he did not knew what he was doing, when he realized, he left from there to meet Kumud. He loves Kumud, and he did a mistake. Vidyachatur says his one mistake has ruined our lives, I cannot forgive him but its good that he did not cheat us. Kumari says Saras came here to marry Kumud. We should tell this to Kumud, she will become happy. Badimaa says no, don’t tell anything to Kumud, her fate has changed and she has to accept it.

When she knows that Saras did not cheat her, she will again fall for Saras. How will she be happy then, she will die.

Saras thinks I have insulted your love Kumud, so I understand now you won’t give me a chance. Kanika comes and asks who won’t give you a chance. She asks Saras about his health. He says I m fine and who are you. She says you don’t know me. I take care of everyone and people like you. Saras maintains a distance from her. She says call me if you need anything. Saras asks her to be in limits. She says what did you say, you will show me my limits. Even you work here, we are equal. If I tell Pramad about you, then you will be kicked out from this house. Kumud comes and says stop it else I will kick you out of this house. Take care of the one whose you always do, leave from here. Kumud says if cannot clean the house, then atleast don’t spoil it. Kanika looks at Kumud and leaves. Saras and Kumud see each other and the music plays…. They think about their earlier moments.

Budhidhan introduces Kumud to Naveen Chandra. Palak says Kumud already knows him. Saras and Kumud gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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